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  1. well, after more than a month and several edits and re-edits, there is finally some artwork ready to be submitted to the factory. the good news is that the roadrunner design now has some cool features including half-height graphics with some translucent color for the regular editions, and an artist two-tone edition. the bad news is that the edit changes have raised the costs significantly. i'd like some feedback from the interested members here as to whether a special, FORUM MEMBERS ONLY, price of $11.00 per geocoin (this price includes U.S. shipping) for the translucent regular editions, would generate any interest? keep in mind that in addition to the translucent color, these geocoins would be trackable, and have a unique icon, and they are fairly large at 2 inches long (5.1cm)! the decision to proceed with this project, hinges on the replies i receive here, so don't be shy. please speak up and voice your opinion, however critical your opinion may be. i won't be offended. i know it is difficult to comment on a design you have not seen in the finished form yet, but i will post the submitted artwork once the project gets the green light. i would really like to leave a little bit of the design somewhat of a mystery for now. everybody likes surprises, don't they?! i hope you all understand. i appreciate your replies and comments!
  2. there are some really cool geocoins up for auction here. i am gonna steal them all if no one else bids!
  3. "cheaper trackables are better"...hmmm...the term "better" is rather subjective. better for what purpose?! inexpensive geocoins or geotags for traveling from cache to cache without being stolen? perhaps. for collecting, trading, designing, and admiring as tiny works of art? definitely not! however, each geocoin. geotag, or other trackable serves its purpose, in the eyes of the beholder. i still would stop short of saying one trackable is "better" than another.
  4. gotta love the underdog! go montreal! 4 to 0 in the 2nd period over the penguins! pittsburgh is in a huge hole now!
  5. a great night tonight for hockey! for one thing, the NBA has the night off, so no basketball games. however, most importantly, there is an NHL GAME 7! who doesn't love the excitement of "win or the season is over"?! true sudden death! there is also a game 6 being played tonight! its too bad that both hockey games will be played at about the same time. who the heck schedules these games?! they couldn't have an early game and then a late game?! too difficult for NHL to do this? really NHL?! and you wonder why fan interest is down?! really?! c'mon NHL...let the fans watch more live hockey games without having to TIVO one, IF they have a recorder! you've got a great product...promote it properly!
  6. People need to be patient. I have had many packages going to Europe held up and then people ask why it takes more than 5 days! wow! complaints after 5 days?! really?! not nearly enough time for a package to travel across the U.S.A. then fly over the Atlantic Ocean only to then sit at customs for a several days. my deliveries to Europe have been averaging 10 days from the day i drop the item off at the post office. if it is less than 9 days i am very surprised! i'm just curious if most europeans are seeing shipment delivery time of more than 10 to 14 days?
  7. does anyone in europe have an update as to average delivery days to receive an item from the U.S.? do you notice a long delay in the last week or two?
  8. Anybody other than me having trouble pre-ordering these from C+P? C&P has been having a few issues with their website since the "pre-sale" announcement, but they have fixed many of the problems in the last couple of days. keep trying on tuesday and wednesday.
  9. these are pretty cool. are you doing any trades with these, or are they strictly auction items? thanks for the updates. some people don't like waiting a month and a half for a new release and they will bid on ebay for them. good luck with the auctions!
  10. the western conference finals should be really really exciting! can't wait to watch!
  11. let out a huge cheer tonight for Chicago Blackhawk Kanes goal in the third period followed close after that by another insurance goal by Byfuglien! woohoo! go blackhawks! i must say, i haven't watched this much NHL hockey in a long long time! the cointest has definitely made me more aware of the NHL playoffs! i usually just watch olympic hockey. thanks for the NHL fun!
  12. well, if you did not get the activation code from the producer of the geocoin (through a 2nd or 3rd re-sale), you might try to retrieve the activation code from the original producer to verify that the numbers match. if you don't know who produced a geocoin, you can mention the name of the coin here, or you can try posting a picture of it (with no tracking numbers showing), or you can describe it, in hopes that someone here will recognize it and send you to the right website where the activation code can be retrieved. if this doesn't produce the results you seek, then you can try contacting Groundspeak.com directly, explain the situation to them, and hopefully they can send you the appropriate activation code. keep in mind that for Groundspeak to hunt through literally "millions" of tracking codes to find the one you now own, is a rather time consuming process, and could take a while. i hope this helps. good luck!
  13. mount rushmore reminds me of beggar's canyon, where i used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home...cool geocoin, like it i do...
  14. ...it seems that someone tossed their cookies!
  15. a recent microsoft windows update might be causing a conflict. the cookie issue only appeared within the last few days for me.
  16. i asked about that issue yesterday before the crash. it seems like a windows explorer browser problem, since those with mozilla and firefox are able to purchase with no problems. i hope this issue gets fixed soon, too.
  17. I was just there and didn't have any problems. you were able to make a purchase with no issues at all? hmmm...that leads me to believe it may be a problem at my end, possibly one of the never ending windows updates i get! I am having some sort of weird problem also. I just keep getting blank pages. This happens when I try to access via their supplied link in an e-mail and also when I try to get there from compassrosegeocoin.com. And I use Firefox. i have a feeling the announcement of "pre-sales" may have overwhelmed the website with hits this evening. this should be fixed as soon as the traffic slows down a bit.
  18. i received mine this week, and these are JUST TOO COOL! much, much, nicer in hand than any picture can show. i have my mood gecocoin sitting on a display stand at my coffee table, and every morning the mood stone turns a different color! just looking at it puts me in GOOD MOOD! awesome! do you have any idea when the unique icon will be uploaded for this geocoin? thanks for the update and for producing of this fun item!
  19. I was just there and didn't have any problems. you were able to make a purchase with no issues at all? hmmm...that leads me to believe it may be a problem at my end, possibly one of the never ending windows updates i get!
  20. is anyone else having a "cookies" issue with this website? i've purchased items recently from the site with no problem, but today i keep getting an "enable cookies" message. so when i adjusted my browser and rebooted, i got the same message. its too bad the website issues continue. i was interested in doing business with CoinsAndPins.com, but i'm not so sure anymore.
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