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  1. I was a girl scout leader (the US version of Girl Guides) for 5 years, I would be glad to donate a coin or two for your project. Good Luck with your coin travels. I would recommend drilling holes in your coins and attaching tags that explain their mission. I think it helps to keep them moving and it's a lot harder to lose an attached tag than it is for a coin to become separated from the flip or bag it was released in. I can have a hole drilled in mine before I send it to you if you like.
  2. Halloween came a little early at my house and I got a treat instead of a trick!!! The witches and monsters where not knocking on my door, but instead where in my mailbox!! A Creepy Crawly Cachers mystery coin, whoo hoo!! Thanks so much, this is the first mystery coin that I have gotten. I know it seems like a foolish thing to do with a highly sought after gift, but I would like to drill a hole in it, place a tag on it and put it in a cache so lots of people can have a chance to enjoy it. That's what I do with all of my coins. Thanks so much for the great coin to share!!! - Robin
  3. No it's not too late. The entire batch was reminted - the WI shaped coins and the egg coins. The new batch will have a custom prefix of WR so it will be easy to tell if you have one of the old coins (which needs to be replaced) or a new coin. If you have a coin it is important to send it back for replacement. The Caching Place will refund your shipping costs. The tracking numbers on the old coins (if they did work) will be de-activated. This had to be done because we had no way of knowing which numbers the mint messed up and which ones didn't. The easiest thing to do was get an entire new batch of numbers and "return" the old ones. It really was a mess, but The Caching Place did a great job of taking care of the problem.
  4. The good news is they are expected tomorrow - if it was today it would have been a great birthday present for me!! Hopefully they will all be good this time. Thanks for your patience. - Robin
  5. Whoo, hoo!!! My Four Spirit coin didn't get taken after all, just a slight delay in logging . Now it's back in circulation.
  6. The Scout knife is in the mail and a couple more will be following . Good luck with your project! - Robin
  7. My FTF experiences also involve the "infamous" Zuma, who now has 456 FTF's. There has been more than one midnight hunt with him due to the text message ding on the phone notifying us of a new "FTF opp". The one that I love the most though is the one I beat him to - when I was still caching as onesearching2find. I left work early and went 50 or more miles out of my way taking the round about way to a meeting to beat him to it. Imagining the look on his face when he opened the log book and found that I had beat him to the cache still makes me chuckle. April 7, 2006 by onesearching2find (939 found) Yeah - FTF! I was sure Zuma would beat me here (he must have slept in)! I had to chuckle a little bit thinking about how surprised he would be when he looked in the log book and saw that I was here. Found after leaving a little early from one work on the way to the other work (well, kind of on the way - you can get there from here anyway). Great location. Even though it was sunny, it was a bit chilly this morning. Made the mistake of thinking that you were talking about big boy toys and left a telescoping mirror. Oh well, I am sure a little boy would find that fascinating also. TFTC! [view this log on a separate page] April 7, 2006 by zuma! (5230 found) First to log, but I got aced out of the FTF by onesearching2find.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. First she says she cant go cachin with me today, and then she beats me to a FTF chance that she knew I was heading for. Sadly, she beat me by 3 hours. I was very shocked when I opened the log book, and it said she stopped here "on the way" to work. (It was only 50 miles the other direction. Anyway, this is a cool cache, and very scenic. The coordinates were within 10 feet, which is plenty good. The other memorable FTF experience was on our way back from MWGB. We where traveling with Team Honeybunnies when an early morning check of the local caches revealed there was a new series placed, the Box Box series - north of Chicago. 13 FTF opps....... we had to get there now!! We started kind of in the middle and got 3 FTF's right off the bat. Then we went to the begining and found we had two local cachers, lele2 and flydad, ahead of us. A few caches in we found out that flydad stopped for a breakfast break, but lele2 was still in front of us. We met her at Box Box 6 and it was quite literally a race to the end!!! To make things more interesting flydad joined back in. The tides turned at Box Box 9: July 23 by Team Honeybunnies (5287 found) We made the trek to the 2007 Midwest Geobash, caching our way to and from, and this was one of our stops. As we followed lele2 and flydaddy toward #9, we chose different paths toward this one and the race was on! We arrived near ground zero to find them already there, and they must have been taken aback to see me jogging across the field giggling and whooping away. We all proceeded to hunt and I scored the FTF in short order. TFTC Kengi. Be cool Honeybunny! Since we already had done Box Box 9-11 a FTF for the final Box Box 13 was a sure thing. In the end it wasn't the number of FTF's that mattered, it was the great race that made the memories!!
