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  1. 31 flavors ice cream stores must really tick you off...lol...i'm a strawberry ice cream only person myself!
  2. YES! its definitely the coins fault! it has nothing at all to do with my perfect eyesight! hmmm...why do all my designs have huge tracking numbers?!
  3. are these posts a request for total tranquility mint production numbers? if so, it would seem like a reasonable request. i'm sure there are ways of determining exact production numbers since there weren't that many produced. on a side note...the problem i see with geocoins is that they are being regarded by many as a strictly "numismatic proper" or a currency category, when they really fall into the "numismatic" sub-category of "exonumia", regarding things SIMILAR to coin currency but not currency, such as tokens, medallions, badges, and tags, etc. wikipedia further lists geocoins in the sub-sub-category of "Play-Game money / Arcade Amusement / Novelty". other items in the wikipedia sub-sub-categories of "exonumia" are: bus tokens, dog license tags, food stamps, casino chips, telephone cards! so the point i'm trying to make is that there is no way on earth to know how many dog license tags were made in 1966, or the exact number of 2003 acme telephone cards for that matter...simply impossible! the fact that we MAY be able to determine the number of tranquility geocoins is remarkable in itself, but the bottom line regarding novelty items should be...AGAIN...collect geocoins because you like them, not because you think they are "XXXXXXX Limited Editions". eventually, they will ALL BE LIMITED to the final production number made...whatever it may be! if you MUST have it, and it is being auctioned for $100 dollars or $500 dollars or $5 dollars, and you can afford it...then BUY IT...because you like it. don't get stuck on the minting numbers or "claims" of rarity. this should not be your determining factor, because these claims may be false. remember, this game is unregulated, and there are no rules, and if you think otherwise, you are sure to lose! just my two cent bus tokens worth. peace. for wikipedia reference: Exonumia
  4. yours look good too DJ. i don't move my display cases around, so they hang securely on a wall, no need for glue where i live...lol...no earthquakes or kiddos running around. they stay pretty much right where i place them, all uniform, straight, and as neat as can be! i am a bit obsessive about how certain things are displayed! good luck with your choices "yodabuds" and post a few pics here when you get your collection ready for viewing!
  5. not tonight but now!...the game is starting on NBC! lets go...blackhawks...
  6. i have been using "shot glass" wooden display cases i purchased on ebay. these are very nice solid wood cases with sliding plexiglass on the front to keep dust off the coins. there were relatively cheap, at about $35 per case total with free delivery. i ordered the "tall shot glass" shelves (3 inches between) as some of my geocoins are over 2 inches tall! the picture below is an older picture, so each coin was placed next to the other, but now, since i have so many more geocoins, i have "staggered" many of the coins slightly. staggering them allows many more to be placed in the same area. staggering also allows your collection some room to grow, so if you go with something like this, i wouldn't suggest glueing or permanently mounting each small individual coin display holder. i've been able to place over 50 geocoins in one 5 shelf display case. i hope the nails don't fail!
  7. hmmm...did you try retrieving the activation code from the other "LOVE GEOCOIN" link on the coincodes.com page? some codes may have been mixed together. i hope this works. keep us posted. by the way, have you looked at the tracking code through a magnifying glass to verify the letters and numbers? i know it sounds like a rather basic step, but there have been times i would swear that a "B" was indeed an "8"!...lol... i now own a nice magnifying glass i keep close by!
  8. A very heart felt "Thank You" goes out to all forum members that have browsed and bid on these charity auctions.
  9. Sir, it is I who should be thanking you, and your family, for what you all have given this country through your tragic sacrifice. My condolences. I can not begin to imagine what it must be like for a family to suffer such a loss. Thank you for sharing and for making this Memorial Day much more personal to me and to everyone that reads this thread as we honor the life of your father. Peace.
