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  1. Hello. I am considering buying the Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx and would want to use the City Navigator NT 8.0 software with it while in the car. If I get the City Navigator on the MicroSD card, my understanding is that I do not get the CD/DVD with it - it is just the card that goes into the 76CSx device. The question I had was this. Am I able to use the PC to then create and load up waypoints? (I know that there are 3rd party programs that can alternatively do this). Can I download (via their 'unlock' capability) the software for updates as they come up to then update the card? It seems that they would allow for that, but I can't see anything on that in the Garmin site or as I search the web. I would not want to get the MicroSD card if I then cannot update it as new maps come out. My main concern is that I will not be able to receive and apply update the product if I purchase it via MicroSD. Also, if anyone knows. What does the 'NT' stand for with the Garmin software? I know it is not based on 'windows NT'. And how big is the pre-loaded MicroSD card? Is it jammed full where I can't load more things onto it? I think the DVD is > 1GB so if they loaded their content on a 1GB card, do I lose content? Thanks in advance for any insight or help with my question about the MicroSD card and potential drawbacks!
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