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  1. Looks like project-gc has fixed the missing code word issue, and I was able to finish the adventure lab
  2. I have a QR reader, and the Adventure Lab app on my Android phone. I was able to scan the QR code, which took me to the correct adventure lab However, that's where things got interesting. Even though I authenticated my project-gc profile, I still only have the basic plan (I'm a premium geocaching member, though). I've never paid for the membership on project-gc, as I really don't use it, other than the profile stats & occasionally the challenge checkers. It seems like currently, unless you have the paid project-gc membership, it doesn't display the code words you need. I checked with one of our Facebook group administrators (Geocachers Exploring Oregon), as she was the one who had posted the link in the first place. I ended up sending her a screenshot of the pop-up window she was describing. Mine did not display the important keyword, like hers did. So either they need to fix the code on the pop-up window to display regardless of paid project-gc membership, or indicate as such at the start of the Adventure Lab--that a paid project gc membership is needed.
  3. Installed the new version 8.7.1, and everything seems to be there :). Thanks for the quick fix. Now if they could just tackle the new souvenir alert...
  4. Same problem since recent app update: Can't figure out how to post screen shot but I have this info: Version 8.7.0, Android 8.1.0, Motorola Moto g5 plus. Guess I will try grabbing the fix from the play store. Thanks for the help!
  5. It seems for awhile there'd be at least one new cache published in my area every day. Now according to the search engine, there have been no new caches of any type published in almost a week. Is this normal, or did some setting somewhere change? I'm a premium member so I thought I'd be able to see all the new caches that publish in my area.
  6. Would it be possible to correct the incorrect date problem when logging TBs in the field, using the Geocaching app? No matter what time of day that I log them, it always shows them as found the next calendar day. I realize I can log them from the Geocaching website, and they will load with the correct date. But I like to do them while I'm at the cache so I don't forget. And I cache using the app, not the website. Then when I get back to my computer, I basically have to re-log each entry, so I can correct the date. This gets to be really time consuming and tedious, especially when you have multiple TBs and have them visit multiple caches in a day. In fact it's gotten to the point where I'm about to give up having anything to do with TBs, other than the ones I own. I know in the big scheme of things, this is a small-ish thing. But still it's annoying and seems like it would be an easy fix. Thanks!
  7. I would love it if when you log a TB in the field, whether visiting, dropping or retrieving, that it would post with the correct date. Every time, no matter what time of day, it always defaults to the next day. Then I have to go back and essentially log each TB event for the second time, to correct the date. I know I can log them from the web page, or wait until I get home, and do the same. But I like to do it while I'm at the cache so I don't forget. Yes, it's a small thing, but it's something I'd like to see fixed. Thanks!
  8. Haven't got a clue what you're talking about. Was this some sort of regional event/contest? B. It was, now that I look back through some of my stuff. It was put on by a group called Caching in the Northwest...
  9. We have a travel bug that was making great progress, travelling around the USA, and racking up miles But now it's been "in the hands of a cacher since Nov 2016". I've sent them several email messages, saying I'm the owner, and requesting that they move it along. No response. And it isn't like they haven't been actively caching and logging into the geocaching website. Any suggestions on our next step?
  10. I completely forgot to check back to see which cache took it all in the March Madness 2017 Cache Brackets. Can anyone fill me in? Thanks, Kristin aka knhdah
  11. Looks like everything is working fine now Now it's just a matter of solving this puzzle that I can't seem to figure out, and it's driving me crazy!
  12. I'm not able to load my message center this afternoon. I just get the spinning green wheel. Luckily I can still access it on the Geocaching app, but was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I'm using Chrome. Thanks, Kristin
  13. Mine is doing this too. But besides being hard to read, now it's not letting me actually "accept" the updated change. It's like it's not sensing my selection of the button? It's absolutely vital that we are able to update the coords, especially on a unknown/puzzle cache. Thanks
  14. Mine is doing this as well. It is very hard to see and is really annoying.
  15. Today, when I tried to access a geochecker on a mystery puzzle page, I got this strange message: Kan ikke forbinde til SQL-serveren, which translates as can not access SQL server. I did a Google search to see if geochecker was up, and it says it is. However, another geocacher friend of mine says they're getting the same thing, so I don't think it's on my end. Also I tried to change browsers from Chrome to IE, and got the same thing. Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone, I'm trying to update the final cache coordinates for a mystery cache I solved, on geocaching.com. I enter them in the Edit box that pops up, hit submit & accept. It takes me back to the cache page, and the coordinates are not updated. Anyone else having this problem? I like to update them before I leave the house as it's much easier to do from my computer than my smartphone with the geocaching app. Thanks, and I hope this can be fixed quickly ~Kristin aka knhdah An update: I went ahead and updated them on the geocaching app, which in turn updated the cache page However, now I can't restore the original coordinates on that...
  17. My messages are all messed up as well, both in the application and on the web page. The app is saying I have no messages, and through the web page I can only see some of the messages, but most are missing??? Please look into this, as messages are very important for us to communicate with the cache owners if we have an issue. Thanks!
  18. Hi there, I'm wondering if there's a quick/easy way to apply offsets to coordinates? I've run across several mystery caches where the original coordinates will have a plaque or something to grab additional numbers from. Then after you add them together, you're to apply the additional numbers to the original coordinates as offsets. Is it just a matter of converting the feet to a decimal and adding or subtracting it from the original, or is there some complex mathematical formula? For example, a cache near me said to add up all the digits from a sign, which then became XX. Now project a waypoint XX feet north from where you are standing and proceed to that point, where you should be able to locate the container. Note: this scenario is from a real cache, but the coordinates are made up so as to not jeopardize the integrity of the puzzle. And I was able to solve that one with help from the Cache Owner who gave me a huge hint without an offset lesson, so I'm really just asking for going forward. So if the coordinates were N 45 37.013 and XX was 20, what should have the new coordinates been? Thanks in advance ~Kristin
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