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  1. I don't generally plan caching when the weather is lousy....gotta save some time to do the dreaded household chores. This weekend is looking like it's going to be a miserable one around here...I've got indoor chores planned... but they get real boring... if I can figure out a way to do a chore near a cache and sneak one in then I'm a happy camper. Now if I had a day of caching planned and the weather blew in ... hell with it...not going to let that ruin my day. It's one of those things that if I'm in the mood and it's raining...oh well be prepared to get wet....but I also try to plan my downtime so that it helps free me up when it clears.
  2. Check out the link to Web Quest in this thread. Great ideas and presentation here.
  3. Give this a try http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/srtm/
  4. Congrats JoeK and MadDog! Keep on Caching
  5. You also might get better response if you post this request to the regional (south/southeast) forums. Good Luck!
  6. Hi there, I am in NY so I'm not a source for local bargain shopping but I just did a search for Dick's Sporting Goods stores and there are a couple of them in Raleigh/Wilmington area. It's a larger kind of store I would think that they should have a Meridian Platinum in stock. Good Luck, I hope you get some info from some local people that can help out but maybe this will be of some help if you don't.
  7. Planet...very good.. and you made it look so easy
  8. I've seen the link on the geocaching page and I've used it and liked the regional directories of products you can get customized in moments... but this week I needed to make a gps purchase (lost mine on a hunt) I found one other place that advertised a price $10 less than what they had...but I figured $10 was a small price to pay to support this site...as I try to do any chance I get. Well just in case anyone is wondering their customer support is fantastic from what I've found so far. I placed the order and asked for 2 day shipping.... 2 day shipping was $6 .. hell at that price what is overnight... $13 from Nevada to NY overnight! So after I placed the order I sent them an email to see if I could have it upgraded to overnight..received an email first thing in their morning and it was on it's way. And it made it here today just like I was counting on!!! It's supposed to be nice this weekend... what's a cacher to do without a gps? I give them a big 2 THUMBS UP!!
  9. Ttepee


    Congrats Bassoonpilot...Happy to consider you local... well kinda ;-) I don't know how you power cachers do it! Cache on in a big way!
  10. Congrats Lucien!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Lucien along the Appalachian trail on my return visit... a year from my aniversary...to Harley's Hideaway. Lucien was definitely the instigator of the sport in this area, he's been my inspiration. His caches have always been top quality...with first finder ceramic tiles for each cache he places..and with thoughtful stuff...his girlfriend was crocheting hair scrungies for the girls...and other stuff that most anyone could usually find useful...(though I don't think I'd want that can of tomato soup down in Rockefeller Park;-) and always placed in scenic areas that I've appreciated being shown. He does the great multicaches, which *grumble, grumble* one of these days I'll get right. I can't think of a Lucien cache that I haven't thouroughly enjoyed no matter how many times I had to go back to actually find it. A toast to Lucien! I'm so glad you used to live in my area
  11. Experience is what you get when you don't get where you want.
  12. Another beauty Dx ...good job and congrats to you on your dream home. Happy to help in anyway I can.
  13. We have got one of those but rarely use it. The quality of the photos is in the line of the jam cam type quality. For the price it's not a bad little gadget and definitely handy...but we've got a couple higher end digitals that we stick to for the most part. As to where to get dig cameras... I buy them for work quite frequently...I've had good luck with these online stores and some of the best prices you'll get will be at places like www.harmonycomputers.com www.compdirect.com www.buydig.com Good Luck
  14. Well I'm glad to see that we can get back to the old page. I wasn't going to pipe in here on this one but today I noticed that the most recent 10 on the new pages is not even changing. At least two caches in NY were approved yesterday and still have not hit the most recent 10 but they show up on the overall state search. Is the most recent 10 going to lag like the TB page seems to do?
  15. For anyone near the Hudson Valley in NY I would highly recommend The Cornish House Mystery cacheif your looking to catch a cache tonight. Paved trail right to the area then a great spooky ruin of great big house....very creepy...don't see the house at all till it all of sudden it pops up all around you.
  16. I've considered such a reply in not so many (if any) words as a go ahead. My main concern is that people actually working in the park realize it is there. I believe they have a right to know what people are doing out there rather then send up red flags that it must be illegal the way we are sneaking around. YOu gotta admit we are a strange looking bunch at times...not your average hiker or leaf peeper. This way when it hits the concern of the administration level the rangers might have a friendly attitude towards geocaching and help support our activity. IMHO you have done your part in letting them know that it will be out there. In the case of my situation with NYS parks the rangers did not actually come up with the words, I would have appreciated that aknowledgment. Instead they played dumb about geocaching at all and they asked me to put it in writing and submit it. They lost the first request...noone knew anything it about it... then the second request got lost in the regional directors office. I never actually intended on demanding anything in writing. I just wanted an aknowlegement from the rangers but none of them would go out on a limb enough to aknowledge knowing anything about it from visit to visit. If they want to ignore it it's fine by me... just don't turn around in the end and say that permission was never sought. When I started this there were no caches hidden in this region of NYS parks...that was in April since then quite a few have been hidden and I've got local cachers concerend that my attempts may backfire on us and that I should let it drop. Which I had planned on anyway and haven't contacted them since July when I visited the park in question and they said they didn't know anything about my request but they knew there were caches in the park, that was when I finally interpreted the unspoken words. So we're in Limbo here in NY too... join the club and have fun caching
  17. quote:Originally posted by Mr. Snazz:I tend to follow whatever the established trend is. That's generally how I work too...but I'd love to feel the need to use both sides...around here it takes so long to get some logs in the book I can imagine it's going to take a couple of years to fill most of them up. I've given up on the cache cameras for that reason... weathertight or not even in an ammo can a camera takes abuse out there for over a year...or maybe I'm just too impatient...I dunno ;-) But I'll think about that more now and try to use the other side too... with optimistic hopes [This message was edited by Ttepee on October 26, 2002 at 09:21 PM.]
  18. Ttepee


    Sounds like his is a step up. I have a 12 also and it's been discussed here a few times that you can not change to feet... .01 mile is it. Also with the 12 you can not add mapping programs... it's the basic but it's a good little unit out in the woods for a starter....expecially if your a klutz like me and keep smashing it into rocks...it keeps on ticking! Good Luck!
  19. quote:Originally posted by Alan2:Ttepee - Hopewell Junction! My daughter spent about ten summers as a camper and counselor there in Camp Kindering just on the other side of the Taconic. Small world. ALan Never heard of that one but there's alot of camps tucked away around here that I don't know of. It's a nice area, I like it up here. I am supposed to be on the other side of the river in the Hudson Highlands State Park on Sunday... Saturday they are talking rain.
  20. Count the tribe in...An event sounds like a great idea and Harriman certainly is a well cached state park. Would definitely be good for our cause not to mention good for the park and could be alot of fun to boot. Enough people have been hiking enough trails over there these days to know some of the worst areas to get something organized to try to make a difference. Let's get some chit chat going on about it and see what we can come up with.
  21. With the dog tags you should have received and instruction sheet along with activation codes.
  22. If you log out of the site the extra messages will go away... otherwise those are there for you to edit, delete or upload images to YOUR log. Others don't see it.
  23. Hey Congrats Trampers!! I knew it was coming soon but I missed it...which was 100? Yours is a unique story of how you got started caching. I hope that the fun you've shared over the past year has helped create great memories and build a solid base for your marriage. Gotta love a team that stumbles onto a geocache while getting married on a mountaintop! ps.. the little southwestern cup that I traded for at Compound Cache is one of my most treasured finds ...thanks
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