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  1. no, i do not visit Mexico very often anymore...sadly...i live much further away now and the border region is very dangerous. travel to the interior requires a passport, and there are many restrictions. so, i haven't been to Mexico in 4 years! i remember the 1986 Mundial very well, too! i was in college then, and myself and all the students from Mexico and other countries would spend many hours in the student lounge watching the games on TV instead of studying! Hugo Sanchez was popular before the Mundial but he became a God after the Mundial! the 1986 World Cup was the reason many students got such poor grades in class that semester...lol... i hope the USA plays well today! they must advance for more Americans to watch and embrace the sport! 1 hour before the game starts! GO USA!
  2. Are you Mexican David?? Because I think you have Algeria! My mother was born in Mexico and is now a U.S. citizen. My father was born in the U.S.A. but he was raised in Mexico, so am proudly a Mexican American...yes. i grew up playing mostly basketball in Texas, although a few childhood friends would play soccer (futbol), and i occasionally played soccer too, however, i would get tired of running so much! i have a story for you Gatoulis: when i was 9 years old, my family went to Mexico to visit relatives in the summer of 1970. we would visit almost every summer...but i could never understand why everyone was so crazy about soccer! my little cousins kept asking me about soccer players...who was my favorite, what country was i rooting for, who would win? i told them i didn't know anything about soccer, and they were totally shocked and surprised! then one day everyone stopped what they were doing, and in the middle of the day, they started watching a soccer game on TV...little did i know back then, but it was an international soccer game played for the World Cup of 1970 where Mexico was the host country! when i think about it now, i totally understand why everyone in Mexico was so excited about the game! many say that the Mexico World Cup of 1970 may have featured some of the best games ever played in world cup! i don't remember any of it, since i was taking a "siesta" while all of my cousins watched...lol... 1970 FIFA World Cup Mexico
  3. but now the bad news... Mexico will face Argentina in the knock out round. aye caramba!
  4. The Greek Team leaves with much respect for having played very well in a difficult group. kudos to the Greek Team! on the other hand...the French Team and players leave with very little respect and basically "disgraced" for all the drama amongst the players and managers. on the bright side...the South African team also says good-bye, but they played very well and raised their world ranking. kudos also goes out to "Bafana Bafana" for being such great hosts! Mexico advances! ARRIBA MEXICO!
  5. the next game between north korea and the ivory coast should be very interesting. for the ivory coast to advance, they need portugal to lose against brazil, and then they need to make up a 9 goal differential! the north korea team will have their work cut out for them just to keep the scores low and respectable! i can't wait for that game! i like to see goals scored!
  6. woooohooo! even i scored a goal against north korea today!
  7. oh yeah...i meant to write that Nigeria was one man short due to the red card. i believe Greece still would have won that game even if both teams were at equal strength! Greece played very well and deserved the win. you know, the commentators keep mentioning how disheartened the French team is playing, with no emotion. perhaps it is because they feel deep down that they do not deserve to be there. who knows. i don't believe that Mexico winning today was a BIG upset as many are saying. Mexico has a very respectable team and may surprise a few more before the tournament is over. SI SE PUEDE! ARRIBA MEXICO!
  8. even though it was a rather lucky deflection and against only 10 players, Greece finally scored its 1st goal ever in a world cup! one more half to go, but maybe Greece will get the win too! congrats to Greece and to Gatoulis on the first goal! EDIT: Greece scores its 2nd goal on a mistake by the Nigerian goalie! i wonder if the ball is causing many of these fairly easy goalie mistakes?! EDIT: final...Greece 2 Nigeria 1. Greece wins! good game. congrats to Greece and to Gatoulis on the win!
  9. when you say you are "not interested in doubles", do you mean not interested in ANY other editions of a geocoin you own, or that you ARE interested in other editions but NOT THE SAME edition?
  10. congrats to "SgtMikal". Now i just need Algeria to win the soccer world cup!
  11. UPDATE: due to personal reasons, i have decided to CANCEL the production of this geocoin. i have issued full deposit refunds to all the store owners who made multiple item reservations. it may take a few days for the refunds to be completed through Paypal. i apologize for the delay, your patience is appreciated. i would like to thank DirectMint for all their help, and also to everyone here that supported this project. i'm dissapointed that i couldn't make it happen.
  12. AWESOME! congrats to the blackhawks on a great season. condolences to the flyers, they were a tough team and refused to quit! thanks for the awesome cointest. i watched more hockey during these playoffs than i had in my whole life! i'm a new NHL hockey fan!
  13. just a cheesy idea here...what if...you use an old 70's type of digital display font for the words: "design around the clock"? with yellow glow color for the words...just a thought, since you have a traditional analog clock look, with grandfather clock roman numerals...i thought maybe the fun digital font would fit in with the clock theme...or did i just pick the wrong day to stop sniffing glue?! by the way, is there any way to make the 12:00 blink non-stop like my old VCR?!
  14. or perhaps roman numerals that correspond to the glow number...
  15. hey Trracer, do you want to trade teams?!
  16. this is cool. would the 12 "textures" make it too busy?
  17. can a few more mint "experts" with some experience weigh in on this comment. i was recently asked to select "translucent" color choices from the PMS (Pantone Matching System) Color Chart, for the 1st time. so, my concern is...are these paints truly "translucent" in that you can see the "half height" areas below the surface, or are they more "opaque" and make the "half heights" that much more difficult to see? i have some concerns now that this was brought up. as for a geocoin that features many different translucent colors, textures, and metal finishes...i think it would be a great tool for anyone thinking about having a geocoin produced to have. i would want one. i don't mean to take the thread off topic, but thanks for the feedback. PM me if your reply might derail the thread.
  18. okay, i've been in contact with Steve Moran from hogwildstuff.com. he has stated, and assures me, that the icon will be presented to Geocaching.com tomorrow, and should be uploaded a few days after they receive it. so look for it late this week or early next week. hopefully.
  19. UPDATE: just a couple of things to report. the factory made a last minute change to the design late last week that required a little minor tweaking to the art, and i was able to make the changes quickly "on the fly", as it were! not a big deal. the other thing is that the factory determined they could not do the "Apache" Artist Edition 2-tone as described. bummer. oh well, these things happen, and it doesn't affect reservations at all although it did delay delivery by a few days. anyway, i've decided to scrap the "Apache" Edition and i selected a new color scheme. i am going with a sunset rose translucent color and polished nickel combination. i am calling this the "Zuni" Artist Edition. i hope the factory does a good job mixing the colors, but again, i will be as surprised as everyone else is when they arrive, since i couldn't afford to have samples made. i hope they look good! keeping my fingers crossed! remember, if after the geocoins arrive and i post a few pictures, you decide to change your mind about making a purchase, that is totally okay with me...you are NOT obligated to buy anything. stay tuned for more updates soon!
  20. well, 1st things 1st. although you are in possession of this quite valuable original geocoin, you are not the legal owner. the original producer still retains all ownership right to it.
  21. by the way, i root for these teams and in this order: USA (my home country #1), then MEXICO (my roots #2), and then other LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES (brazil #3 and argentina #4). VIVA FUTBOL!
  22. if this game is now open to more americans, i'll take lucky number 25! thats my birthday number! thanks for another fun sports cointest! i love everything that is sports! indoor and outdoor.
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