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  1. thanks, sometimes good karma comes back to you...lol...i gave a new geocoin away to a newbie last week, and he wanted to repay me, but i just told him to "pay it forward" to a newbie down the road. it is nice to make someones day! now see what all your mushiness did?! you got me all sentimental.
  2. I'm really not a fan of most of the geocoins I've seen. Granted I've only been caching a month and haven't seen may in the wild, but even online I don't see much I'd spend $8 or more on. So yeah, will take me awhile to track 'em down, but they seem worth it its funny how we consider geocoins minted just 3 to 5 years ago, "older" coins...lol...but for those of us that have been collecting and designing geocoins since they 1st appeared on the scene, and i think i speak for many here, you somehow grow attached to the "old" designs and styles, especially after you hold them, even if they may not be the prettiest, or the shiniest, or the biggest, and were only made in a very few metal finishes. its amazing how many of these geocoins have become "collectors items" after such a short length of time!
  3. PM Sent........ Feel free to make me an offer I can't refuse....... thanks to chief20r2 for agreeing to sell me his extra Mt. McKinley LE geocoin. i have been looking for this one for a long time! i really appreciate it!
  4. are you going to eat all your tots? .
  5. Nope, all I have is an activated Mt. McKinley in bronze... But it IS available for trade or sale. yeah, i have both in bronze too. i used to have a silver everest and i sold it a couple of years ago. i regret it now. they rarely show up for auction anymore. oh well. i sure wish someone would complete the seven summit series. (hint hint )
  6. speaking of oldies but goodies...anyone have a seven summits (everest or mckinley) in silver they want to trade or sell? PM me.
  7. i just got an unofficial estimate from rusty at personalgeocoins of $75.00 to have the complete die shipped to me, but i have a feeling this may be a low estimate. i've also found a couple of places here in town that do machine work and decorative plating. i'm thinking that i can have the dies (front and back) machined down to about 10mm thickness and maybe 5 inches around, buffed and polished, then plated in either gold, silver, copper, or 2 tone and mounted in a nice wooden plaque at a trophy shop. this might look really good...lol...but i'm about as decisive as brett favre!
  8. could it be possible that the icon was designed and created but perhaps the geocoin itself was never made? has anyone seen this geocoin? it is the Mystery of the Great Santorini!
  9. well, it's a tool, so it looks like a tool. If you wanted to you could probably do some work on it to make it look real nice. i'd probably take it to a machine shop to see if they could remove all the excess steel around the die itself without damaging the design, then have it buffed and polished to a brilliant shine and sealed, and finally get it mounted on a nice plaque. hmmm...might be an expensive project.
  10. gatoulis, can you take a picture of your collection and upload it here? i'd like to see your geocoins. .
  11. wow! after first reading this thread, i was curious, and interested in getting a geocoin die for myself, but after seeing this posted picture of a mint die, it doesn't really look as impressive as i thought it would. i think i'll reconsider and just pass on the idea of having one sent. thanks for posting the picture and for the information.
  12. i thought this youtube video about making coins was rather interesting, if anyone wants to watch it here is the link: .
  13. i was wondering where you all disappeared to. i was having some connection issues as well, and although it delayed my replies, it wasn't long before the forum members figured out the correct answer. thank you for joining and participating, in spite of the router problem. .
  14. thank you for representing the world! you did a fine job!
  15. because you also guessed correctly only seconds after the winner, i am sending you one of the last "code 3" artist edition geocoins too! thank you for participating tonight.
  16. that was fast too! thanks again for the help, and keep me posted. have a great night and weekend!
  17. you had the correct answer, but missed the post by 1 minute! but...
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