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  1. I frequently refer to the cache pages of archived caches for notes, waypoints, etc. but even though the entries appear in my lists, they aren't 'clickable' to retrieve the details. An alternative is to use the geocaching.com website, but that can be cumbersome. At the same time, I recognize that cluttering up a list with archived entries can be a distraction as well, so I'd suggest making the display of archived caches (and their details) be made a settable option; that would allow cachers to choose how these are handled.
  2. Some images of GC target online but may be obfuscated? I found an image of the calibration target in some NASA documents, which shows an appropriately Sherlockian cipher as well. However, one of those symbols seems like a "typo" to me (doesn't match the key) so this could mean this previously published picture may have been tweaked to make it correct-looking but wrong. I'm anxiously awaiting the calibration image from Percy! ADmuk
  3. It seems the 'offline' mode isn't working, because the signin screen kept being presented. Did my stored username and password get lost? This came at a troublesome time as I was literally "in the weeds" looking for a GZ when suddenly the login screen appeared. Repeatedly. I ended up doing it "old school" (heh, maybe more medium school) with a combination of Google Maps, the website (which didn't seem to have the login issue) and ded reckoning. Of course I'd left my GPSr at home... Is it possible to downgrade to the previous iPhone release of the app? Donn (ADmuk)
  4. How do I "nominate" China (People's Republic of) and Taiwan for national souvenirs? There are quite a few caches in each and an active community in Taiwan as well (I just arrived in Wuhan and haven't contacted anyone there yet). Donn (the D in Team ADmuk)
  5. I also have to downvote the new "Advanced Search", a name which bears with it a certain amount of irony, as the specification and results in many cases are less flexible than the previous un-advanced on. Kind of like the practice in Congress of calling a bill/act what the writer wants to spin it to rather than what it is... Enough grousing; specifics: 1. Need to return results from a wider search area (don't limit the number too soon) 2. Need to allow more flexibility in putting in partial cache or user names 3. Not giving cachers the option to use the previous search page/method 4. Not being able to save a particular filter combination (this could be a Premium-only feature) 5. Not being able to find "newest caches X distance from Y". Newest from home used to be on (premium) profile page; I miss it! There are a couple of filter options that would make its use in the field (as opposed to at a desk) much more helpful: 6. Filter on "Needs Maintenance" attribute (yes, either, no) 7. Filter on "Last Log item is a.." (DNF, Write Note, Owner Maintenance), and allow multiples of those attributes. The "has-corrected-coordinates" option is a step in the right direction. 8. Admittedly this is a Hawaii thing, but would like to search by island within state (not county, these are not 1:1) but for most states a county division would be good Anyway, I'd chalk most of the complaints up to not having enough field or play-testing but I suspect that most folks tried it during the beta period and didn't like it, then assumed it wouldn't be made the default search without an alternative. That's where I stood, up until this last weekend when I had to use the new search in an actual field situation. Coding PQs in the woods is not as easy as it sounds... Cache On! Donn (the D in Team ADmuk)
  6. Any others not seeing notifications specifically for caches being Archived by a Reviewer? I had one on my watch list "disappear" in this manner and it was kind of surprising since I *did* receive a notification for the previous note from the same reviewer! Bug or Feature? I'm pretty sure this was not a "general notification failure" as I'd gotten other notifications from my watch list in the same time period… ADmuk
  7. Thanks, will find it next time I'm near the airport Donn
  8. Yes, that's definitely the benchmark I found. My apologies for not posting the coordinates earlier. These are from an iPhone, so take that into consideration: N21 20.310 W157 55.590 Also, thank you for the contact information and URL. I'll use them in the future as there are a few others that I have to research. My search on Google didn't turn up the code, which is understandable given the specialized nature of this topic. Now I'll have to see if I can log it at geocaching or Waymarking and close this out. Much thanks to all who replied! Donn
  9. I recently found a benchmark near the Honolulu airport (HNL) that was placed by the Airports Division, but it does not appear online from what I can tell. Any help in finding out more information about this marker would be appreciated. Also, if anyone has had success contacting the State agency to obtain lists, let me know the proper procedure. Thanks, Donn (the D in geocaching nickname ADmuk)
  10. Hilo Surplus has all sizes of cans, including some packing crate sized ones. But, it's on the Big Island.. 148 Mamo St Hilo, HI 96720 (808) 935-6398
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