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  1. Hi Fier, we're interested. We love the berg! I couldn't do multiple nights hikes, but we would like to tag along and hubby can join in on some of the hikes. Or the two of us can alternate joining on day hikes.
  2. I'd love to! I'll get on it right away..
  3. Indeed - and that on my scuba cache near Brits. I'm so glad you finally got around to do it!! Congrats from us on the 1000 as well!
  4. Hillary Bridge it is!! Lovely spot at Cheerio Gardens and spectacular when there's flowers everywhere! All yours Bouts777!
  5. Yay! So how about this one? Where is this? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=475286121666&l=12f8c1194e
  6. That would be 'New Gariep Dam', right? Took some really nice photos when I was there...
  7. I was wondering if it could be teh Valley of Desolation. Graaf Reinet? Although it is a unique angle and probably not taken from the view point we all know..
  8. Thanks Tara & John for the shortlist.. hehe (I hate puzzles.. because they keep me awake ) BTW: Watch out, Ginger invasion EC - April 2012... Oh, and I'm not guessing the new photo - because I don't think I've been there! ..yet grrrrr LOL
  9. So this is why I just don't recognise any of the photos lately..
  10. Aw, just got excited there for a minute! Here's a pic taken of the "Old Wagon Bridge" (GC10T5J) going over the Orange River - you can see why I thought this was it! The road across is also gravel and narrow with a similar barrier on the sides.. I took a pic of our car crossing the bridge, which looks almost exactly like the last hint you gave - but I don't have the picture set with me to post now.. Well, I gave it a go - looks like you've stumped us all..
  11. Ah wait a minute... now this looks like recently archived cache, Old Wagon Bridge?? I climbed right up there - with lots of effort! Definitely the most memorable DNF I logged ever!
  12. Eish!!! I suppose there can be a mega every weekend all over the world, but this does mean we have to advertise!!! International visitors will need to plan to visit both megas or decide on which one to visit.. So we have to be in it!
  13. Hey!!! If the SAMP name is not cast in stone... How about calling the mascot SAM (South Africa's Mega)? ...or even if it is.... call the event SAMP and the mascot SAMPIE... hiehie
  14. Oooh! I love the giraffe!!! hehe The long neck can be used in so many ways! It can be knotted, used to frame something - and I love the way he sort of 'pops in'on the page! Yes, it just needs some 'cartoonization'. Thx! for me this sort of thing works well!! Where's the committee? What are your thoughts?? Do Giraffes eat SAMP?
  15. I'm sorry - I seem to be 'agter-os'... I found the weblink to the entered logos and saw the paw print one as well. What's the status of this now? Have you selected a logo yet? Are you still taking suggestions (I also see you wanted all by end of September..) Time flies!!!!! Can't believe it is already end of Oct!!
  16. I love the idea of a "mascot" - like finland's bird and switzerland's cow. One can play a lot with a character. It can "talk" you, e.g. announcements in speech bubbles etc, it can be improvised for signage e.g. pointing to the venue along the way, indicating 'ladies' or 'gents' or even holding specific food item at the food stalls.. I know that you have the theme SAMP and there are lots to go with that, e.g. the potjie.... but how about an animal from Africa (doesn't have to be an elephant/lion) to make the event identifiable? I'm not a designer, I'll have to draw with free hand (which can be scary..) to get my idea across... ...and let's say it's an elephant/rhino... warthog.. blue crane, then it must be a 'cute' guy, and then it can be implemented in themes for the kids as well - educating them about our country while at it. :-) I saw the paw print coin/logo on the FB page as well that I don't see here.. was it voted off - or was it merely a coin idea? OK - well I'll try to draw some pictures of what's in my head this week and send them to NotBlonde..
  17. Hmm Ek was nog altyd van plan om dit eendag te voltooi... maar wanneer dit gaan wees sou ek nie kon sê.
  18. I like Jessica's design a lot! Could perhaps put the country's flag colours in the flames or even write SAMP in the flag colouring.
