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  1. Happy Holidays to everyone! In the spirit of the Season, I'd like to have a little cointest for all to enjoy! This is a very easy challenge that everyone can participate in. All you have to do is help Santa identify all 30 geocoins found in the Christmas Tree below. The 1st forum member that correctly names the LAST geocoin still left to be identified, will win ONE of the unactivated trackable geocoins found in the Christmas Tree! Wanna play?! Please read the cointest rules below. Name all 30 or as many geocoins as you can identify from the picture above in your forum reply here. Each forum member can submit 1 forum entry guess per day (please check the time stamp on your previous entry to confirm your post). As rows are completed, i will post an update on which rows remain unidentified, and which have been closed out, so check the thread replies often. Due to the presence of various editions of the same geocoin, please answer with the NAME of the geocoin AND THE FINISH OR COLOR in the correct row location. Replies that do not include both name and finish/color will be asked for more information. you may copy and paste the format below or reply as follows: row 1: a.) b.) c.) d.) e.) f.) row 2: a.) b.) c.) d.) e.) f.) row 3: a.) b.) c.) d.) e.) row 4: a.) b.) c.) d.) e.) f.) g.) h.) row 5: a.) b.) c.) d.) e.) Keep in mind that row 1 is the top shelf, and refer to the geocoins from left to right in that row. As mentioned above, the 1st forum member to correctly name the VERY LAST geocoin still left to be identified will win one of the geocoins featured in the Christmas Tree picture. Any questions regarding the cointest can be posted in this thread and WILL NOT count as your 1 daily answer entry. I will have final say as to cointest rules and winner or winners. This should be as easy as pumpkin pie for all the geocoin experts here! Merry Christmas to ALL...and to ALL a GOOD LUCK!
  2. sorry, there is not one single geocoin related to Michigan.
  3. who is working on the geocoin design? i have some ideas for a FANTASTIC geocoin for this event, although it might be a bit more expensive to produce than most small round geocoins.
  4. hey gatoulis, congrats to you and to all of Greece for receiving an invitation to the world cup in your mailbox today! Hello my friend and thank you! Actually the whole Greece took this invitation! What a game!!! My tiny country will go to the mundial for the second time in her history!!! Things in greece and celebrations were like when we had the miracle.... when we won the European cup in our second time we participated in the Euro!! I hope French will forgive me but I was so sad about Ireland!!! Nobody saw the hand of Henry before the goal that sent France in the mundial??? Ireland was muggled!!! ...and played so nice!!!! now that all the participating teams have been announced, this might be the perfect time to have a World Cup Soccer Geocoin made! (hint, hint) although, i would wait a few days to see if the protest by Ireland is addressed. they may replay that game due to the penalty that was not called. c'mon gatoulis, start designing this geocoin!
  5. hey gatoulis, congrats to you and to all of Greece for receiving an invitation to the world cup in your mailbox today!
  6. i am now down to the very last of the satin trojan horse geocoins (satin gold and satin silver). contact me via email for a discount price of $10.99 and free shipping (U.S. paypal) or $12.99 and free shipping (International paypal). the price on ebay has also been reduced for holiday sale. i don't think there will be any more of the trojan horses produced, so this is probably the end for this design. i'll keep the dies for a year before completely retiring this project. once these are gone, they are gone for good. i hope that everyone that received a trojan horse is happy with it. thank you all for the purchases and trades. i am now working on a new design for 2010! stay tuned! Achilles Ebay Auction Page Hector Ebay Auction Page
  7. yes, i believe this is the policy of both ebay and paypal. it doesn't quite seem fair to you (the seller), especially considering that you had verifiable proof that the item was lost by the post office. i have to say that this environment of buying and selling is perfect for the dishonest buyer or seller, and the honest business people are basically at the mercy of the postal service. they do an excellent job for the most part, but hopefully a loss claim won't break the honest seller. this is the main reason many U.S.A. sellers refuse to sell to international buyers. honest sellers can only depend on the postal service and on the word of the buyer that the item arrived safely. i'd like to continue selling internationally, but if i have to deal with another claim, i might need to change this and sell to U.S.A. insured buyers only to prevent losses.
  8. i like to offer geocoins to International buyers from here in the U.S.A., however, adding International insurance to a package from the U.S.A. is very expensive. often, the insurance is more expensive than most single geocoins, and it adds a considerable amount to the overall cost of an item. i state clearly on my ebay auction page, that any geocoins mailed without insurance are the resposibility of the buyer, and that applies to U.S.A. and International buyers. the reason is that very often, i only have 1 geocoin to sell and i cannot "replace" a lost geocoin, and although a refund is an option, with International Customs delays, a refund may not be issued for several weeks, if it is issued at all. so, when an item is lost in the mail, it really isn't fair for the buyer or for the seller. how do International buyers, here at the forum, feel about buying "at your own risk" when making a geocoin purchase from the U.S.A. with no mail insurance? as far as activating geocoins lost in the mail, i wouldn't activate a geocoin i sold, unless i had issued a refund to the buyer or sent a replacement, as i would then consider the lost geocoin still "mine" as an owner. i would probably activate it quickly after issuing a refund, too.
  9. these turned out really awesome! congrats! i have a feeling we will all be seeing many very nice designs like this with runs of only 100 coins total or even less. these will quickly become extremely rare and hard to find!
  10. oops...didn't mean to hijack your topic, just trying to stir a little more interest. i'm glad you have such a great sense of humor about it all. good luck!
  11. mine too! i'm looking forward to seeing this finished geocoin! good luck with the design work!
  12. I don't quite follow... Do englighten? its a quote from the animation movie "finding nemo"...the clown fish tells a joke... so, does anyone remember the punchline?! anyone?!...anyone?!...Bueller?!
  13. I don't quite follow... Do englighten? its a quote from the animation movie "finding nemo"...the clown fish tells a joke...
  14. two "gold on silver" to go, please...and can you super size them, too?! thanks!
  15. ...so the sea cucumber says to the mollusk...
  16. hello everybody. i'm searching for an antique copper or antique gold triple dragon geocoin. anyone have an extra to trade or sell? My Available Trade Geocoins
  17. TNLNS (took nothing left nothing but smiles) RIP
  18. thank you for sharing the link. great story behind the geocoin and behind the designer too.
  19. what a beautiful thing that a persons life and memory can continue through the fond thoughts of their family, loved ones, friends, and also their signature geocoins. i didn't know Jim, but this hobby kind of makes us all family. my condolences to his immediate family and close friends.
  20. cool cointest...crappy race...lol...oh well, better luck next time, right?! congrats to the winner, both the driver and the correct guess here!
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