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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering, I never placed a malti cache before.. I understand that all the waypoint locations must not be in another caches persinal space (527 ft). but my question is, can the waypoint locations within a malti cache be closer then 527 ft of each ether?

    My situation is, I was out prospecting for a place to hide a new cache and I found tweo REALLY great spots ttoo hide a cache but they were 400 feet from a cache i have in the area(witch is disabled), i though i could archive it and make all three a mati cache I though I could combine them into a malti cache..


    RyaN- -

  2. Hello,


    I am considering hosting an event cache in April. I know where I want to have it, I know about when I want to have it, but I’m not sure about a few things… It would be nice to provide food. Right? Does any one have any suggestions on how to go about with the food issue? Also does any one have any suggestions on activities to do at an event cache? I have a few thing’s in mind but I’m open for suggestions! Any one that has hosted an event cache that would like to comment on something I should know PLEASE do so!



  3. Not at all.  You can put HTML in your cache page that will change the background.  There are variouse tricks depending on exactly what you want to accomplish.  Some people are pretty good a jazzing up their cache pages this way.


    When you list your cache, if you put HTML in your cache description and check the "I'm doing HTML" in my cache page check box it will work.

    yes but where do i incert the HTML?


    i had already tried that it still does not work.

  4. I have a question about my cache page. Most cache pages have a green background, but some have a bachground (like leafy patterns )placed their by the owner. I know somewhat about HTMLs, but i dont know where to put the HTML to activate it. Do I need to be a premium member? exactly how do i input the HTML to the cache page?

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