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  1. Ok I purchased a the City Nav NT and topo and both are great programs, is there a way to load both programs on the GPS so that they over lay each other on the same screen? I like the Topo because it shows rivers and other other stuff that the city Nav does not.
  2. Thanks, I'll try that, I have been searching the internet and saw Ram mounts, does anyone have this problem with Ram Mounts?
  3. Just bought a Garmin 60csx Mount and while going down the road the unit vibrates Does anyone else have this problem? I thought I'd get use to it but it bothering me more and more. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. Just bought a the mapsouce TOPO software of a guy I work with and now it is asking me for a 25 digit code, well I didn't get any codes. If this soft ware has been previous registered can I re-register it?
  5. Any one bought anything from Provantage? What is the service level? and issues? I have agree that is a good price.
  6. On Cabellas web site it shows that its the standard version of city navigator for 119.00 cabellas I'm also looking for city navigator NT
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