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  1. oops...i just read page three...guess i should have done that first! anywho...nice sig item...as you can tell by the popularity of this thread. congrats to the designer and the winners.
  2. ok, i'll help get the replies into the hundreds...lol...i'm working on my 10th post!
  3. by the way, i bought one of these coins for my best friend, she grew up with horses and i knew she would love this coin. and she did! thanks for making the kentucky derby more fun this year!
  4. call to post...all horses to the starting gate! ...remembering the fallen champion "barbaro"...
  5. i'm not sure if anyone touched on this in another thread or not, but, is there a story that goes with the double dragon and the triple dragon geocoins?? mythological or symbolic significance?? just curious, since someone just gave me a triple dragon geocoin as a present, and i wanted to add more information to the coins webpage description. thanks.
  6. private message sent regarding "code 3" geocoin.
  7. floyd fan here as well, i like the idea. hmmm...have they found a way to mint coins in polished pink nickel??!!
  8. i would agree that sometimes it comes down to great customer service. we sent out several email quote requests and only got a reply from one website. he answered all of our questions, and replied quickly to emails, helped with the graphics, and worked with our budget. he made our first geocoin design a very pleasant experience. i highly recommend rusty at personalgeocoins.com very professional, attentive, and he delivers!
  9. [/i][/b]thanks for the link to your website. i just purchased one of your coins and i'm anxious to see it in person. i've also just completed my first geocoin project with the help from my better half and we hope geocachers and coin collectors will enjoy our coin as much as folks here like your coin! we both love to ride through west texas on our bikes and stop along the way to cache. we strongly believe its the best of both sports!! keep the shiny side up, and keep the wind in your hair!!
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