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  1. How do you do that?. The only thing I have is their list at: http://www.geocaching.com/track/geocoinslistall.aspx well, i just go to "trackable items" from the side menu on the home page, then enter "caching fool geocoin" in the "search for a trackable item by name" search field. this will generate a list of the first 100 activated trackables with that name. i hope that helps. by the way, if you don't know the full name of an item, you can search for partial names too...such as..."caching fool"...or "fool"...many times i don't know the full official name of a geocoin, so i try many partial combinations to find the geocoin icon i'm looking for.
  2. i was checking out the icon at geocaching.com and i noticed that someone in texas has 50 of these geocoins, and they are all activated! wow! thats amazing!
  3. Geocoin club April 2010...tic! cool, i wonder if anyone might post a close-up to see the detail a little better?! much appreciated.
  4. cool coins, what is the middle row right geocoin? thanks for the info!
  5. its cute! can't wait to see the reverse side. keep us posted and good luck!
  6. Grrrrrr...i'll get my revenge...just wait until next year!
  7. i hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it...you're right! i guess the web address: "www.geocaching.com" is also an acceptable identifier. it seems like a given, but perhaps the geocoin tracking policy should be updated to include the full web address as an approved option along with: "track at (on) geocaching.com" or "trackable at (on) geocaching.com". i guess its really a rather small detail, and the bottom line is, the item is identified as being affiliated with the geocaching web site.
  8. just a suggestion: angle your camera and look through the view finder for the best position, or use your eye to "guesstimate" the best position for a picture. if you have a large, white card stock sheet, or a white or light colored sheet of paper, place it above and behind the item to reduce the dark shadows on your reflective coin. try to shoot in bright natural lighting (outside or near a sunny window) and try not using flash. i hope that works for you. upload a few images of what you get. by the way, if you are using the "macro" or close-up setting, you will be better off with a tripod or a stationary mount for your camera. if you take a picture while holding the camera in your hands, the picture will more often than not, turn out blurry, regardless of how steady your hand is. good luck!
  9. "The Precious" by Odyssey Voyager fine luster gleams bright Precious speaks to inner eye my Heart skips a beat
  10. Silver Blues should be nice! are they going to be Shiny, Antique, or Satin Silver finish?! i guess the standard mint time applies to the 2nd edition, right? 3 to 4 weeks? sweeeeet! Today's order recap says they arrive May 14th. But I never hang my hat on that. And I guess we'll both find out on that day what silver it is. Since I didn't put in the order. I just *heard* about it TMA so...the 3 to 4 week time frame is a decent "guess-timate", unless there is a huge volcano eruption in the Pacific Islands, right?! i'm looking forward to the "Long Jong Silver" edition! maybe there is a "Blackbeard" or a "Captain Kidd" or maybe a "Captain Jack" edition in the works, too?! or what about a "Pink" or "Rose" colored version for "Mary Read" or "Lady Killigrew", both famous female pirates! sorry, my imagination for geocoins sometimes runs away with me!
  11. very generous, Avroair! thanks for a fun cointest! congrats to drnael and to gatoulis!
  12. Silver Blues should be nice! are they going to be Shiny, Antique, or Satin Silver finish?! i guess the standard mint time applies to the 2nd edition, right? 3 to 4 weeks? sweeeeet!
  13. i guess these are now "sold out".
  14. congrats to "Rolling Dog Ranch" for the honorable mention and congrats to everyone who voted too. i'm sure the funds will be put to more good use to help many of our furry friends. kudos!
  15. i saw this little critter crossing the road on my drive through Amarillo, Texas...boy, i sure am glad i avoided hitting him! thats no "Texas Speed Bump" thats a full fledged "Texas Road Block"!
  16. Bedankt voor de informatie. Thank you for the link to the article and information.
  17. i voted just to help the cause, not for the cointest. i wish the "rolling dog ranch" all the best!
  18. thanks for the updates everybody! "Penny and Kona" enjoy your unplanned extended vacation and i hope you make it home safely. i will advise my european customers and trade partners to expect delays for an unknown period of time. i suppose a delay is just an inconvenience when compared to the issue of life safety.
  19. Would that just be rubbing it in? I really wish you were going to be there! it would be a bit of a rub, but at least i'd get a mystery coin out of it!
  20. i believe that if you activated a geocoin "accidentally on purpose", and you explain the situation to Groundspeak representatives, they can retore the tracking number to the "unactivated" status. i have actually witnessed this done once before. so give it a try, its worth a shot. if all else fails, yes, the new owner can 'adopt" the geocoin from you and they would then become full owners. good luck!
  21. it sure would be nice to attend this event one day. i really should have driven to SLC last year! alas, my budget just cannot swing it this year. i keep checking "Orbitz" over and over and even though the flights are reasonably priced, the funds just are not there...no matter how many times i check! it looks like i will have to live vicariously through the forum thread yet again this year. good luck to the event planners, vendors, and volunteers. it looks like this year will be bigger and better! kudos! can someone please create a postcard mystery geocoin just for geocoin events missed that reads: "having a cointastic time, wish you were here!"?!
  22. Mother Nature is really causing problems this time...lol...i wonder if airplanes with propellers have the same problem flying through volcanic ash?! well, its times like these where we really could use a transporter so "scotty can beam us up!"
  23. i was just wondering if mail to and from Europe has been delayed or halted due to the issue with the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland? should we expect longer than usual delays for geocoin shipments, too?! thanks for the feedback and information, especially from our European Forum Members. oops...edit to change "Greenland" to "Iceland".
  24. the item has already been spoken for and shipped to the 1st email reply i received. thank you all for your interest.
  25. just wanted to advise anyone that is interested, that the VERY LAST BLUE APOLLO Trojan Horse Geocoin is up for auction this week at ebay. there are quite a few people that want this edition to complete their Trojan Horse Set. so if you would like it, don't wait until the last minute to bid! as you may or may not know, this geocoin design is now permanently retired, and there were ONLY 20 of each of the "Painted Trojan Horses" produced, so they are quite rare. thank you for your interest and good luck if you decide to bid! here is the link if interested: Apollo Geocoin Ebay Auction Link
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