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  1. But, will the First Person that pick's that team and score, be the winner?Are you giving multiple coin prizes, or are you going to draw a winner from a bunch of correct answers?? Kinda changes the dynamics of the cointest, Not complaining, just curious, may want to change my score. Opalsns winners WILL NOT be chosen based on who posted first. in the event of multiple winners with identical correct answers, i am prepared to offer up to 2 prizes. however, if there are more than 2 posts with correct answers, then each correct post will be assigned a number, and i will use a random number generator to select the first two winners. i hope this helps clear things up a little. good luck to all the participants! by the way, the new Trojan Horse Editions are in the U.S.A. from China and will be mailed to me today via Priority Mail! i'm excited to see them for the very first time! Rusty at personalgeocoins.com (now part of directmint.com) tells me they are very nice! stay tuned for more details! so which editions will everyone pick if they win?! i'm curious...
  2. the football game will begin sometime around 6:30 PM (eastern time USA) on Sunday February 7, 2010. That will be about 1:30 AM Monday morning in Greece.
  3. its good to see a few "newbies" to the geocoin forums participating! welcome, and please don't be strangers, its always good to have more people at the party! very close choices so far...17 members taking the Colts...15 members taking the Saints. wow! i only hope the actual game is as close and competitive. i have a feeling this game will not dissapoint us. private message me (PM) if you want to change your choice or point total guess. changes will be accepted up to the start of the football game kick-off. good luck to everybody and thanks for playing!
  4. yes, these "mild acids" should do a good job of cleaning metal geocoins, although i would be careful about adding any abrasives unless you have used them before with good results, or have some less valuable coins to try them on. also, as previously stated, an acid will continue to corrode until it is neutralized. so when using vinegar, tabasco, ketchup, or any other "mild acid" on metal, a "base" such as a pasty baking soda mix applied to coin is a good idea, followed by dish soap washing, rinsing, and then a very thorough drying, being careful not to touch the metal with your bare fingers, as this body moisture will also act as a very mild corrosive acid over time.
  5. 5 hours left for Tennessee Jed's Awesome and Rare Neon Hard Enamel Bear Geocoin Auction! Check it out: Tennessee Jed's Neon Bear Auction
  6. very even team guesses so far. don't worry if your guess is identical to someone else's guess, if you think its a good one, post it. this means there is a chance of multiple identical winning guesses, so go with your instincts, just like when you're seaching for a cache! (edited to correct spelling error.)
  7. good advice. if in doubt, i would also suggest a small coin envelope or cloth pouch. not quite as practical, but it will protect your geocoins.
  8. so you want the Colts and 132?! wow, this WILL be a really high scoring game! jk...i got you down for Colts and 66. good luck and thanks for playing!
  9. Hello football fans and welcome to the Odyssey Voyager SuperBowl Cointest! We can't have a SuperBowl Game without a cointest, right?! The winner or winners will have their pick of ANY 1 of the Odyssey Voyager Trojan Horses (except for the Zeus Limited Edition). These regular editions include Achilles (satin gold), Hector (satin silver), Aphrodite (green/gold), Apollo (blue/silver), Athena (red/gold), and TWO NEW TROJAN HORSE EDITIONS YET TO BE ANNOUNCED! These new editions will be the very last of the Trojan Horses produced before this geocoin is retired forever! Here are 2 videos of the geocoins for those that haven't seen them: Satin Trojan Horses Video Painted Trojan Horses Video COINTEST RULES: First of all, ONLY 1 ENTRY POST PER FORUM MEMBER OR FAMILY. If you and your family have 5 different accounts, please only enter 1 guess (yes, I will check, and no sockpuppet accounts allowed either!) Think carefully about your guess before posting, no editing will be allowed without permission first. So if you make an error in your post, send me a PM so I can note the changes and times before correcting your post entry. Okay, now on to the fun game stuff! All that is required to play this game is 2 things: 1. pick one winner: either the New Orleans Saints or the Indianapolis Colts. 2. guess the closest number to the final TOTAL COMBINED SCORE WITHOUT GOING OVER! For example, if the final score is Saints 30 and Colts 20. The final TOTAL combined score is 50. So if one person picked the Saints and 44, and another picked the Saints and 45, and another picked the Saints and 51, the person who guessed the Saints and 45 wins (because they were the closest and DID NOT GO OVER). It's that simple! Entries can be posted right up until the opening kick-off on Sunday. In the event of a tie, I may issue multiple geocoins, or I may assign numbers to each winning guess, and then use a random number generator to pick the winner or winners. My cointest, my rules! Good luck to everyone playing and have fun watching the game!
  10. i think 99.9% of the population doesn't see a nationality, race, or religion when others need help. a tsunami, hurricane, earthquake, terrorist attack, hunger, wildfire, or any other disaster certainly doesn't discriminate. i agree,...ignore the message, unless that person ever needs help, in which case,...we "turn the other cheek" and offer them aid. peace.
  11. wow! fantastic auction bids! i second the thanks to all the geocoin owners here that have donated their beautiful geocoins for charity. may you all be blessed 10 fold!
  12. Awesome donation! Kudos to Jackalgirl, Tennessee Jed, The Peters Trio, and Yemon Yime for their geocoin donations and auctions. A big thank you to everyone that has bid on these charity ebay auctions. Continued success to all, and I hope the relief has already reached the Haitian people that need it the most. Peace.
  13. CONTEMPLATIVE i am thinking about moving out of the U.S.A. and about all the life changes that go with that move. my mood probably will not change any time soon, so i will still be CONTEMPLATIVE later tonight, too.
  14. wow! after all these years, is that a new seven summit release??!! edit to add: thanks for posting the picture! i went right to geoswag.com and bought one of each for my collection! woohoo! i hope the series is continued, with less time and distance in between summits! by the way, if anyone is interested in this series of "old school" geocoins, i am auctioning my extras of both the Mount McKinley Editions at Ebay. this is a great opportunity to get 2 of the (now) 6 Seven Summit Editions, at a bargain price: Mount McKinley Ebay Auction Link
  15. excellent haul there, Droo! what geocoin is that in the middle row to the far right?! i have an idea, but with my vision, i can't make out the fine details.
  16. yes, the New Orleans Saints will now play the Indianapolis Colts in the final game of the season. this game is called the SuperBowl, and millions of Americans and others around the world will watch. the Indianapolis Colts American football team is actually named after a young male horse or "colt", although the word "colt" is also the last name of the American, Samuel Colt, inventor of the famous firearm the "Colt Revolver". Go Trojan Colts!
  17. don't laugh! this is one of the signs of the apocalypse written about in the book of revelations! all in jest...my sincere congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, their fans, and to Nikos! continued success to all!
  18. yeah right! the day a Greek picks an American Football score, will be the day the i see the Saints go to the Superbowl! congrats to gatoulis! you lucky devil! looks like he11 will be freezing over soon, bring your warm jackets!
  19. cool cointest! i like this geocoin too! i will subscribe to this thread and read about the dream of each dreamer. "You may say that I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one..." ~ John Lennon ~
  20. hey nikos, thanks for sharing just a little without revealing too much! i am beginning to understand why these MYSTERIES are so special! i won't dig too deep, and i won't ask too many questions...i can keep a secret, too!
  21. thanks for sharing without giving away any secrets!
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