  8. Mission accomplished - thanks to some great traders . Look for a package in the mail in about a week or so. - Robin
  9. Don't go to E-bay just yet. I am trying to work out a trade for you. I will let you know how it works out.
  10. Yes activate rchdlyn did, and discover did I. Very unique and beautiful most unlike any other I have seen. We can confirm we are going to release a set at the Aotearoa Multi Event (6 October 2007) to be held in Ashburton with another set there to discover, and maybe even some new coins ,if they arrive in time If you are in NZ at this time - it will be the place to be. Look forward to meeting cacher's throughout NZ and indeed the world. That will be our honor if you add our coins in the event. Hope you have a wonderful time there! Best wishes, sssooocool I can confirm that there was one entire set of these coins released into the wild at the Geocoinfest Aotearoa event. Must add them to my watchlist to see where they travel... TB1T56K: Four Spirit Geocoin - Asure Dragon TB1T58V: Four Spirit Geocoin - Black Tortoise TB1T591: Four Spirit Geocoin - White Tiger TB1T599: Four Spirit Geocoin - Red Phoenix I wish them well. I released one and as far as I can tell it didn't make it past it's first cache.......... I even wrote on the outer ring with a permenent marker - "Please don't keep! This is a traveling geocoin, please log and place in an other cache."
  11. Ok, I think these are all of the eligible coins that I have. Non of them have traveled a ton, but that may change. Maybe if you add up the total miles traveled for all of them............. I may add a few more before then as well. Thanks for the contest! - Robin 07 Geocoin Poker Challenge Geocoin 2006 Christmas Ornament Geocoin Cache Critter Geocoin Cache Critter Geocoin Cache Critter Geocoin 2 Cache Critter Geocoin 3 Cache Critter Geocoin 4 Cache Critter Geocoin 5 Cache Critter Geocoin 6 Cache Critter Geocoin 7 Cache Critter Geocoin 8 Cache Critter Geocoin 9 Cache Critter Geocoin 10 Crowesfeat30 Geocoin Midwest Geobash 2007 Geocoin Oct - Night Caching Geocoin Moun10Girl Personal Geocoin Team Legend4 Geocoin Tempting The Fates Geocoin
  12. You should go to The Caching Places website and attempt to retrieve activation codes. Hopefully you will be able to retreive your codes. If you can't, e-mail them the tracking number and the type of coin that isn't working. They will get back to you then as soon as they have an answer to what ever the problem is. Keep in mind this may take some time since some of the codes have to be hand loaded into the system by Groundspeak. Thanks for your patience! - Robin
  13. It has been hit and miss. Some come up with a code, some don't. I sent an e-mail to The Caching Place and I will let you know what I hear back. Thanks - Robin
  14. I do sell coins on E-bay. I couldn't release as many coins as I do otherwise. Twice I have had coins turn up missing. Once I was able to replace the coin because I had an other and the other time I gave the person a "credit" for the amount of the coin towards any of my other auctions. Both times the customer was happy. That's a win for both of us .
  15. I have just mailed out all pre-arranged/pre-made trades. If I sent you a coin, you should have received an e-mail as well. If you didn't get an e-mail and we had a trade set up drop me a line. Thanks - Robin
  16. Got my box today . They all look great!! There is a little problem with the XLE eggs, but that won't affect most of my trades. I will get the rest out to those I owe them to in the morning. Here are some pics of the large XLE coin. The pictures do not do them justice. Click on the images if you want to make them bigger.
