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  1. I like sticking unactivated coins in my caches as FTF prizes. I have a couple of really long mystery caches that I will re-stock with unactivated coins since it takes a lot of effort to find them. GCVPZX was placed last year for my geohoney's birthday. To find it you have to find 49 other caches. They are set up as seven cache sets - in each set you have to find 6 caches and obtain clues from them to get the 7th cache (the mystery cache). Each set is contained to a park so you can park your car once, find at least 7 caches and get in a good walk. Each mystery cache has a clue in it to find the "Ultra Mystery Cache". This year for his birthday I got together with a bunch of local cachers and between us all we placed one cache in every mile from his house for 50 miles. Each one of those caches has a number in it and when you add up all of the numbers you get the coordinates for HBZ 51- GC13RPB. Besides having to find 50 other caches (and having to drive all over the state to do so) finding this cache will give you a workout - but once you're there it's all worth it! So far only one finder, but several people are working on it. I told my geohoney next year it's just one cache for his birthday!!
  2. Georgia and Sharon at The Caching Place did mine. I sent them my "cut and paste" paint version and they worked until they got just the coin design I was looking for!
  3. The mico eggs will have different tracking numbers than the regular coins, but the coins will share an icon. I have had a delay in ordering (my issues, not anything else) so I don't expect the coins until the end of July. As stated before reservations will not be billed until I have notice that the coins are on their way to me - so I am not holding anyones money hostage . Reservations are still open and there are just a few of the whole sets left if you are intersted in the LE copper/glitter coins. Thanks for your interest in my personal coin! - Robin
  4. Good luck finding a trade, but "caveat emptor" with said originator. I've been "looking" for the one they were supposed to send me for over a year now. Yup, I'm still bitter. I actually heard from her about a month ago. She's had major health issues. I didn't ask for details, but she's been pretty much incapacitated for months. She acknowledged many outstanding trades she had at the time she got ill. Her children were supposed to handle some things for her and they were overwhelmed. I'd suggest trying to contact her again and let her know what specifically she owes you. I do believe she'd make good on it if she hasn't had a relapse. Thanks for the info, AG. I'm certainly the last person to have the right to complain about anyone's lack of communication...being notoriously pre-occupied myself. With that in mind, I spaced e-mails out over the past year...the last one being a friendly plea in April to return my coin. Life happens, so I'd rather let it be than prolong anyone's discomfort over the situation. Now returning you to the Trading Thread... I also read on the MN geocaching forums that she is moving across the country, presently making a trip to her new home, but not for good yet. I think almost anyone can relate to how much fun moving is, and moving a few thousand of miles away must be even more "fun".
  5. Thanks to all who have made reservations for my personal coin. There are still some LE sets available. I have decided to use these as the icons for the coin: Thanks to Tokencollector for the great icons!!
  6. Finally trying to get caught up on everything after a crazy couple of weeks!! I have sent and received both of my packages. For the Fourth of July I got a lovely package: A copper Crowesfeat30, 2 cute little chicks, a Strider geotag, a Crowesfeat30 geotag and an Independence Day geocoin. Thanks so much Crowesfeat30!! I love them all! My summer/winter solstice package came all the way from New Zealand! Inside I found a card with 3 little wrapped packages - a gold New Zealand geocoin, a Trickel geocoin (how cute) and a Portuguesa geocoin. Thanks so much Secret Geocoin Pal!!!
  7. Hi danoshimano - I do not have you down for a reservation, but we can fix that if you e-mail me the pertinent information. I have sent e-mails back to people who have e-mailed me the information requested on this page for reserving a geocoin pair or set. If you have not received an e-mail from me I don't have your reservation. I think I have been in contact with most people who have e-mailed me to propose trades, but I am still working out the details on some. If you are interested in proposing a trade please e-mail me with the details. I will check through my list of reservations and see if there is anyone else who has expressed interest in the forums, but has not yet made an actual reservation. I did e-mail the people who e-mailed me before I opened reservations that I was opening reservations. If you wish to reserve a coin please e-mail me at wisconsin_robin@yahoo.com with the following information: 1. Full Name 2. UserID 3. E-Mail Address 4. Paypal Address 5. Requested Metals and Quantity Thanks for your interest in my personal geocoin! - Robin
  8. Thanks to all who have made reservations for my personal coins! Only 25 of the complete sets are still available. This is the only way to get the LE copper/glitter coins if you want them. So get your reservations in now while you still can. I will not be re-minting any of these coins. It's a very complicated coin to make. It is 3-D under the translucent, colored hard enamal. It took a couple of sets of samples and a lot of work on behalf of The Caching Place to get this finished product. The manufacturing process is very difficult, (each color is baked on in a separate process) and there is a high amount of breakage. Do to this they had to make the coin thicker and increased the price over $1 each. The price increase only affects me as far as the XLE's are concerned, the Caching Place is honoring their origianal quote to me on the RE and LE coins that I had already obtained a quote for. I am holding my breath, hoping that the finished product turns out as well as the samples! So total production for this coin will be: 100 each of the antique silver and antique gold, 50 copper/glitter and 30 XLE's that I will be trade only. Get your reservations in now, because once they are gone, they're gone!
