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  1. hehehehe No it's fine... just didn't want to resort to playing master mind again. Board Games is clearly not a well represented knowledge area on this forum. I'll think of another question...
  2. He is called Mr Monopoly or Uncle Pennybags. I didn't think it was so difficult. So , apologies, no more waiting... The floor is open for a question.
  3. Ok I'll give a clue (or two): Mr ____________ or ________ ______bags Hence the "you've got parts of both names right" answer I gave.. BTW Like the 'Mr Waddington' idea.... hehe (maybe you were closer that you thought!)
  4. Well, he goes by one of two names, yes, but you have parts of both in both here... doesn't help, does it? hehe
  5. Games Magazine has inducted Monopoly into its Hall of Fame. More than one billion people have played it... making it "the most played commercial board game in the world." My question: The mascot for the game is a moustached man in morning dress with a top hat. What is his name?
  6. Congratulations to "B and C Inc" finding their 100th at 'Forgotten realms' this past weekend!!
  7. I took this photo just before sunset after crossing the bridge where we searched for GCVVQW 'Forty Seven' near Bethulie. We had to log a DNF and it was then also archived soon after... This is the longest road/rail bridge in SA - the Hennie Steyn Bridge. Pity the cache is gone! I still had my little 2mpx Fuji finepix A203 at that time.
  8. Well then it is FYGAR. Thanks for the 'Master Mind' - I haven't played that in a while! hehe
  9. So by elimination... let's start again at 'a': Pooka and Fagar?
  10. Hmm that is difficult - because I would personally buy a coin because it is pretty (visually appeals to me) or it has some new/unique features (regardless of the country it comes from). Therefore I like the idea of the 'moving parts' and the puzzle effect with the provinces. How about identifying some more 'wonders of SA' nature wise... possibly it could draw foreign buyers (like the 'big 5' concept always does). I liked some of the ideas that was mentioned earlier... Table Mountain, Protea, Lion, Baboon Spider, Baobab, Namakwa flowers, Drakensberg amphitheatre, great White shark... etc. Maybe some ideas can come forth from this? how about a 'south africa shaped' rotating part in the middle of the 0 of the 10 years? ..or the SA flag (narrowed) could form the 1 of the 10.. and even move.. or have a round bar moving (like one would have in a shifting spanner) with lots of flag squares on it? I also like the idea of a flag, shaped coin as CapeDoc posted on July 21st. Can one have these coins minted anywhere as long as you paid for the GC codes to put on it? Have you further investigated SA/foreign sources to have this done? If the coin displays on some of the geocoin online shops - that would be an advantage... ok - I'll now be quiet. hehe
  11. I don't think the vuvuzela has anything to do with geocaching. ..and neither does the WC 2010? I wouldn't bring that into it. I love the 'individual cois, in the shape of each province, that can be build to form SA' idea. I think that the nature aspect is great - because that still defines SA and it's diversity, and fits with what we love about geocaching - getting out into nature. If you want to add culture into it like zoeloes, calabashes, vuvuzelas, taxis, san paintings and paul kruger - that's a whole new topic. Do you want to do two series then? hehe why not? ;-)
  12. Pooka & Forag Doing the ABC... hehehehe
  13. I'm in as well (both projects). Sounds great!!
  14. Congratulations to mwebbie on finding your 100th at my 'RDP House' cache this past weekend!
  15. Hey everyone! Congrats to all our prize winners!! Thanks to all the organisers and also to those who had to judge/score/rank etc. "Travel in Style" had a somewhat different, and interesting journey. It was off to a very late start (sitting in my cache box, while I wasn't doing any caching.. who knew that a wedding and building a new house would be in the cards for me in 2009?? and took up most of my week-ends with no time left for caching.. ;-) ) So it finally started moving when we took it along on our honeymoon trip. The TB visited a few caches on route and well, even though it was dipped by its owner, I just had to let it share our journey... It even visited another country... but the owner forgot to take one photo of this poor bug in her suitcase to prove it. ;-) So after some special points were scored (I don't remember which month) for "Travel in Style"s dipped honeymoon trip cache visits, it felt a bit better about it's performance... hehe :-) Then it went all the way to Wellington in NZ, to visit CrystalFairy, and then it travelled all the way back to SA. That was special for us owners as well! :-) When it was announced that additional points will be scored if the bug would attend the final event, I was quite excited to get that done. Realised soon after though, that the bug was actually not in the cache where it was still logged into. Newbies had taken it and logged that they have, but they haven't logged the TB out.. Sadly, this bug is now somewhere in some cacher's possession - still - I hope - and they haven't placed it anywhere and haven't responded to my e-mail. Unfortunately, due to 'unforseen circumstances', "Tavel in Style" didn't make it to the event... (and then, neither did it's owner). So this the story of "Travel in Style" in the 2009 SA TB Race.... hopefully, not the end.
  16. Ja dis beter dankie!! Maar dit help my toe anyway niks! Hahahahaha
  17. Eish - bietjie klein om uit te figure wat in daai prentjie is... ;-)
  18. Hey, wow!!! That was too quick! Fort Durnford Cache - Estcourt Museum. You're it Worm man!
  19. Whoop whoop!! Now let me see.... so many places, to only pick one photo.... Here goes: Where is this?
  20. Is this the cache at Bass Lake??? I haven't found the cache - but I've scuba dived there a few times...
  21. Is this at "Plumbago 1" cache in the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve? ..I wanted to guess Pretoria East 001 - but looking back at my pictures of the time spent in the reserve - looks more like the tree at Plumbago 1.
  22. Ok - I'll play. I took this photo at Forgotten Realms (GC1CX2Y) earlier this year when doing maintenance. I took this with my Fuji Finepix S8100fd.
  23. We couldn't finf that cache either when we visited Kuruman.... we looked everywhere (well, almost it seems) and were cinvinced that it wasn't there - but then it had finds thereafter... I'll be back for the killing ... some day!!!!! Darn illusive thing!
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