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  1. hey I've heard stranger things...maybe this is what would be called Acute Wasting Disease...vs Chronic


    I had a suicidal dog awhile back... she would just go lie down and go to sleep in the middle of the street every once in awhile throughout her life. I swear though when I had a child and that bouncing bundle of boy became mobile it was just too much for her and she jumped in front of that car.

  2. Cacherunner... I have come to love caching alone. Some people may say I'm not bright by doing it... but ya know what... life's too short to worry about what's around the next corner or over the next hill. I use common sense and try not to do the real tough ones by myself, but around me there's not a whole lot of easy ones left so I do what I've gotta do and have a great time doing it. Originally (1 1/2 yrs ago) I loved caching as a bonding time for me and my son. Now that he doesn't like to play with mom anymore (13) I think it's due time for Mom to learn how to play again too.


    I recently started emailing then meeting with a solo woman cacher, Planet, that lives about 45 minutes away from me and we've gotten together a bunch of times now for hunts and we're having a blast. Solo is great but sometimes it's just nice to talk to someone that understands cache talk ;-)


    Glad you worked out your lost gps situation. I had read your posts in NW forums and could emmpathize with you... left my gps on the hood or bumper a bit ago and never recovered it. Now I've upgraded to a bigger and better gps and I'm still missing my old one... gotta get in sync with this one.. not there yet. Good Luck to you!

  3. High: Woke up to find out if my Dad had to be brought to the hospital overnight (renal failure) and he didn't!


    Low: Woke up on the second to last day off of the holiday weekend at 7:45 and couldn't go back to sleep till I made the phone call. Great news then shortly later tried to go back to sleep (was at friends till late last night for the Friends Feast) but everytime I fell asleep the phone rang and woke me up again.


    High: At Planet's call I said what the hell...who needs sleep... get over here and lets go caching.


    Low: Planet's coming over for the first time... I better clean up some of this mess.


    High: When she got here my son decided to come hiking with us. (hard to get him to go play with mom anymore)


    Low: Lost my cigs on the 2 mile hike in.


    High: Planet had some icon_smile.gif


    Low: Couldn't find the cache amongst the snow and matted leaves.


    High: It's warm (40'sF) or my soaking wet feet would be frozen.


    Low: I hate getting skunked by a cache.


    High: We made it out slightly before dark.


    Low: Dave's answering machine at work brokedown and he never got the message I left him about going caching this afternoon.


    High: He saw the Ct plates in the driveway and figured it was Planet. She came inside and hung out for awhile and Dave got to meet another cacher as crazed as me with more forum posts then me! (Dave is not a cacher)


    High: We had a great long walk on forgiving terrain to help work off all the wonderful feasts of late.


    Low: We never did find that pack of smokes on the way out and now I littered!


    High: Still psyched tonight from a satisfying hike, though unsuccessful find.... and I don't have to work in the morning... I'ze sleepin in




  4. I recently got a 76s so I'm looking into this antanae thing these days... I don't know at all but would fish tank suction cups do the job? It seems it's about the same diameter tube they are holding... but for the most part are probably not durable enough... I really don't know... just a thought before buying a new unit.

  5. I love the staffs and might have been tempted to go for it had I not requested a staff last year for Christmas that I use only on the tough hikes. But if my significant other actually enjoyed caching I'd be sure to surprise him with one... as he doesn't enjoy caching at all it's a bust there. But I do believe that most caching couples or possibly a couple where the noncacher does the forums thing...sneak in a surprise. They have character!

  6. Old Bet has been alot of fun for us. She is certainly not taking the direct route to her goal of Los Alamos New Mexico but she's been alot of places and seen alot of things along the way. One of her goals was to go to a circus so she could send pictures home from the big top. Well when she recently sent pics home at the Barnum and Bailey circus I sent the local library and newspaper the link to her adventures. Since she's a town mascot I thought it only fair... no reply's, I hope someone reads the email and takes a look anyways.
  7. quote:
    Originally posted by Gimpy:

    it's coming from Washington State to NY by way of a 63' Chevy. icon_biggrin.gif




    Gimpy I think your right... mine had a ups departure scan for Nov 21... Nov 27 it made it Parsnipany NJ...6 days sounds about right for that chevy, which is just about time for it to breakdown now so I guess that's why it won't be arriving in southern NY till Dec. 2.

  8. The Garmin 72 is a new unit that boasts a big value for the $150 or so price... not into the mapping unit capabilities but it seems like it's got bang for the buck. My first unit was a Garmin 12 which I lost in the woods recently...so if you want a real cache to hunt you could head to Riverdance cache and try your luck....I think you might have better luck in the parking lot and the road heading north...I'm pretty sure I must have left it on a bumper or hood. The 12 was a great little unit, I abused the hell out of that thing and it was always forgiving... I hope it rests in peace now or has a more agile owner ;-)

  9. I hear ya... it did a number on my son last year. In August we were out caching along the AT in Ct... he was trying to bring me to where he went rock climbing with his camp..as we were walking down the trail we came across a trail map that had been stuck on a tree with a frantic note written on it ..something to the affect of... DON'T WALK DOWN THIS TRAIL THERE IS A VERRRRYYY ANGRY YELLOW JACKET NEST AND THEY WILL GET YOU!!! It was definitely enough to turn me around. So we decided we'd try coming from the top of the rocks and got in the car and drove up the hill. We started heading up the trail and were not more than 50 yds from the car when my son, who was in front of me, turned around and started jumping around hollering. I thought he was goofing around till he made it back to me and I saw the panic in his face and realized what he was hollering. He kept on running passed me with me on his heels. He was pretty lucky with only 3 bites but he didn't feel lucky. After that I saw fear in a fearless 12 year old when we went hiking, it took some of the fun out of it for him I think.

  10. That's how it used to be but since alot of people have taken to using them as personal bugs that they keep in their possesion and just log them in and out of caches to record the mileage that they travel it made it difficult to see when an actual travel bug was doing the traveling or when it was a cacher. This was Jeremy's way to try to make the top ten a more fair representation of travel bugs that were traveling with their own steam and not just attached to a cacher.

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