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  1. Well how about revealing.... looks very interesting... and I'm curious!
  2. I agree with what is said above... TBs and Coins are meant to travel, so it really doesn't matter if it is your cache or not - if you visit the cache to retrieve the TB, it gets a 'checkup' and some maintenance can be done, if needed, in the process. I'd be all too happy if an owner of a cache would pick up my TB and move it along. Yes, just don't log your visit as a find, only post a note (or even a maintenance note if you did maintenance as well).
  3. I hate to have to inform you that my race TB is probably out of the race... It was last logged in March into a cache that I now see has been found to be missing and since replaced by the owner and moved to a new location. I missed this, so I suppose I can thus assume my TB was given to some little person to play with somewhere out there. I was so hoping that cutie Undercover Ginger was taken by one of the geocachers before the cache had gone awol and just not logged yet - but I guess after 3 months I should give up hope. I am sad about this, Undercover Ginger shared in so many of our wonderful December holiday experiences. I should never have allowed her to travel by herself! ;-( So Bruce, another MIA racer and Team Ginger out of the race (again).... oh well <sigh> that's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess!
  4. Yeah - been there, done that, have the T-shirt!! Me too - even missed a FTF right next to my hotel :? OUCH!!! hehe
  5. We'll visit 7 countries in central Europe (no UK). It's going to be awesome!!! :laughing: We'll be part of a tour group for sections of the total trip, so we'll try to find a cache wherever we can get away from the group - I would definitely want to find at least one cache in every country (or city if I can help it) So I need to go prepared (and make things as easy as I can for myself while there)!!! I usually prep caches along a route for any trip we make, filtering out the ones that will take too much time (especially if we don't have much time at each stop) and then I also print the maps to give me a general idea of what is where... and then I usually divide the caches in sections to be able to reload the gps with the right maps and caches for the next section of the trip. It works well, but now I'll be in foreign territory and without a laptop. ..and possibly partly without an online connection... There are sooooo many caches in the popular tourist areas which we'll visit. Another aspect making the filtering difficult, is that we'll need to probably be in a fairly 'walkable' distance from the caches we'll find - don't mind walking, but don't need to get lost or be late anywhere either. Would be the worst to miss a 1/1 cache, 3 metres from where we had lunch, you know!!! :-)
  6. Cincol - I will also make sure that download "extra" caches just in case I get the opportunity to find more and/or do not get the opportunity to visit an Internet Cafè where I can download more caches. Both iTouch and Galaxy have Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities so it is not necessary buy data cards - although that can be done. I do so in South Africa and Australia as the costs are reasonable. Europe, Middle East, USA and Canada tends to be much better to make use of WiFi facilities which are available at most coffee shops in malls, etc. Hesemati - If you have browsing capability it is in general much cheaper to buy a SIM card in the country where you travel (or these days many hotels or even coffee shops will give you free internet access). Enjoy! Aha! that's something I didn't think of... the fact that there should be wi-fi internet in the hotels... this will certainly be something I'll investigate! I could just check the area's caches for the next few days as we go along if not sure of exactly where we will be.. I tend to always select more caches in an area than we would be able to do... fact is that we will be on tour and we will only do one or two caches in every city and only if they are "right there" where we are. The caches are just sooooo many! I'll have to do some serious filtering. I guess knowing exactly where we'll sleep over and what sightseeing is planned, this should help me narrow it down. I would just hate to be just a few metres away from a cache and not doing it because of 'not even knowing it's there' and I had no way of searching for caches either online or in some database.. ..I will have to enquire whether the wi-fi is free in the hotels we'll visit though... else that could still be expensive! I am thinking of also buying a better card for the GPS to possibly store more caches on it - that was a good idea too, thanks! Thanks to everyone for the help so far!
  7. What have other cachers done? I'm wondering how other cachers plan finding caches when going on tour and perhaps visiting a few countries.. Do you buy the europe maps? - do you have to? If your GPS can only store, let's say 500 caches, how will you select from the bulk? - especially if you are not perfectly sure exactly where you will be in each country.. We won't be taking a laptop on tour... so I am considering tagging the iPad along, but not sure if that's a great idea... which data card do you get? Surely one can't buy one in each country? ..roaming?? expensive??? I'm putting the question out there to hopefully get some ideas from you guys.. I wouldn't want to print out a whole wack of listings? That won't work for us either?
  8. Congratulations to GeoPirate_4 on finding their 100th this past weekend at RDP House cache in Irene! Hope there will be many more!
  9. Yip!! Valley of Desolation EC it is - you guys just beat me to it!! You see 'Spandoukop' just outside Graaff-Reinet to the left... M
  10. I wanted to do that cache a few years ago when building and renovations were going on... glad to see that it is being found now again!! :-)
  11. hehehe - yep - that's the one! ...and so THAT's how you do it???
  12. Well,all I can say is well done on actually finding it!! The pic made me think of this cache we found in December in the Karoo... (you may guess it if you want, but it's not my turn - it's just an 'in between' mention...
  13. Sorry, we're out! Next time maybe (hopefully)!
  14. We wish you well with the challenge ahead!!
  15. Two people from Team Ginger - and maybe 3 by 2012/13 So, 476 - and I'm sure I can force (I mean convince) a few friend teams to join... like Brick (5), Spiderfinder (2), Red Gnu (2), Sh0w me the cache (1), warthog (2), Team ToBea (2), Katundu (4), NotBlonde (2), 4 Blind Mice (3), EragonSaphira (2), Timmo1977 (2) etc...... See how easy it can be? If they can all come too - its another 27 - and I only wrote down a few names as I could quickly think of... If you put some effort into it - we can do this, easy peasy!! Good going GEO-team!!! We're right behind you!!! So for now, add Team Ginger's 2, so 476 to go! O yes - and how about cosidering where the most cachers are in SA... would it not make more sense to get a location closer to where the most concentrated group of active cachers are? I mean, let's say there's a 100 cachers in Bethulie (not to cause a stir about where the most cachers may be - hehe) and 20 in Springbok - then 80 more cachers have to pay lots of money to attend an event in Springbok. I know that places like Colesberg and Victoria West (close to Mokala Reserve) are the most central in SA... though not great with accommodating 500's of people. hehe Also, places that are easily reached by public transport will be better than small town in the middle of 'nowhere'. How about - as an idea - trying to get varsity Rag grounds (like potch) or even smaller show grounds/school grounds? During holiday times, school sports fields may be more available and affordable... Sorry I missed the brainstorming session... we had another appointment... Maybe we should ask Kurt Darren for his Plaas. LOL
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Tell your brother happy birthday from us!!
  17. Hmmm - March is just hectic for us, with a wedding (on the 5th) and two milestone birthday parties coming up. We could, if at all, make the last weekend in March or first in April. Nelspruit too far to make any other weekends... sorry!
  18. Took this picture last December near Hout Bay Historical Cache.
  19. This sounds wonderful guys! My days of biking has passed a bit, hehe, but I like the idea a lot of these geo-runs! Ginger has somewhere else to be on the 12th - so she'll have to wait for the next one! Enjoy!
  20. I'll write you a copy... how will you get it from me? PM me so we can arrange something.
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