  9. Ok - here are some pictures of the antique silver and the eggs. The birds on the eggs won't be purple! The birds will be the color of my original sample:
  10. I was going to post new pictures tonight, but I forgot the cord to connect my camera to the computer. Look for updated pictures tomorrow! I am starting reservations. What I will have available for sale will be Antique Silver pairs and Antique Gold pairs. Each pair is a regular 2" WI coin and a matching (silver or gold) 1.25" micro egg. Each pair sells for $14.50 plus $2.00 shipping on the first pair and additional 50 cents each for any other pairs. I will also have complete sets available with include an Antique Silver pair, and Antique gold pair and a LE Copper/glitter pair (only 50 minted). These complete 6 coin sets sell for $43.50 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. The LE copper pairs are only available as a part of the complete set. International shipping is an additional $1.00. I am going to take reservations and send out invoices as I have time. You may receive an invoice soon, but no payment is required until I have been told that the coins have been shipped from the mint. I will send reminders to those who have not paid at that time. I am hoping to have the coins by the week of the 17th, but that may be being optimistic! If you wish to reserve a coin please e-mail me at wisconsin_robin@yahoo.com with the following information: 1. Full Name 2. UserID 3. E-Mail Address 4. Paypal Address 5. Requested Metals and Quantity Thanks for your interest in my personal geocoin! - Robin
  11. The winner of the icon contest is...................................................... Tokencollector! Now I just have to decide which one to choose!! Thanks to everyone who submitted an icon!! Tadpole, CinemaBoxers and Mamid - please send me your snail mail for your consolation prize . I have finished a very busy week/weekend and hope to have pre-sale/reservation information online tomorrow. I will also be looking at the trade requests that I have received so far and getting back to people. Keep an eye out here for more information soon.
  12. Thanks all for the icons!! Keep them coming. I have a hectic week and this weekend I work all weekend and am hosting an event Saturday afternoon. I will make a decision on the icon on Monday. I will be trading, check out my seeking list, or make an offer since I have not added many of the newer coins to my list yet. I will not be responding to trade offers until Monday, but I will be keeping a list - first come first serve. I will not be trading the LE's(copper/glitter - only 50 made), the only way to obtain one of these is to buy a set. I will be trading 50 sets (1 regular, 1 micro egg) of the RE's (25 each antique gold and antique silver). I will be trading XLE's (only 30 made) for rarer coins that I really want. I would prefer to trade sets- one large coin and one egg, for two coins-regular, micro, trackable, untrackable - what ever we can work out. My order goes to the mint on Monday and could take up to 4 weeks to get back to me, but probably will be done in about 3 weeks. Thanks everyone for your comments and interest in my personal coin!!
  13. I was thinking about waiting until then (Sept 19th) to release these but I couldn't wait that long. I'll let everybody know when I have a better idea, but it will be soon. I forgot to mention that the coins will use the "FS" prefix (for those who care). Inquiring minds want to know - how do you get a special prefix if only 350 coins are going to be made?
  14. Thanks everyone for your efforts! I am going to give it a few more days and then make a decision. There are some good ideas!!!
  15. I am looking for someone who is good at designing icons. If you can design a good looking icon, submit it to me in the format required by geocaching.com and I choose to use your design I will send you an XLE set (1 regular and 1 micro egg) a copper w/glitter LE set and a full regular set (antique silver and antique gold). I am thinking a robin would be appropriate, but I am open to other options .
  16. Thanks for all of the nice comments on my coin. I just found out that The Caching Place will no longer be directly selling personals on their website, so these will all be going out from my place . I think I can handle it, now that I have had a little practice. I am waiting on a final quote, because a few changes where made from the original design. I don't anticipate it being a great deal more than my first quote, so unless I am wrong in that area I will be selling the sets (1 WI shaped coin and 1 micro egg) for $14.50 plus $2.00 shipping on the first set and additional 50 cents each for any other sets. I will post pictures of all of the sets ASAP and open reservations at that time. Watch here for more details. They are of course trackable and will have an icon - the same as the robin on the micro coin.
  17. They seem to take a little longer to run than other coins for some reason. I would expect to have them with in a month. I am going to MWGB and hope to bring some there to trade. Thanks!
  18. I got pictures of some of the second set of samples for my personal coins. I am so excited about them I have to share!!! Many thanks to Georgia and Sharon at The Caching Place for all work they put into getting this "just right" for me. It took a few rounds with the mint and a second set of samples, but thanks to them I finally got what I was looking for!! I will be taking reservations to determine how many coins will be made. The coins themself are 2", 3.5mm thick, and will come in antique gold, antique silver and copper. They are 3-D and hard translucent enamal. They will probably be paired up with some micro "Robin eggs" that will come in 3 varieties. So for your viewing pleasure, introducing the WI_Robin personal geocoin. And one version of the micro "Robin egg" They are 1 1/4 inch. (click on image to make it larger) Thanks so very much Georgia and Sharon from The Caching Place!!
  19. Ooh, ooh, ooh, me too, me too!!! Please
  20. Has the Hand made it's appearance in the USA yet???
  21. Order placed. Thanks! I am sure Da Bloodhound will get a kick out of this coin!!
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