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  1. To translate from any language to any language go to Google Translate. You can copy and paste the text in and it will translate it from/into any language
  2. It would be nice if there were more search options to find the kind you want to do instead of just by size and "difficulty". Difficulty no longer applies to the actual cache if they give it a 4 or 5 difficulty for Muggle activity. I know this is next to impossible for all the already published caches, but could be something to add for all the new caches being added daily. May be add a search option so you can weed out P&G or add a search option for length of hike to GZ. I was just going to look for challenge caches, but can't figure out how to find them on the list. The good thing about electronic databases is the ability to add in fields to add search and sort criteria easily. I know geocachers set up trips based on geocaches, but I geocache based on my destination. If I end up in a park, I then check to see if there are any geocaches there. If I am going on a hike, I check to see if there are any geocaches on my intended trail. That is how I have found the geocaches at cool locations. But I am disappointed in the number of nano and micro caches that seem to be replacing the traditional cache allowing for trading "treasures".
  3. What program is used to find U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey Disks? I have used a couple different apps, but they have more than the disks so it gets kind of confusing. Wish the geocache app would map benchmarks better. It only lists them without the map. I always take a picture if I stumble across a disk.
  4. I love TBs. If one is present, I mark that cache as a priority. I will admit, I have been slow to move some of them along and once or twice violated the goal of the TB. But, based on the goal I find determines if I get to keep it (I really like to find collectable coins in the caches) or if I have to move it on (I have found a few non-collectable geocoins). I currently am releasing 20 TBs (tags) at each of my travel destinations over the next few months. I am hoping they meet my goal and then return to me. I did learn not to invest too much in the travel companion for the tag as the more value it has, the less likely it will travel. I just wish Groundspeak could go through and delete out all the TBs that are no longer where they are supposed to be (especially those that have been missing for over a year) or give the cache owner the ability to delete TBs off the cache if no longer in the cache. If it is eventually found and sent on its way again, they can just drop in a new cache. The problem I keep having it finding a cache large enough to hold a TB. So many nano and micro caches make it difficult to drop off TBs. So, thank you to all who own caches that are large enough to swap "treasures" (the other part of geocaching I love).
  5. No offense, but waymarks.com is a pain. The web site is difficult to navigate and has too many categories. I am trying to only concentrate on 1 category, but it is still difficult to navigate and find them when you are in a specific location. What is wrong with virtual caches? I like them and agree that they should have a purpose (not just a general task to find something). Bring them back and just ensure they have a purpose for having someone finding them. I like the history, art, etc. purpose for them. And if someone does not maintain the virtual they set up, retire it. This is also a way for someone to set up a virtual and maintain it from a distance when they no longer can travel.
  6. Can't figure out how to delete duplicate post?
  7. I love trackballs and have found a few that were cloned to new TBs (or they kept the original and released the clone). I have also looked up pictures when I just find the TB tag and attach a picture of what the traveling companion was. Just released my first TB and hope both tag and attachment travel along for a while without being separated. But I did photograph all my tags with ID number so I can clone as necessary to keep them going. Too bad the clone won't keep on the same track I started it on (none are starting from my home base). Anyway to find a cacher in other locations to forward it to, to keep it on a close track?
  8. I'm thinking there is a middle ground for all this. I like Challenges, but do most of my geocaching while I travel. So, I like challenges that are not area specific. Ones that can be fulfilled all over the US and not restricted to a small area (collect all the geocaches in a specific city or county). Those small area challenges are restricted to a small number of cachers who live close enough to spend the time to complete them. So, challenges should be such that anyone can complete the challenge (spell out United States of America with first letter of various caches and only have to visit home cache to complete it or collect caches with colors from 8 pack of crayola crayons in them). For souvenirs, you could incorporate a souvenir into some challenges (collect a geocache in all 50 states to get a USA souvenir, collect a geocache from all European countries to get the Europe souvenir, etc.). This sets up the souvenirs for all cachers and not s specific small group in a specific area. I also like the way they are doing it now for specific days that are not nation specific. That keeps it global and not US specific. As a newby, this is my opinion and I know there are many old school cachers that have more relevant concerns.
  9. I am temporarily in Guam and think there should be an war atrocities category. As there are so many around the world, for identification and to keep the truth about the site alive. Even if the information is based on local knowledge it should be recorded. Recording the Guam massacre sites under World War II loses it in a category that is already covering a vast list of sites. About commercial sites, it would be nice to have a category for special commercial sites such as First KMart or first McDonalds, but not all KMarts or McDonalds.
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