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  1. not john cleese, but that was funny. rememeber when he had to answer a question right to cross the bridge?! hilarious! answer, YES he is an athlete. good question!
  2. just select the "reply" button from the bottom of the page when reviewing a post. its easier to keep track of questions already answered. thanks!
  3. awwwww...come on play along...just for grins!
  4. michael jackson is incorrect, although that was a great guess! YES, still alive.
  5. tommy trojan is incorrect, but yes, it is a male.
  6. BUMP... good luck to all the participants!
  7. it would generally help things if you take a guess of the person first, then ask a simple yes or no question. hopefully it won't be subjective, like is the person tall?! although it might be important to know. and no, that doesn't count as your 1st question, ask another.
  8. i found a volunteer, but you are now eligible to win the contest, good luck and have fun!
  9. yes, she beat you to the punch, but stay tuned for the contest, it will begin shortly!
  10. i now have a volunteer! thank you ladybee4t for assisting me! no more applicants, please! stay tuned for contest details!
  11. hello everyone. after nearly 6 months from first submitting a draft of my geocoin design, i am happy to report that i have almost broke even on the project! in this economy, i have to admit, it's been a long and grinding process. so to celebrate this milestone, i would like to have a Groundspeak Forum Online Giveaway Contest for a complete set of Odyssey Voyager Trojan Horses (1 satin gold, 1 satin silver, and 1 LE)! before i begin the contest, i would like to recruit one volunteer from the audience that can help me with this giveaway. the volunteer will be excluded from winning the contest, but will be compensated none-the-less. i only ask that the volunteer be a frequent forum visitor and contributor (daily?!) and that they be willing to have fun! i will accept the 1st volunteer to apply for the job! thanks, and stay tuned! ladybee4t has volunteered. stay tuned for the contest! ~odyssey voyager~ here is what you will be playing for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B99459yQ8rQ CONTEST RULES: this will be a question and answer guessing game. i am thinking of a person. you have to guess who it is i am thinking of. i have already revealed the answer to ladybee4t and she is sworn to secrecy under punishment of being tickled to death, so don't try to get the answer from her...lol...you are allowed to guess ONE ANSWER PER REPLY and ONE QUESTION PER REPLY here online at this thread. you must allow another reply online before you can guess and ask again. got it?! your guess and question will be ignored if the rules are not followed precisely. myself and ladybee4t will be answering the replies, in the order in which they are received (the time stamps will make this easier). the first user to guess the correct answer WINS! good luck and have fun. just like 20 questions, right?! let the games begin! RELEVANT QUESTIONS ALREADY ASKED: ~is this person a male? answer: YES ~is the person alive? answer: YES ~is he over 50? answer: NO ~is he michael phelps? answer: NO ~does he play on a team? answer: YES he is on a team ~is he american? answer: YES ~does he play football? answer: NO ~between 20 and 30? answer: NO WOW! you guys are good! congratulations to luluonthego go for correctly guessing LANCE ARMSTRONG! thank you ladybee4t for helping to answer the flood of replies! you will be rewarded for your loyalty and help. thank you all for playing. this was so much fun i may do it again in the future, but i'll post a time in advance so more forum visitors get a chance to play. thanks again everyone, and contact me if you would like to purchase an OVG trojan horse. happy geocaching and merry geocoin collecting!
  12. i'd be happy to make a fair trade for that geocoin. take a look at my trading list and let me know: http://cointracking.com/public/diamonddave...vailable#184605
  13. hello everyone. i am currently looking for a yosemite national park stamp geocoin in the antique gold finish. this geocoin was originally distributed by hogwildstuff. if anyone has one extra to trade or sell, or you know where i can find one, please contact me. thanks all! enjoy this youtube video as well... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B99459yQ8rQ happy geocaching and merry geocoin collecting! ~odyssey voyager~
  14. yes, i agree with steel city babes, the limited edition "code 3" geocoin that was permanently placed near the location of the crash site of flight 93 by geocacher "bvnlj" was a very touching gesture on their part. as one of the designers of this geocoin, i was very moved, and humbled, when i found out about what they had done. so, in the sprit of the "code 3" geocoin, and in grateful recognition, i sent these geocachers a silver and a gold "code 3" to complete their set. i truly thank them for helping raise awareness, and i hope more geocachers will visit this location in the future, discover the geocoin placed there, and while there please say a small prayer for all those we lost on september 11th 2001, not only at ground zero in new york, but at the pentagon building in washington, and at the crash site of flight 93 in somerset, pennsylvania.
