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  1. thanks for uploading, nice picture.
  2. If you look earlier in this thread, there are artwork and pictures of the different versions. i will browse through the thread for pictures, thanks. some people have mentioned that the artwork for some of the versions doesn't match the actual geocoin. so, i'll rely on the pictures instead of the artwork for now.
  3. it would be cool if those with 999 geocoins uploaded a picture of their available versions. i haven't been able to view all the different versions and even the ones i have seen, i can't quite seem to keep track of. thanks!
  4. i've bought and sold quite a few previously activated geocoins. i wish i had "discovered" all the ones i sold, because i now have no record at all of those geocoins. so now, if i sell one of my activated geocoins, i ask the new owners if its okay if i "discover" it for the icon. i also offer previous owners of a geocoin i adopt, the opportunity to "discover" the geocoin for their profile icon if they don't already have it. this isn't an obligation, just a nice courtesy gesture. i also try to keep the history of previous discoveries "intact" so everyone can keep their icon, but again, this is only a courtesy and not an obligation.
  5. i am more gifted in rhythm than rhyme but my obsession with geocoins leaves me no time so i'll post this note quickly and with much haste so your time and mine i do not waste design them, collect them, and trade with a friend to the possibilities really there is no end admire them, cherish them, or give them away geocoins can truly be all fun and all play! .
  6. i can understand the fundamentalist ideals of wanting geocaching related geocoins, after all, there should be something "GEO" about a GEOcoin. there have been very few new designs with this concept. jackalgirls new Moebius design is everything GEO and quite interesting! i also shared the fundamentalist view many years ago, but now i have come to appreciate the fact that because Groundspeak/Geocaching.com has some fairly lax requirements when it comes to geocoin design approval, then EVERYTHING is fair game when it comes to geocoins! and guess what?! thats okay too, because there is a fan base for every new coin idea! there are no real limits! so in recent years, GEOcoins, for me, have come to represent the whole GEOcaching community,...there are no limits, we are all different yet similar, the world is a diverse place, we like some, and we love others! so the real question should be: where have all the bad coins gone?!
  7. ummmm...so...why is this thread being bumped again?!
  8. how can anyone look at these and not smile! .
  9. you are very welcome amigo! i am glad the horse arrived safely after its very long odyssey!
  10. by the way, have you tried sending a message to the geocacher that holds your geocoin and giving them a "friendly nudge"?!
  11. don't be too dissapointed, everyone here has had to deal with the same problem...but...i would rather light a candle than curse your darkness, my friend! there are OTHER enjoyable aspects of geocoins. you may be asking yourself: "like what?!" well...like geocoin trading, collecting, mystery gifting, geocoin events, discovery, icon collecting...why, the possiblilities are endless! maybe we can start by asking you to upload a cool picture of your personal geocoin. i'm sure there are people here that would love to trade with you. there is life after lost geocoins! keep hope alive!
  12. this is a known common issue with travel bugs and geocoins. give it a few days and it might re-calculate the distances on its own. just one more "glitch in the matrix" within the geocaching.com world...lol...happy geocoin trails to you!
  13. why does Europe "get it" and the United States still just doesn't seem to "get it"?
  14. beautiful picture! did you take it Vanelle? i just love great coin pictures! i'm trying to become a better coin photographer myself, but my color blindness can be an issue sometimes.
  15. all very true! if you were to look at my design drafts from beginning to end, they almost do not even look like the same geocoin! the project will morph into something completely unique when you take your time and "re-think" certain aspects of it. so, don't be "set in stone" about your design. be a little flexible, especially when a vendor makes a suggestion or a change. it might be for artistic reasons, or it might be a technical requirement, but learn to appreciate the new changes. one other suggestion that might be helpful. instead of looking at geocoins and finding all the things you "like" about them, try looking at geocoins and find a few of the things you "don't like" and make that part of your geocoin design approach. sometimes its very easy to see the things you like, not so easy to find the negatives. for me,...having a geocoin made, is like having your house built. its a labor of love that can be very frustrating, but in the end, you have to live with it...lol...good luck to all the new geocoiners! ~odyssey voyager~ .
  16. wow! a very awesome design and idea! i'm curious if you were inspired to create this geocoin from the international "recycling" symbol, which is also...sort of...a mobius? if you were, its a great concept that fits in well with the C.I.T.O. motto, and if you were not aware of the "recycling" symbol, then maybe you can use the information to promote a "green" approach to geocaching and keeping our Earth a beautiful place to live and to visit! Recycling Symbol Information .
  17. I'm taking this as a challenge. Does anyone have a watertank, grain silo or rooftop in a populated area of the Puget-Willamette Trough they would donate for placement of the world's largest geocoin? i think i see where you are going with this!
  18. they will probably relist this item when the auction ends, but it still seemed like a great deal to me. as a matter of fact, i got one earlier this week myself! by the way, i'm not sure if i'm allowed to say what i paid for this, but i made an "offer" and the seller accepted it. so if you're interested and you'd like to know what the offer was, just PM me.
  19. trade made with chickahominy. thanks!
  20. what is the best or easiest way to capture a still frame from one the google maps street images? i think this would be the perfect thread to upload some funny and interesting spontaneous street images (i know of one, although it isn't geocache related).
  21. hello everyone, these are really awesome coins. great job and congrats to all involved in the the design and production! i have one extra colorado 999 geocoin (see image below) and i would like to trade this geocoin for one of these 999 geocoins: ~ arizona ~ california ~ hawaii ~ pennsylvania ~ south carolina ~ japan ~ PM or email me if interested. thanks. the colorado 999 geocoin:
  22. this pic and die looks really cool. did you have it altered in any way, or is this the original way you received it? i am having mine sent to me, and i'm getting a few ideas for the die once it arrives. thanks for the pics!
  23. i've collected various items through the years, as most people do, but geocoins are my most recent collection. i also have various other hobbies and pasttimes, and when i get involved in a new project i like to jump in with both feet...lol...even though it keeps me broke and penniless!
  24. this comment is not meant to belittle or insult anyone here, it is just my own personal opinion. the original post also seems to imply that collecting a "trackable item" that may not be "tracked" somehow does not make any sense, but i would ask, why do people collect stamps when they are meant to be used as postage? why do people collect coin currency when it is meant to be spent? why do people collect cars when they are meant to be used as transportation? or plates, or dolls, or comic books, or action figures? or anything else for that matter?! well, there are as many reasons as there are geocoins, but the bottom line is, its a fun hobby, and an interesting pasttime that people involved in this sport enjoy and appreciate. it may not make complete sense, i agree, but after you get the fever and you find a favorite geocoin you just fall in love with, it will make more sense to you. as crazy as it may seem!
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