  17. Hi Brett- You know you can count on me . Just got my personal coins in the mail today. I will reserve an XLE set for your event. - Robin
  18. I can't wait to get mine to see if they look as good as the samples! Georgia and Sharon at The Caching Place did a wonderful job working with the mint to get the coin just the way I wanted it. You can still order them here: http://www.thecachingplace.com/shop/pc/vie...p?idCategory=23 , but don't wait too long I know there are less than 50 of each available. Thanks - Robin
  19. Still waiting for mine to arrive. As soon as they do I will be getting them out in the mail. Thanks!
  20. If you are interested in obtaining one of my coins they are now available at The Caching Place. There are not that many left so if you want one check it out soon. Thanks!
  21. If you have made a reservation for one of my personal coins you should have either received an invoice from The Caching Place (if you reserved an entire set) or an e-mail from me with details on how to purchase your coins. If you made a reservation and have not been contacted by me or The Caching Place send me an e-mail. The coins will be available for purchase to the general public on Wednesday. September 19th at The Caching Place.
  22. Update from The Caching Place: "The micro eggs are here, they were delivered yesterday, it's still another week on the big coin. So the shipping/sale will begin around the 17th. The micro's look great!!" I do still have a few of the complete sets left. These will not be offered through The Caching Place. If you are interested in puchasing a complete set please send me an e-mail. People who have reserved the complete sets will receive an invoice from The Caching Place, but I am taking the reservations since I started it. People who have reservations for single coins will have an opportunity to purchase thier reserved coins prior to the main sale, but I am not taking any reservations for single coins. Once the reservations are taken care of there will be a limited amount of the coins available at The Caching Places website. If there are no problems with the big coin the sale should begin around the 17th. If you have your heart set on getting some your best bet is to reserve a complete set, if you don't already have coins reserved. I will have 30 sets of XLE's available for trade. Currently I am looking for some Canadian coins for a friend of mine - specifics can be found in the trading forum. A total of 280 pairs (100 antique gold, 100 antique silver, 50 copper/glitter and 30 XLE's) where made and these will never be made again! If you have coins reserved and would like a less expensive international shipping option please contact me ASAP and we will work something out. Thanks - Robin
  23. I received this e-mail from a friend: I've been trying to get geocoins from every province of Canada, I see you a have an Ontario Geocoin. Where did you get that? I can't find one of those anywhere. Also, have you ever heard of any coins from any of the Maritime Provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or PEI)? My personal coins will be arriving at The Caching Place with in the next week - the eggs are in, we are just waiting for the larger coins. I will trade my XLE personal coins for the coins my friend is looking for. I really would like to trade pairs (one WI shaped coin and one egg coin) for 2 other coins. If you don't have 2 of the coins that my friend is looking for, I will trade for one of the ones he's seeking and any other trackable coin that I don't already have. All of my coins are activated so you can check out my trackables page to see if you have something that I don't already have. Thanks!! - Robin
  24. No coins here either................................... and since we paid for the coins before they where minted and patiently waited for them to arrive it is too late to file a paypal claim.
  25. Update from The Caching Place: "The factory emailed my Monday update....shows the shipping date for your coins on the 12th... Looks like we'll have them in hand by the 14th and can start sending the invoices on the 15th. I will let you know if they can move this date up at all, but I am not expecting it." I do still have a few of the complete sets left. These will not be offered through The Caching Place sales page and are the only way to get the LE copper/glitter coins. The complete sets include an Antique Silver pair, and Antique gold pair and a LE Copper/glitter pair (only 50 minted). These complete 6 coin sets sell for $43.50 and will be invoiced from The Caching Place. I will be taking reservations for the complete sets until September 10th, or until they are gone which ever comes first. If you are interested in puchasing a complete set please send me an e-mail. People who have reserved the complete sets will receive an invoice from The Caching Place, but I am taking the reservations since I started it. People who have reservations for single coins will have an opportunity to purchase thier reserved coins prior to the main sale, but I am not taking any reservations for single coins. If you have coins reserved and would like a less expensive international shipping option please contact me ASAP and we will work something out. Thanks - Robin
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