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  1. I ordered 6 - three of each and 2 of the Lord of the Caches. It still come out to almost $15/coin. Ouch! I am willing to trade - for the right offer. Or you can buy one at cost once I get them in. I am keeping one of each to release. My seeking list is terribly out of date. Feel free to make an offer.
  2. I set my auction up that way, with the funds going directly to TnT, instead of me. Didn't have any problems with it at all. When I get the other auctions up and running I will do the same thing with them. Any news as to the Lackey and Mickey Diver coins going up?? I am going to get hopefully all of the auctions up on Sunday. I am still waiting for a few Nerds and I wanted to post all of the auctions at the same time. Sundays also seem to be a good time to start/end auctions on. If you want them up sooner I can do it tomorrow afternoon. .
  3. I set my auction up that way, with the funds going directly to TnT, instead of me. Didn't have any problems with it at all. When I get the other auctions up and running I will do the same thing with them.
  4. I traded for a set and finally got them drilled and tagged. The traveler is on it's way Robin's Bad Andy Geocoin and I will save the copy to release if the other one disappears. Not a picture, just a link to the traveler.
  5. Back from "vacation" - I think I need a day to recover!! I have Rod's Mickey Diver and Lackey coins. I will set up an auction for these soon and will post here when those are up. These are the Nerds that I have received so far: (2) - Mr. Explorer3 (2) - Steinwalzer (1) - Mama Wood (2) - Lyonden_Ut (2) - CLAMM (1) - Loridarlin These are all different versions of the Nerds and I am donating one each of my 4. That brings the total so far to 14. I am expecting some more soon. If you have a nerd I encourage you to send it for the auction. I would like to collect as many as possible. I will update the list as I get new ones. Thanks everyone for your generous donations!!
  6. Whoo Hooo - $148.49 was the winning bid for the XLE WI_Robin geocoin. Thanks to everyone who bid. Payment has been made directly to TnT's paypal account. I know it's not a big difference, but I hope it helps! I am still collecting Nerds for an other auction. They have started arriving at my mailbox. I will post a list of what I have on Jan 3rd. I am going a small trip with my honey and our kids. I think it's the first non-geocaching trip I have made with him (unless there happens to be a FTF opp on the way there ). If you have a nerd to donate please send it to me ASAP - I am willing to trade mine for yours. My address is: Robin Engler 915 Fairmont Ave Eau Claire, WI 54703 I am really hoping to get a full set for the auction (Hint, Hint) When I get back I will be adding some more auctions including the Mickey Diver and Lackey, donated by Rockin Roddy. I will also be auction off a silver AE Cache Critters geocoin that I received as part of the Fox and the Hounds Thanksgiving Contest. Other coins coming as well, yet to be announced. It 's great to see everyone getting together to do what they can for someone else!
  7. A few more E-bay Links: Fair Winds GeoCoin Set Complete Randaddy 4 Coin Geocoin Set Bid generously!
  8. My answer would be I don't know. I would guess not since Groundspeak would have to manually remove them and it wouldn't be worth the trouble. I will see if I can get a definative answer. FYI if anyone has a WI_Robin coin and they are wondering if it is on old one (that has a bad tracking number) or a new one, the prefix on the new one is WR. That was done so it would be very clear which coins are the good ones and which ones still need to be replaced. If you have a WI_Robin coin and the tracking number does not start with WR please send it back to The Caching Place for replacement.
  9. WoW - That's incredible!! What a generous community we have. I am glad to help by listing any coins on E-Bay. There will be some others because some of the people sending me nerds asked if they could donate other coins as well. So far I have about 20 nerds coming, I hope to collect them all. I am quite willing to trade to get ones that I need to complete the set, no problems there. So far the WI_Robin coin is up to $76. Way to go!! I know this won't go far in paying hospital bills, but the everyday stuff doesn't go away because someone gets sick. If these donations pay for gas, babysitters, lunch at the hospital - or just an hour or two away from reality; that's a good thing too. I hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.
  10. On the sub-title for my listing it says that it's a "Tank and Tracy auction". Last time I did a "charitable" auction on E-bay it got pulled because it said in the description that the proceeds where going to help----. You have to be careful how you list it because if it says in the description that it is for charity E-bay will pull it. I will be doing a Nerds auction as well. I have gotten several responses already. Thanks to all who are donating their nerd!
