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  1. awwwww man...i'm terrible at guessing the icons...you could show me the entire icon and i'd get the wrong answer! good luck everybody! i'll just lurk here for a while. .
  2. i've released quite a few geocoins in caches along with collecting, and i'm hoping to release a few more soon. i enjoy it and live vicariously through the geocoins travel adventures...lol... .
  3. congratulations on the new addition (limted edition)! my first guess is: 1.) August 30, 2009 2.) 9:11 P.M. 3.) 6 pounds 10 ounces 4.) 19 inches do you all know if you're having a boy (blue enamel) or a girl (soft pink translucent) version? .
  4. i thought i would try finding the item here in a trade before searching or buying on ebay. i have a celtic tree of life (red with gold). it is new and unactivated. i would like to do a straight trade for a celtic tree of life (green with gold). is there anyone here interested in this tree for tree trade? can we negotiate a tree trade agreement?! celtic tree of life image .
  5. I like your double decker holders for the Nat. Park Stamp coins.... oh I see, they're perched on top. Did you have to alter the holders in any way? thanks, i used a little super glue to double stack the single holders (no alteration required, but i did measure to make sure there was enough space to hold the bottom stamp). it saved me a little extra space in the display case for theses smaller geocoins. by the way, if anyone is interested in these wooden cases, i can give you the link and name of the ebay seller/maker. he actually sells these as a "shot glass display case" if you want to look for them at ebay. .
  6. wow...so many great ideas out there! i used to store my geocoins in light weight plexiglass jewelry travel display cases. those were great for traveling and protection, but not the best for showing. i'm so fond of my small collection of metal art, i wanted to see it all the time, and i wanted others to see the collection too. so i made an investment in a wooden display case with a plexiglass front cover. i started out with one display case, and that one was quickly filled up, and so now i have two display cases, and i have the feeling i may move on to three cases before long! this case may not work out for large geocoin collections or for traveling to events, but for the small collector, like myself, this is a simple yet elegant option for a permanent home location. i'll post a more recent picture soon, since this picture is a few months old: .
  7. one of the geocoins i thought was lost in the international mail from netherlands, was delivered today! 6 weeks after it was sent! what a surprise! so, the answer for how long i've had to wait for an international geocoin delivery is...6 weeks! .
  8. yes, the "track at..." statement is required for approval in "designing" and minting a quantity of geocoins. i believe this detail is required as an effort to help those unfamiliar with trackables find the correct website. it might also prove useful for someone altering or converting a non-trackable item into a trackable item, but adding a written note or some other detailed information along with the converted item would also assist anyone that wanted to discover, or move the item. .
  9. don't feel bad, i've done the same thing! on a busy day of geocaching, i managed to screw up all the details...lol...luckily they were all my own geocoins, so with the help of geocachers that found the coins, i was able to get the mess straightened out! the best laid plans of mice and cachers... .
  10. i'm glad you liked the trojan horses droo, and excellent photography! .
  11. i only just re-discovered this thread. i thought it was locked a long time ago and just collecting dust! so i've been reading some of the posts to try and get up-to-date on recent events. i am also in search of a few geocoins for my collection. these are a bit old school, but maybe someone has them available. i am searching for both of the great smoky mountain national park stamp geocoins in the antique gold and blue enamel black nickel (?). i am willing to purchase or trade my odyssey voyager geocoin trojan horse. who knows, maybe i'll get lucky here. thanks! Trojan Horse Geocoin Video .
  12. hi, i have the "code 3" geocoin artist edition available if you are interested. here is a picture: Code 3 Geocoin Artist Edition .
  13. hmmm...thats a good question. almost any item can become a "trackable" if you think about it. if you were to legibly engrave a "real" tracking number on your coin/s from another trackable item/s you own, you could basically "convert" a nontrackable into a trackable, although the icon would still remain associated with the original geocoin. you would need to keep the original out of circulation to avoid confusion. i'm also not sure if this process would violate any geocaching.com or Groundspeak rules. so take that advice for whatever its worth. you could also go the very easy route, and just drill a hole in your coins or somehow attach a travel bug tag to them, essentially making them trackable travel bugs. i'm sure you already considered that route.
