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  1. Tierkloof Falls in the Rustenburg Nature Reserve! Loved the hike there!
  2. Eish!!! What is the ransom? My PI eyes ask: Who's house has black grabite tops, black chairs and cream tiles??
  3. More like an hour and 2 minutes.... ..but fast enough I guess.
  4. Correct and correct. Give us a good one bob!
  5. "The Social Network" is a 2010 drama film about the founding of the Internet social networking website Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, had an idea for creating an online social networking tool where people can display personal information. He presented to call it "Thefacebook". This website was initially exclusive to to a certain 'environment/group' before expanding and becoming what it is today. Which specific 'environment/group' am I talking about?
  6. That's really an awesome photo!!!
  7. Achmed the Terrorist ..... I keel you Peanut Jose the Jalapeno ...... on a stick Walter the old man Melvin I LOVE Jeff Dunham - I have 3 of his DVDs at home.
  8. Sounds like fun guys - I have a visit to the Cederberg high on my priority list - but we'll be elsewhere over Easter.... so jealous, but enjoy it!
  9. Like the top one and would like to book one also! We'll be in CT in Dec, so unfortunately we won't be able to visit again in Jan...
  10. CH - easier than expected? You've got it - I guess this is enough to give it to you (as no others attempted an answer) - I did want a wee bit more though... hehehe Wikipedia: " The Doddington was an East Indiaman of the British East India Company that was wrecked at Bird Island in Algoa Bay near present day Port Elizabeth on 17 July 1755. The ship was carrying a hoard of gold belonging to Clive of India, that was controversially looted in modern times by treasure hunters, resulting in recent changes to international maritime treaties to better protect underwater cultural heritage. Of the original crew and passengers of 270, only 23 initially survived. The castaways subsisted for seven months on fish, birds and eggs on a nearby island, which they named Bird Island. One of their number, a carpenter, was able to help them make them a sloop, the Happy Deliverance on which they were finally able to get off the island on 16 February 1756. " So these castaways effectively discovered/named Bird Island off the coast of PE. That's what I was looking for. You're it CH!
  11. Hmm - the blue one in my tank is not THAT beautiful... though a brighter blue. :-) No takers yet on my question? Need a clue?
  12. Hmm - the blue one in my tank is not THAT beautiful... though a brighter blue. :-) No takers yet on my question? Need a clue?
  13. Bettas are tropical fish. Siamese Fighters. Beautiful!
  14. hehehe - aha!! I make a mean Bobotie.... and I must say there's never been any coconut near my bobotie. LOL I get it - but that's still quite a derivation! Thanks Malay workers - I guess - 'cause Bobotie is delish!
  15. Well, I must say - I'm confused... Bobotie, coconut? um - very strange connection that I don't seem to get.
  16. Yep, that's as far as my guessing got as well.
  17. wow that is awesome! Thanks Besem for the link... I couldn't access the other one either.
  18. Only after the guess 'Sondela' came through, did I actually realise where I've seen this before... :-)
  19. Read the listing details - wow really cool!
  20. With the new sewing machines, it does the threading for you... fancy hey!
  21. Nicely done, CapeDoc!!! Who would have thought sewing and golf have something in common? What you have said is precisely it. When buying material for a garment, it is important to consider the nap. If it doesn't have a nap, one usually needs less material, as one can fit the pattern pieces in any direction. Some materials that have a nap, can for instance, shine in different colours/shades when viewed from different angles. This would certainly look funny if the left and right side of a dress or pants look like they've been cut from different rolls of material. So if material has a nap, one would need to lay the pattern pieces all in the same direction to cut it out. You're it CapeDoc!
  22. I've been doing a lot of sewing recently... What does the term 'with nap' mean? e.g. A pattern would recommend: 'Need 3.5m for fabric with nap.'
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