  15. Thank you for all the nice comments on this tribute geocoin design, thanks to those that have this coin in their collection, thank you to those that have posted information on obtaining one of these coins, and big thanks for internet description page posted. thats just awesome! The question was recently raised as to the outcome of the awareness coin contest. The eventual "Code 3" awareness contest winner was geocacher: "fire521" and he was sent his Limited Edition Code 3 Geocoin in October of 2007. Congratulations to "fire521" and thank you for sharing your "Code 3" Geocoin with the rest of the world to see and discover. Your actions have truly helped raise awareness..."lest we forget."
  16. thanks for the additional information and shedding more light on this team fireboy! by the way, fire521 has not activated his Limited Edition coins yet, but that is his own personal choice. thanks again, and good luck to all!
  17. I am sorry for the long delay in adding to this thread. The question was recently raised as to the outcome of the awareness coin contest. The eventual "Code 3" awareness contest winner was geocacher: "fire521" and he was sent his Limited Edition Code 3 Geocoin in October of 2007. Congratulations to "fire521" and thank you for sharing your "Code 3" Geocoin with the rest of the world to see and discover. Your actions have truly helped raise awareness..."lest we forget."
  18. you can also email me through geocaching.com with the coin tracking number and i can give you the activation code. good luck and happy caching.
  19. september 11, 2007 please take a moment out of your day today to reflect on this most solemn occasion, the sixth anniversary of the attack on this Nation. say a prayer for those who perished on that day, and keep their family and close friends in your thoughts too. thank you, to all who have aquired a "code 3" geocoin. funds raised from auctions of this commemorative coin have helped many through donations to the American Red Cross and have sent our soldiers in Iraq, some much needed care packages. this coin has been successful above and beyond my expectations when the thought of creating it first came to me and my co-designer. i have achieved my personal goal of reaching out and helping others, and so now, on this special anniversary, i will officially suspend my affiliation and ties with this coin, and with this website. i will hold no more auctions. its been a very tough year, but this coin has helped me realize that through it all, we must persevere and carry on. good luck to all, and may your Higher Power also grant you serenity and peace. ~the geocacher formerly known as Odyssey Voyager
  20. i personally respect chris rake designs. i feel the same way about coins and coins designs as he does, and his coins have inspired some creative decisions in my own personal coin design.
  21. the Limited Edition Code 3 geocoins have arrived from the minter and they are SPECTACULAR! as one of the designers, i'm extremely biased...lol... but my thanks go out once again to Rusty, of Personal Geocoins (personalgeocoins.com) for his suggestions and professionalism in helping to make the Limited Edition Code 3 geocoin a beautiful tribute. if you are interested, a few of the Limited Edition Code 3 geocoins will be up for auction at ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 i still have several of the original Code 3 Geocoins in antique silver and antique gold at a fixed priced on ebay, too. thanks for checking out these geocoins, and for browsing the auctions. odyssey voyager.
  22. deafhunt, i support this idea! any geocoin that helps raise awareness to worthy causes gets my full backing. i hope this geocoin gets minted in time for deaf awareness week. good luck and please don't give up!
  23. okay the race has begun and its not too late to get started! the leading coin has only a 293 mile advantage at this point. that lead can easily be caught by just one cross country trip! i'll give updates from time to time. in the lead now is fo2gra4's Code 3 Geocoin with 293 miles, in second is Sweetlife's Code 3 Geocoin with 153 miles. stay tuned for racing updates!
  24. thanks for all the emails in regards to this very special coin. good luck to all involved, this should be a very fair and unpredictable adventure. i'm anxious to see it played out. be on the lookout for the new LIMITED EDITION Code 3 Geocoin!
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