  11. I received a little mystery envelope in my mailbox as well. I was having more than a tough week. On Monday evening I got 2 sad phone calls. One from my mom telling me that uncle (only in his early 40's) had a stroke and was being flown out for medical treatment. Then I received a frantic call from my best friend (only 38 years old) saying that she had found a lump in her breast. Tuesday I went with my friend to the doctor and after testing found out that she did indeed have breast cancer. I spent most of the day with her and then left her in her brother's capable hands. I then went to check on my uncle, who ended up needing surgury - he was still in surgury when my daughter called me and reminded me that my son had a band concert in 1 hour. I rushed to make it there and did get to see my son's first band concert. On the way home I remembered that I need to fill a prescription so I stopped at the 24 hour pharmacy. While waiting for the prescription I hear someone yell "There's a man down on the sidewalk outside." Being a nurse I go to see if I can be of assistance. Turns out is was the son of a nursing home resident that I cared for last year. He was sick and and cut his head when he fell, but didn't want to go in the ambulance. I finally convinced him to let me drive him to the hospital. At midnight I finally got home. The next day I was up at 6 to go for more testing and meetings with my friend. That was a really tough day. The diagnosis had sunk in a bit and we found out that she would need 4 months of chemo before surgury and she most certainly was going to lose her hair. The cancer looks to be very "survivable" but now she is looking at a 6 month recovery with surgury and chemo combined, not 6 weeks like it would be with surgury. So after a long day I grabbed the mail before heading to work for the night. Hmm, a little envelope that I sent to myself. A cute little stocking coin! It did lighten my mood a bit. Thanks Secret Santa!!
  12. WOW - The WI_Robin coin is already up to $51! Way to go gang. I sent an e-mail out to the geocoin nerds group. I had one e-mail that got sent back as undeliverable. If you don't see it check your junk mail. I would like to collect one of each (if possible). I think I have enough nerds left to do trades to get them all if it will help. So if you have a nerd and want to donate it to the auction or trade for one of mine send me an e-mail. Thanks. This Christmas if you feel you have nothing to be thankful for just consider your health as one of the greatest gifts you can have; anything beyond that is a bonus!!
  13. One auction up and running: XLE WI_Robin E-bay auction for Tank and Tracy . I will list my nerds as well, but first I am going to see if I can do a group of nerds.
  14. I have one XLE WI Robin left that I am willing to donate. I would also be willing to donate one each of my Nerds. Could someone please PM or e-mail me Tank and Tracy's paypal e-mail and I will set it up so the payment goes directly to them. Thanks!
  15. Looking for a SnowWolf geocoin. Will trade and XLE WI Robin coin for it (only 30 made). Send me an e-mail vs a PM, because I have not had much time to check out the forums lately. Thanks - Robin
  16. If you are ever near Eau Claire, WI (west central WI) drop me a line and we can swap coins, cache or both.
  17. I drill holes in my coins and attach a small plastic keychain about 1/2 inch by 1 inch (like the kind that holds a picture) and I have a note that on one side says "I am a traveling geocoin. Please don't keep me!! Log at geocaching.com and place back in a cache." The other side is more for accidental discoveries by non geocachers and it says "This coin belongs to WI_Robin. You can contact me at wisconsin_robin@yahoo.com." I have still had some turn up missing, but it gives me more hope that they may turn back up. It's fun watching their travels and occasionally finding them in caches myself.
