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  1. Congratulations to CrystalFairy with the birth of their first child this morning just after 5am. Andrew reports that baby Ayden Reece is doing well and so is Mommy and Daddy.
  2. That looks very much like one of those caches placed for the Mazda Adventure Zone Event in the Magaliesberg area... I just don't remember the dam being so big.. The cache was called HORNBILL - I see it had been archived already.. My photo: hmm - suddenly I'm not sure at all that this is it...
  3. Our apologies to Paidaines for not organising a caching trip... Unfortunately both of us had been out of it with flu the past three weekends. It's just been too cold to risk making it worse! I did notice some logs on caches (and on ours) - glad you were able to find a few nevertheless! Enjoy Durban!! I enjoyed these caches (though I haven't found too many in that area): GC16YJF - Reunion Park Mangroves GC17CG5 - Toti Bird Sanctuary II GC13NEP - Toti Bird Sanctuary GCNCQD - The Old Fort
  4. wow!!! looks like a place I want to go to.... once other cachers tell me where it is...
  5. Hehehehe - we've tried (twice) to find the little surprise at King Athur's Abode.... but we will never be defeated - we will succeed!!...sometime... ...and yes - Danie Theron Memorial.... lots of Blackjacks!!! Hmm - I should visit this thread more often....
  6. Valley of Desolation - Graaff-Reinet?
  7. It does look like the Drakensberg... is that the right most point of the amphitheatre to the right? Then you may be near the Tugela Falls??
  8. So who won in April and who won in May??? I'm loving looking at everyone's pics!
  9. Hi Paidaines We stay in Midrand. There are quite a few caches in the Midrand area to be found. I would not recommend you searching for any caches near Ellis Park unaccompanied by South Africans who know their way around Johannesburg City. Once we have decided on some caching trips, we can always get together for a caching day or two. We will probably attend the event on the 16th - that Wormgeo mentioned... but we'll confirm that soon as well. I'll be in contact on this thread once our arrangements are finalised.
  10. Dit maak sin... gee die clue van Savannah vir die ouens wat al die ander klaar gevind het. (en my TD se cue maar ook... totdat ek 'n oplossing het vir die monument dilemma)
  11. Hmm - haven't done it yet... else I would have gone to get it for you.
  12. Ek stel voor mens skep 'n nuwe een. ...my td cache is op die oomblik disabled... daar is blykbaar 'n heining rondom gz gespan en mens kan nie daar inkom nie. ek het die heining gesien, maar nie gedink dis heeltemal ontoeganklik nie... so ek sal eers een naweek soontoe moet ry om te gaan kyk. ag tog! :-)
  13. Leisure Suit Larry??? Oh no - that was not allowed!!!!!
  14. Well I remember playing Alley Cat and Xonix and Digger and Duke Nukem an Police Quest.... and Blockout. They're old enough, but none of those would be cited 'Greatest'. Depend on which genre you like as well I guess. ...and I would have put PacMan under 'Arcade games' and not a computer game - if you look at it's origins.. interesting stuff! So I would have had to say Tetris would have gotten my vote then as well!
  15. Based on most installs.... I guess solitaire would win by far. Not that it means it's great or that it is being played...... hehe
  16. I know what a Pascaline is.... and I knew what ASCII stands for..... if you were a computer science teacher ever, you would too!!! :-) ...and so should kids that had the subject in the last 10 years! Top game of all time? Phew!! That's tough - according to what rating? My guesses would be Call of Duty, World of Warcraft ... and Grand Theft Auto... ...like I said - it would totally depend on what you measure this by.
  17. 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,etc. 0,1 0 + 1 = 1 1 + 1 = 2 1 + 2 = 3 2 + 3 = 5 3 + 5 = 8 etc... I used to ask my Grade 11 learners to write a Delphi Function that could be repeatedly called in a loop, demonstrating the Fibonacci sequence... Darn... wish I was online earlier!
  18. In my unbiased opinion... what an awfully nice question that was! ;-)
  19. Does a record like that really mean something if one plays against teams like Serbia and Ukraine? :-) Sorry - that's just wrong! hehe
  20. You mean IN the main road or crosses it?? Magaliesburg?
  21. Maybe the stadium just outside Rustenburg ?
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