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  1. Congratulations you now own a coin. If you will click on my screen name and then click the link on my profile page to send me a message and let me know your name and mailing address I'll be happy to send you a coin. Welcome to the addictive activity of geocoin collecting!!!! he'll be a geocoin junkie in no time!
  2. it seems that unactivated geocoins have a better re-sale value, however an unactivated geocoin doesn't necessarily equal uncirculated mint condition. i have seen some activated geocoins in better shape than some unactivated ones. the best thing would be to protect your geocoin from scratches, oxidation, and even the damage caused by chemicals from inferior plastic sleeves. perhaps a coin collector website has the best tips for proper long term storage and protection of valuable coins. .
  3. thats a nice geocoin! i love those! i have both the mt. mckinley and mt. everest in bronze. i'm still looking for both of those in the antique silver. does anyone know why the seven summits series was never completed?! i would collect all the summits if they were made. ~odyssey voyager~
  4. one of my "code 3 geocoin" hydrant travelers recently went AWOL after over 31,000 miles! the way i see it, i'm glad it made it once around the world. it had a good run, and now, hopefully someone is enjoying it and maybe sharing it with friends and family although probably not any other geocachers. when i set a geocoin free, i fully expect it to disapear at some point. hopefully, later rather than sooner. time for a frozen margarita and a toast to happy travels! cheers!
  5. nice geocoin. i like the tracking code on the bow of the boat. nice touch!
  6. by the way, congrats on the new geocoin creation. i just saw your nice picture of it in the other thread! are you planning on getting any more tattoo's?
  7. wow...awesome attention to detail on the roulette geocoin!
  8. very addictive! i have 2 under my belt, and i have a million ideas in my head, but my budget thwarts the creative process...lol...here are my "code 3" geocoin (2007) and the "odyssey voyager" geocoin (2009)... code 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlxNbgTtGrU odyssey voyager: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B99459yQ8rQ .
  9. i have found the geocoin i was looking for! thanks for the trade, droo. i appreciate it. ~odyssey voyager!
  10. LULUONTHEGO you have guessed correctly! you are the winner!!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!
  11. not carl lewis and NO not between 20 and 30.
  12. not tiger and NO he doesn't play football.
  13. not michael phelps good guess. answer NO not a baseball player.
  14. not john english and you need to rephrase the question into a yes or no?
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