  10. Hello again everyone. As Memorial Day approaches here in the United States (5/31/2010), I would like to do something in recognition of our men and women in uniform, and the duties they have performed in the past, and every day, throughout the world. On behalf of their dedicated service, in tribute to our wounded, and with the highest esteem for all our fallen soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice, I am holding several Memorial Day geocoin charity auctions at ebay to raise funds for a worthy cause. Please browse these auctions and bid on these trackable new geocoins if you can. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the CHILDREN OF FALLEN SOLDIERS fund. My sincere appreciation to all those that bid or browse these auctions. If you cannot bid on these geocoins, then take a moment to thank a soldier you may know or meet. Feel free to link a Memorial Day geocoin charity auction or private charity sale or donation here at this thread. Special thanks go out to geocachers "Maine Family" for donating one of these very awesome military geocoins. Army Ebay Auction Link Air Force Ebay Auction Link Navy Ebay Auction Link Firefighter Memorial Ebay Auction Link
  11. although i agree that the questions over these geocoin editions could have been handled with better diplomacy, there WAS some light shed on the issue. so thats a good thing, i suppose. as far as labels such as "Limited Edition", "Extra Limited Edition", "XXXLE", "XXXXXXXXXXXXXLE", goes...well all geocoin collectors should ignore these labels because they are about as valid as a $3 dollar bill. most designers and mint companies are trust worthy when it comes to revealing the minted quantities of geocoins they have produced, but ultimately each person buying a coin has to do their own research and find out if they are buying something a bit more rare (although i think all geocoins are rare when compared to other coins) or even if they are buying a counterfeit (which we have seen recently coming out of china and sold on ebay). since the geocoin market is unregulated, and there basically are "no rules", there will continue to be doubt and questions as to the validity of ALL editions. so, the bottom line should be...buy a geocoin because you like it, not because you think it might be a rare collectible. as for myself, as a designer, i will no longer label any of my new geocoins as a "limited edition". to me, they all become "limited" eventually, and each one is very valuable and...yes...even "priceless" if i were to give them all a sentimental value. peace.
  12. well, don't keep us in suspense...which geocoin did you select as your 1st addictive hit?! Well I am not sure what the first one is i bought one of the bags from Arvoir. but I am going to place an order for the pirates pieces of Eight from the geocoin store and two of the other pirate theme coins they have out. figure that should be good to add to what folks donated to my son when he tried to collect them a couple years ago. i see a pirate theme developing here. cool. you should have quite a few nice pirate and treasure themed geocoins to find and collect. enjoy the madness!
  13. for the most part, this thread is used to trade, purchase, or make offers on NEW trackable and non-trackable geocoins amongst collectors. if you would like to get that trackable geocoin back to new mexico and help out the owner, then i live in new mexico and i can place the item in a geocache here if you want to mail it to me. thats about the best i can offer. send me a private message if this is the route you would like to take.
  14. i don't know if its been discussed in the other areas of the geocache forum, but i personally feel that a note should be written EVERY time a cache is revisited. especially if the geocacher is retrieving a trackable from the cache. its rather disconcerting when trackables just magically "appear" in someones inventory, and then "reappear" in another location with no record at all of how it got from point "A" to point "B". does anyone else feel the same way about this issue?!
  15. awwwww man! you jinxed 'em!!! whew! blackhawks win tonight! after what i've seen the flyers do in the playoffs, no lead is secure!
  16. well, don't keep us in suspense...which geocoin did you select as your 1st addictive hit?!
  17. Oh, oh! Give me his/her name! i think this designer will eventually reply here.
  18. there just happens to be a very popular geocoin designer that lives in Japan, and frequents these forums. this person may just invite you, or inform you, as to events in Japan. i believe there are already plans in the works for a 10/10/10 multi-event with a geocoin being produced just for the occasion, too. i'm sure Japan will participate. this event may be a great place to buy, sell, or trade for a few shiny beauties!
  19. thank you for the reply and for your interest. as a matter of fact, i have selected an official name. it was a name suggested in this thread. i will reveal the official name at the same time i post the official artwork. stay tuned!
  20. i can totally understand this position. i should have some factory approved artwork in the next day or two. it would be nice to see a few more replies from forum members and "lurkers", too. come out, come out, where ever you are!
  21. thanks for the support! its nice to see some interest, even if it comes from the wiley coyote, a fellow new mexico resident, and a bird lover!
  22. in my rough estimation,...these days, 50 percent of purchased trackable geocoins are activated, but only 25 percent are activated AND placed in a cache (set free) to travel in the wild. of those set free...100 percent will eventually go missing! these numbers are wild guess-timates and highly unofficial.
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