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  1. We had so many cookies, cheesecake and other sweets at our event, that not all of our cake went. We have one slice left...where should I send it? does anyone know of a "mobile refrigerated cache"?!...lol...all of these great pictures of the 10 years events and the birthday cakes and sweets triggered my own sweet tooth, and i must now find the best strawberry cheesecake in town! thanks for the suggestion!
  2. great job! can't wait to see the finished coin. best wishes.
  3. anyone have a piece of birthday cake to trade?!
  4. congrats to the winning haiku! thanks for the fun cointest, i enjoyed reading the entries.
  5. nice pictures! i enjoyed browsing through them all. thanks for posting!
  6. Since Bluesbro does not seem to be interested, would it be possible that I could buy one of the coins from you? I totally missed the beginning of selling and when I realized it the coins were already sold out sure! just PM or email me with an offer.
  7. all i meant by this phrase was that since you didn't get a chance to purchase a Davy Jones Geocoin at the store, i would make one available to you. it is just a figure of speech, and i wasn't refering to your comments. we all have opinions and you are more than welcome to express yours. although your comments might be more appropriate in a new thread that addresses your concerns. since this exchange has already gone off topic, i'll let it rest. so good luck with the new hobby and with your interest in learning more. peace.
  8. i like the colors. what does the year "2007" signify?
  9. has trading gone down? i haven't been paying too much attention so i am a bit surprised to hear folks aren't trading much anymore. just buying on ebay or something? rsg the forums seem to be a popular place to trade, but i haven't received a trade offer from anyone at "cointracking" in many months, and when i contact someone to make a trade offer there, i never get a reply. the few times i have received a reply through that website, the trade experience has been less than spectacular. that is why i made the comment regarding trading in general. i won't go into the boring details of trading outside the forum, but i would just say, this forum seems like the best place to trade in my experience. most people here seem nice, cordial, and responsible. thats just my opinion.
  10. well, i didn't have a gazillion coins, but there was a website where i had complete descriptions with tons of detailed information of all my geocoins along with many pictures. i would link to that site whenever i had auctions for the coins, too. i had most of the written information backed up just in case, but when the site vanished, i was stuck with backed up code i really couldn't use. then i was asked to upload pictures and information at "geocoincollection", but i don't want the same thing to happen. so, for now i have a modest list at "cointracking", but i don't put too much effort into the list for the same reasons. i can't rely on a website or the people that are supposed to keep it up, maintained, and running securely. its a shame, but this may be why geocoin trading is almost a thing of the past.
  11. some advice for you: (1.) if you have a geocoin produced, you will get a better perspective of what is involved with designing, producing, stocking, trading, selling, shipping and even "gifting" a geocoin (which many geocoin collectors here do...myself included). then, with your own geocoin, you will have something of value (lesser, equal, or greater) to trade with others for the geocoins you like. (2.) with option number 1 in mind, you should consider offering to trade, or buy a Davy Jones Geocoin here at the forums, rather than criticize the descriptions of the "auctions" on ebay, or the "auctions" themselves. as i mentioned before, an auction price is relative to what the market will bear, NOT what you or i think the item is worth or what it originally sold for. if an auction item is described as "out of stock" at the distributors website, this is information someone interested in bidding on an item might want to know, and its not always an attempt to hype an item. (3.) as it so happens, i would rather light a candle than curse your darkness, and i have a Davy Jones Geocoin available just for you, so email or PM me and make me an offer on it. i can tell that you are someone that does research and you should be rewarded for the effort, even if only to keep the "spirit" of geocoins alive in you! if there were more people like you, there would not be a need for mint companies to worry about being stuck with unsold stock inventory. the ball is in your court now. peace. EDIT TO ADD: by the way, i purchased a few extra Davy Jones Geocoins, but i wasn't the person who bought the 50 remaining geocoins...i don't have that kind of money to spend, otherwise i would just produce another geocoin of my own!
  12. i can sympathize with your comments. for the person that collects one or two geocoins of a certain design, it must be rather frustrating to go to the website to make a purchase, only to find the item has "sold out" in minutes. on the other hand, the geocoin distributor is taking a chance on every design they pay to produce. not all designs are popular, and they just never know which ones will be a super seller. so, very often, distributors are left holding thousands of dollars worth of geocoins that DO NOT SELL. it is also a difficult decision to produce a higher quantity of geocoins to reduce the cost and make more of them available to collectors, since this will also reduce their "collectible value" with higher mint numbers. this is something to take into account with any collectible item, and an issue that most casual collectors do not even think about. geocoin websites could place a "limit" on how many geocoins are purchased from the same address or buyer, but as we have seen with the re-sale of concert and event tickets, there are ways around this "limit". so, there really is no easy solution. although it doesn't seem fair, the bottom line for now is that it basically comes down to "being in the right place at the right time" to find a bargain, otherwise, the sale price will be "what ever the market will bear". this is still a relatively "new" hobby, and as such, there are no written rules. with all things that become popular and profitable, there will be a "bad element" that gets involved in an effort to make an easy profit by any means possible. i hope this element does not "kill" the hobby for those that truly LOVE creating, designing, collecting, and distributing these great little metal works of art we call "geocoins"! peace.
  13. go to the website and look under the "newest items" link at the top of the page. i hope the OP won't mind, i will upload a picture from the website. i have tweeked the original image a little to correct for low light and dark colors:
  14. it seems the early bird gets the LE mood worm...lol...cool geocoin, i ordered a few.
  15. very good job on the pics! congrats!
  16. sounds like fun! i'm in! come on BLACKHAWKS! looks like a low scoring game tonight...Blackhawks 4, Predators 3 in the 1st period!
  17. true that in the overall scheme of things, its not a big issue, but when you think about the cost to replace that geocoin, then it starts to add up. especially when you see "tranquilities" selling for hundreds of dollars online! i also hope that it was simply an honest mistake and that the person who now holds this geocoin will return it to the rightful owner. good luck!
  18. oops. updated the bracket. it seems that "clear as mud" also applies to the NHL website. they make it very difficult for someone that doesn't get to watch the games, to follow along online! the NHL really needs better PR all the way around. anyway, yeah, like i said, the bracket is just a visual aid, and i'll upload a new "re-seeded" bracket as soon as all the semi-final teams are determined and the match-ups are set. so, everybody just keep in mind that in the conference semi-finals...the lowest seed will always play the highest seed.
  19. i thought maybe this playoff bracket might be a nice feature. i believe the NHL "re-seeds" the bracket after the 1st round. i'm not sure about that, so maybe someone with more information can chime in here. anyway, this is just a visual aid to show who has advanced to the conference semi-finals.
  20. that Haiku is cute! in most places where english is spoken, the word "tired" is 2 syllables...yet in Texas and New Mexico the southern twang makes the word one long syllable! as in: "i sure is dawwwwwwg tiiiiiiir'd". hey! thats 5 syllables too!
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