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  1. In Castlegar for Christmas now, probably boarding on Wednesday.
  2. Are there any hacks out there that would allow the two of them to be overlayed so they are both visible at the same time?
  3. As per title, we don't get the awesome rebates like our neighbours to the south and shipping one over the border isn't worth it. Any ideas or local secret holes that have them cheap. Need 1GB or 2gb, not interested in anything smaller.
  4. Please don't take this the wrong way, but how do you know? I myself hadn't been able to tell, but the research I did seemed to indicate that most of these Elevation BMs were made of bronze, so that was the assumption I made. Is there some way to know for sure one way or the other? I've spoken with him a number of times about the monument, in passing, and the weathered look isn't what's important to him about it. Others I have spoken to (who know him better) about this idea have all agreed that this is something that he would appreciate, and not the contrary. Thanks for bringing it up, though! Bronze won't usually rust that much in a "young" cap of this age. Zinc leaches out of brass and causes it to rust quicker (100 years or less). The only way to tell for sure would be to take a small filing of it to a lab, however from my experience yours looks like brass. A mild acid solution is the best way to clean either one of them, and neither brass or bronze cleaner should damage one or the other as they are basically the samemetal, mostly copper. Brass is Copper and Zinc. "Bronze" is Copper and Tin. Just avoid cleaners with ammonia for both, it can have some very adverse affects.
  5. And the answer to your question, it is a survey monument also known as a Benchmark and in mos places it is illegal to remove, tamer with or otherwise disturb it. There is probably a log in a survey office somewhere of the exact elevation and lat/lon of that cap.
  6. It is actually brass and I wouldn't clean it unless your boss actually has asked you to do so, He may want to preserve the weathered look.
  7. Well, that depends on what you mean by "unlimited". Generally the terms of use specify one user, but copies may be placed on multiple computers (desktop and Laptop, e.g.), with only one copy in use at any given time. And it would mean on multiple GPSr's, again, for one user. So there is no unlock code required? I guess I can put it in more than two GPS without worry.
  8. Does anyone know where I can get an invisible shield in Canada. In particular Alberta. Try gpscentral.ca or phone them, based in Calgary. Or also GPScity.ca, based in Calgary.
  9. Heard from GPScentral that the Mapsource program will only upload 940mb of total maps to an SD card. Anybody have success uploading more than 940mb of maps out of Mapsource at one time?
  10. I'm in the market for a new Venture Cx but hate the yellow faceplate, the blue/grey on the legend is beautiful and I'm almost willing to spend the $40 extra bucks for the better colour. Is it possible to change the face plate? If so where can I find a new faceplate? Thanks.
  11. I read Here on GPSCentral website that an unlock code is not required for Topo Canada or Metroguide Canada. Does that mean that no unlock code is required to install software on a laptop or on a GPS effectively creating an unlimited software? Please confirm. Thanks!
  12. I read somewhere that Topo Canada doesn't require an unlock code, is this true? If so, any body in Calgary have it, I'd like to see it before I buy it for a few of my GPS units.
  13. Where are you located? I'm interestd, but if you live in the US it costs me more in currency conversion and duty to ship over the border than it does to buy new in Canada.
  14. Hey there, Thanks for the reply. Well it kinda helps. After playing with it at home I am amazed at how fast it aquires the sat signals and where I can get the sat signals. I was setting in our living room and I was able to get three sat signals plus a WAAS sat. I paid $40.00 for it, but as I said the lense is cracked. It'll cost $75 to repair it. I think that I'm going to go ahead and get it repaired then decide i'll decide if i'm going to sell it or not. Thanks, JaM I'd go with a legend over the rino unless you are big on being by yourself when out hiking and don't wan't to carry a gmrs radio to communicate with your party. You do at least go out with a buddy or spouse don't you?
  15. When you have the page with the list of individual maps you can press MENU again and get the simplified (and more useful) list of choosing all the CN maps, all the Topo maps, or just the basemap. Thank you. It still doesn't address my need to categorize mapsets, but it does allow you to turn on or off all within a Map type (topo, city, base). This is much easier than going down the list, but I'll still need to go down the list to select the areas I want active. I guess there is really no way to do what I want. thanks again It should activate the area your in only unless you are manually looking in a different area, at least mine does...and I didn't mess with any settings when I started the unit up other than the time. Legend CX and City Navigtor v8 NT
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