  14. that is SO funny! last year, i tried to purchase several inexpensive wall mirrors from buyers on ebay. i decided to skip on the insurance because the items were fairly cheap. however, the mirrors kept arriving in broken pieces. they were all marked "fragile glass" or "handle with care". all shipments seemed to be packed fairly well, and how the damaged occured seemed a mystery. so, just for grins, i asked one buyer to pack the item carefully, but please DO NOT write anything on the outside of the package about handling with care. sure enough, the package arrived undamaged and in perfect condition! to this day, i am convinced either a postal employee or my local carrier, purposely would drop all the previous marked packages just to break what was inside!
  15. this story is unrelated to geocoins, but back in 2007, i also sent several large care packages to a friend in the U.S. Army Reserve Unit serving in Iraq, and after about 6 months, i had one of the packages turn up, back on my doorstep! the package was well beaten and battered, with lots of tape repairs, but to my great surprise, it had most of the contents still inside...lol...it seemed to me that the package could have been delivered to space troopers on the moon with all the miles logged going around the world and back, several times over! the second delivery attempt to Iraq was successful!
  16. If it's the one I'm thinking of it was out of NZ and the entire bundle of addressed mailers to buyers was held up by customs - so the story went. Methinks the sender was too honest in the customs declarations and fell into a couple of unexpected (to the unwary) trap doors. i suppose in this day and age, customs must make decisions based on safety first. so delays are to be expected on occasion.
  17. yes, i also heard a horror story about a shipment being detained by australian customs for several months! i'm hoping my latest dissapointment will end with a surprise in my mailbox some day! that would be...toot sweet!
  18. a perfect delivery record?! thats awesome! personally, out of about 50 international transactions, i've had 2 shipments go missing. once enroute TO europe and once enroute FROM europe. so, using my rudimentary math skills, that translates to about...ummmm...4% loss rate so far?! not too bad i suppose.
  19. while answering another post today, i got to thinking about international geocoin shipments, and i was wondering if anyone else has had international geocoin shipments lost in the mail? what is the percentage of international mail you have had lost or stolen? what is the longest time you've had to wait for a geocoin delivery? and, are you wary or nervous about buying geocoins from an international seller? thanks for the feedback!
  20. hmmmmm...i hadn't really thought about it much, until i read your post. i suppose it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to activate a geocoin and just have it sit for all eternity, undiscovered and unmoved. although, i must say, i do get a big kick out of seeing my designs activated online, whether they are discovered, set free, or not. i personally, cannot do very much geocaching at the moment, so i collect geocoins, but do not activate them until i'm ready to set them free, or have them log mileage or be discovered by others. just my two cents worth.
  21. i am interested but very gun shy since i just had a rather expensive geocoin lost or stolen in the mail coming from europe. it was a trade geocoin and insurance isn't available for a reasonable rate, so my loss. i will now conduct international business only if i'm not worried about the item going "missing in action". such is life in the geocoin world.
  22. hello lalgeo, and welcome. admitting we are powerless to the addiction is the 1st step!
  23. please don't be discouraged by the copyright issues, keep refining your design. you will find that the "re-design" process will always produce a remarkable result! by the way, a subtle "half-height" background design with translucent color will really "pop"! IMHO. ~odyssey voyager~ . like at nightime, very dark blue(shimmering a little from the textured background, with the stars in shiny gold, or in yellow enamel... it looks like you geocache in the beautiful northern california and oregon area, so perhaps a nice forest or mountainous background with a nightime starry sky as suggested by write shop robert...
  24. please don't be discouraged by the copyright issues, keep refining your design. you will find that the "re-design" process will always produce a remarkable result! by the way, a subtle "half-height" background design with translucent color will really "pop"! IMHO. ~odyssey voyager~ .
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