  19. Thx Damhuis, I'm glad we're on the same page. hehe Yes, Cincol, this thread was briefly 'hijacked'.. hehehe Back to the topic... I don't feel geocaching is being hijacked. I don't care who forms what group (and I am aware of the purpose of the group/s that do exist). I don't need to feel I belong, I do my own thing. Everyone doesn't agree with or like me, but that's not influencing the fact that I love geocaching. The trick is: consideration and tolerance - we all love different things. It's always good to discuss things, but it should never get personal. ..this forum is the most dangerous place to be - and could rather kill the game for some... as sometimes this place is a deep, dark, accusing, blaming, hating, badmouthing place. ..and the other battles we have, such as keeping geocaching in our parks etc, are rather the challenges that we need to face together to keep the game alive.
  20. hmmm, Agreed: Geocachers in SA are 'wealthy' in comparison to this country's averages.. but surely that doesn't mean we are exclusive? ..this was what I read (and want to defend) in the comment from Manville Possum Hunters. In my opinion, if rated in Europe, my income would be 'comfortable', but because our country has such a high unemployment rate and so many people earning very little money, I am bumped up to 'wealthy' in SA terms. Surely nowhere in the world are people who are struggling to make ends meat, making plans to spend money on geocaching outings anyway? .. all hobbies/sports/activities cost a few bucks to lots of money, so only if you are 'wealthy enough', would you be doing these extras, right? My point is that I don't feel that people are excluded from running around and getting smileys in this country any more than in any other country (due to being wealthy or not). If you can't afford internet and a GPS in any country, you are kinda excluded, but you don't need to have a 4x4 and the top of the range Garmin either. I've known much tougher times (although in SA still rated wealthy, I suppose) surviving on a very tight budget and never felt I couldn't keep up with the Jones' Team.. I did my own thing according to my ability.. and still do. I tend to cache mostly when on a trip/outing/visiting etc. - so the caching 'price' is usually already included in the other expenses I would have had anyway.. I just feel the impression was misplaced - although many cachers in SA may be 'wealthy', I don't agree that one has to be wealthy in SA to be part of this geo-community. Maybe I misunderstand. (Eish - I just broke my promise... not a very good Ginger, am I? )
  21. Hmm - I saw an earthcache published on the Brenner Pass in Italy, 6 days or something after we actually visited the site... puts me in a similar position, wondering if I could log a find on it, yet having been there (just days) before it was published, but able to log the find - I have all the answers and even a photo (I have my GPS with me all the time)... Almost the same thing? Been there, but not for the cache? ..and what date would I use for the find then? ..and I can't (possible never) go back to the site either... Should I also contact the CO and ask? ..or is it a no no? Would be great to have an EC find in Italy? BTW: I don't think skype attendance should be allowed in general.. but when the skyper added significant value to the event, I sure think that should be the exception and ok.
  22. Dear Manville Possum Hunters (Apologies to SA geocacher, I think your thread was hijacked.. promise this is the only post I'll make on this section of the thread :) ) I can understand (and agree with) the concerns of the OpenCaching reviewer with regards to long distance maintenance - I'm sure this same team would not be allowed to publish new geocaches in SA today through geocaching.com due to the same reason. I myself try to maintain a few of the existing caches that this geocaching team created while they were still living in SA. ..but that's not what I wanted to get into. I wanted to mention that I don't agree that geocaching in SA is only for the wealthy. I'm not sure what may have given you that impression, but I'm certain it is a misunderstanding. Geocaching in SA is for anyone who wants to participate.. I started off with a no-maps, arrow only, on-loan GPS and simply loved the game sure, there may be politics, which I (mostly) try to ignore - until I get really irritable (hehe), but it is not wealth-determined. I have found many caches in SA and have hosted or co-hosted and attended events and I don't consider myself in the wealthy category. I also don't feel that I have to compete with others on a status or financial level. I see us as mostly a bunch of random people who earn a decent, honest living and love the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt and find. May we invite you to visit SA sometime and find a few caches and meet a few cachers to see for yourself? Ginger-out
  23. Janpe's 60 cache looking over Graaff-Reinet
  24. I didn't even know one could do this either... ...I could never find an 'equivalent' replacement for Undercover Ginger anyway... ;-)
  25. My votes for the June Photo Competition go to: Baja 4x4 Racer at Astronomical Heritage: La Caille Sylvester at Koekepan Press :laughing: I'm not in the race anymore, but I can still enjoy it!!
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