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  1. Tried with the same settings and they are only viewable from 300ft or lower. WTF is going on. grrrrr.
  2. Legend CX, up to date firmware, user waypoints off, custom POI's do no show up beyond 200m regardless of max zoom or detail setting, any ideas?
  3. Is it possible to upload softmap topo50 maps to garmin units using the freeware version of fugawi or does softmap only allow you to link the gps to a laptop for realtime positioning on the maps? Need to know as I can't find a clear answer anywhere. Thanks.
  4. What I don't understand is the fact that ALL of the major North American companies, many of which manufacturer goods in Canada, give deeper discounts to Americans on products made in Canada. Take oil for example. We produce and ship a large amount of it south of the border and you pay $2.50-$3.00/gallon, meanwhile us as producers are paying, once converted, $3.50-$4.50/gallon. What gives? (the general reply is taxes, but that only makes up for $0.20-0.30 of the difference) Another expamle - Toyotas Corolla made in Canada sold inthe US for +/-$17,000 fully loaded sport, same car in Canada $26,000. This is taking conversions into account as well. Figure that one out, more shipping and border fees to go to the US yet we get hosed? These are just a few of the major inequalities us as Canadians face. Maybe I should sue for discrimination....
  5. They are made in the same factory and the wording is apinted on at the end of the line, same plastic, same internals, different paint stencil
  6. For city and boonies road info, City Nav North AMerica NT8 is the best bet, for topographical features and water topo is the best. get the 2GB card and you can load all of topo and all of navigatore to one card. Definitely get the CD's whatever you do, the cards are a ripoff.
  7. Garmin Europe Garmin Taiwan Delete away, no issues, I have found they just show up when I do an update or a reset though. I think they are coded into the software somehow as I've deleted mine 6 times and they keep showing up. No adverse effects if deleted though.
  8. Darn, was hoping there was a hidden setting that does it without having to bus out paper and pen and possibly calculator.
  9. Everytime I go to one of my waypoints it is slightly different, is there any way to average the new location shown everytime I am there or am I stuck just moving my waypoint? Legend CX
  10. Alkaline batt's in legend cx working fine, Nimh in other device work fine, going to run them as noted above and try again. If it doesn't work I'l just get some new batteries again.
  11. Brand new batteries with new charger. Batts were fully charge and discharged a few times, but I'm going to run them hard in my rc car again for a few charge cycles and see if that fixes them
  12. Just put in some new Energizer 2300Mah rechargeable NiMH batteries and they last about a half hour then the unit just shuts off. Have changed the setting to Nimh also. ANy idea why it is saying they are daed after half hour (usually less) and turning itself off?
  13. With waas on I routinely get accuracy of lest than 4'. That might do the trick for you.
  14. As a fellow jeeper I'd recommend the suction mount, garmin or ram.
  15. ANybody uploaded any of these maps so others can download them? I don't have topo, but would like a few select areas, i.e. Alberta Canada around Calgary/Canmore area if you are willing.
  16. Just have to select each map you want from each program, i.e. topo and city nav, and upload them all at the same time.
  17. I'd peronally go with the Vista CX, but if you can afford a little more than that the 60CSX is even nicer due to the sirf chip.
  18. And you won;t be able to view them at the same time without some custom map editing.
  19. Tried three different sets, all three powered other epuipment fine but didn't work in GPSr. It won;t power off the usb cable either.
  20. Uploaded some maps last night and turned the unit I got for christmas off after doing so and it won't power back on. Any suggestions?
  21. XP shouldn't be a problem. It just does that to stuff that is made for windows 98 and older.
  22. I want a gps that can take the various maps they make for them and display them all at the same time with the ability to tun various layers off if you don't want them.
  23. Anybody uploaded their maps and care to share the links? Can't seem to find any on the site listed for uploading.
  24. Don't know of any active caches near thse places, but I haven't looked for any in a while, so there could be some. Have fun on your tour, the snow should be excellent
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