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  1. Only 10 LE sets left then they are gone for good. Only 100 Antique Bronze LE coins will be minted. Jake
  2. LOL, we have wanted to do one for a while but with so many great pirate coins out we new we had to make it special to stand out.
  3. Quick update: Just got word that the coins will be done on Thursday and should be in Idaho by Monday, shipping will begin then. Jake
  4. Thanks, when you get your coins take them outside and in bright sunlight they are really cool. The sun really picks up the translucent enamels and brings out the bright colors. Jake
  5. I think its a "Birds of a feather" by hogwildstuff.org, if its trackable you can get the activation codes at hogcode.com.
  6. You will need to contact Bryan at Groundspeak for the answer to this one, I do know he is out of town for part of this month so he might be a little delayed in responding to emails. Jake
  7. As long as each coin is the same and the design is approved by Bryan at Groundspeak then yes you can make a coin trackable for a 1.50 Groundspeak offers tracking numbers for items other than just coins to. There have been bracelets, gold nuggets, figurines and more.
  8. The Antique Bronze is the LE and the Antique Silver is the RE as advertised in this thread as well as our site.
  9. Spring into Caching geocoin, very bright and colorful, available HERE. Dimensions: 2.0" (50mm) 2D/3D: 2D front/back Thickness: 3.0mm Finish: Antique Silver and Antique Bronze Enameling: Translucent enamel and print Trackable: Yes, on Geocaching.com Possible Icon: They are 9.95 for the RE and 19.95 for the LE set of two. Thanks for looking, Jake
  10. Here is our newest geocoin to hit the store, Pirates of the Geocache, available now HERE! Dimensions: 1.75" (45mm) 2D/3D: 3D front/back Thickness: 3.5mm Finish: Ant. Bronze/nickel LE & Ant. Silver/nickel RE Enameling: Soft enamel Trackable: Yes, on Geocaching.com Unique Icon: Yes; 9.95 for the RE and 19.90 for the LE set of two. Thanks for looking, -Jake
  11. No but the pre sales are closed for now. We will have a few in stock around the end of the month and we will have another personalized version in pre sale next month for anybody who missed out. Join our newsletter to be notified when they are for sale again.
  12. Update: The glass traveler geocoins are coming along very nicely! Here are a few photos Sharron took during the process. I will have some more photos to post tomorrow. Cant wait till you guys/gals get to see these in person very very cool!! Jake
  13. I am working on round 3 right now, I will post a date and time of when it will start so more people can get involved. You guys are to good so I am trying to come up with something a little more difficult. Jake
  14. Sorry, guess I should have been more specific. Its not over because there will be a round 3. No more coins in the above pic.
  15. Thank you! It's our new geocoin, Spring into Caching, that will be available for pre sale soon, join our newsletter to be notified when its up for sale.
  16. WINNER Wow, I must say I am shocked you found it so quick. Great job. PM Sent!
  17. ROUND 2 Please read rules; 1. When you circle the area where you think the coin is you must only circle the object in which you think is the coin, basically no large circles covering an area it must be as close as you can to just circling what you think is the coin. 2. You must wait at least 10 minutes between each post. So here is the picture: CLICK HERE FOR A LARGE FILE OF PICTURE! Ready set GO!
  18. Thank you very much, coming from you that means a lot! Get ready working on the 2nd cointest now should be posted in just a few minutes.
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