  18. 07 Geocoin Poker Challenge Geocoin 6210.6 miles traveled, currently in Israel 2006 Christmas Ornament Geocoin 156 miles traveled, currently in Minnesota Cache Critter Geocoin 6210.6 miles traveled, currently in Israel Cache Critter Geocoin 67.3 miles traveled, went MIA in WI after visiting 5 caches Cache Critter Geocoin 2 354.9 miles traveled. Went MIA in Michigan from the first cache it was placed in. Cache Critter Geocoin 3 554.1 miles traveled, currently in Minnesota Cache Critter Geocoin 4 781.6 miles traveled, currently in Ontario Cache Critter Geocoin 5 1347.6 miles traveled, currently in Connecticut Cache Critter Geocoin 6 510.6 miles traveled, went MIA in Wisconsin after visiting 7 caches Cache Critter Geocoin 7 644.9 miles traveled, currently in Wisconsin Cache Critter Geocoin 8 1197.2 miles traveled, currently in New Hampshire Cache Critter Geocoin 9 119.4 miles traveled all to events, currently in my house - somewhere.............. Cache Critter Geocoin 10 248.4 miles traveled, currently in Wisconsin Crowesfeat30 Geocoin 746.2 miles traveled, may be missing from a cache in Wisconsin Midwest Geobash 2007 Geocoin 179.1 miles traveled, currently in Illinois Oct - Night Caching Geocoin 67.7 miles traveled - picked up by someone at an event and not logged at this point in time Moun10Girl Personal Geocoin 83.8 miles traveled, currently in Minnesota Team Legend4 Geocoin 362 miles traveled, currently in Wisconsin Tempting The Fates Geocoin 760.5 miles traveled, currently in Iowa The Fox and The Hound Geocoin 0 miles, preparing to be released The Last Cache of the Day Geocoin 0 miles, preparing to be released Five Star Climbing Geocoin 0 miles, preparing to be released Masters of Cache Geocoin 0 miles, preparing to be released First To Find Geocoin 0 miles, preparing to be released 2007 Frozen Buns Geocoin technically 0 miles traveled, released to an other cacher for hand to hand transfer Now what would be really interesting is to see what this list looks like next year!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
  19. Here are a few more. Most don't have miles on yet, but they will soon be traveling via cache. I intended to try and get one of each traveling, but ran out of time with my more than busy schedule lately.................... The Fox and The Hound Geocoin The Last Cache of the Day Geocoin Five Star Climbing Geocoin Masters of Cache Geocoin First To Find Geocoin 2007 Frozen Buns Geocoin I will check the milage on all of them in a bit. Thanks to everyone who has traded with me so I can release these coin!! Thanks for the contest as well!
  20. 1. Participating...email sent 2. Received Name...10/16/07 3. Mission Complete - research done, trades made - I am pretty sure my recipient will like their package thanks to all of the wonderful people who made trades with me!!! 4. Package Received - Yes! I had been gone for a few days - Neil Young was performing in Chicago, IL. He is my boyfriend's favorite so we made a trip of it and went to the concert on Monday and Tuesday night! When we got back I had a package from Germany waiting for me. Inside where 4 carefully wrapped packages. One contained a micro cache, logbook and pencil - I have never seen this design before. An other package contained a "Travel Slug" - An other coin which I do not have! The third package contained a Red Laptop - This is such a cool coin! The fourth package contained a copper Earth Turtle WOW!!! I usually activate and release ALL of my geocoins (I even have a Four Seasons Phoenix geocoin traveling), but I may have to make a small exception in this case. I love the copper turtle!!! (I repeat to myself "I will not become a collector. I will not become a collector") Also in the package some great Steinwalzer tokens - which my 6 year old has already grabbed for his "geocoin collection" and some geocaching stickers. I will have to check out this geodrift.com - I have never heard about it before. Thanks for the wonderful package Steinwalzer!!! If I become a coin collector now I will know who to blame.
  21. I have a 17 year old daughter - who will occasionally geocache with me. She thinks the coin thing is crazy and I have to endure some eye rolling from her occasionally when I get excited about a coin . My 11 year old son likes to cache if it involves a hike, a cave, or climbing a tree. He doesn't care about geocoins one way or the other. My 6 year old on the other hand loves geocoins. He has taken a geocoin to school twice for show and tell and has his own little box of geocoins and tokens. His favorite thing that he has gotten while we have been geocaching was a Coins and Pins sample coin that someone had placed in a cache. We have gotten coins out of a cache before, but this was the first time he got to keep one . He loves to tell his brother "Ha, ha, I have a geocoin with an eagle on it." I release all of my coins, but he love to look at them before they go. I usually will let him have any non-trackables that I happen to get and tokens for sure. I know that he would love to get geocoins or tokens in the mail!
  22. 1. Participating...email sent 2. Received Name...10/16/07 3. Mission Complete - research done, trades made - I am pretty sure my recipient will like their package thanks to all of the wonderful people who made trades with me!!! 4. Package Received
  23. If the owner of the coin objects to the log he or she can always delete the log. There is no advantage to logging a coin if the log gets deleted.
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