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  1. welcome to the forum!!!! hmmm...FIRST FORUM POST, EH?! do you know the last rule of fight club?! if its your 1st time at fight club...YOU GOTTA FIGHT! FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. please re-post another entry with ONLY FIVE NUMBERS. thanks. I guess I need to go back to school and learn to count again!! Sorry about that! Let's try this! 17, 20, 25, 29, 52 And MY favorite game is Geocaching (does that count!!??) But I play a lot of Spades online. got it! thanks for re-posting and for playing. hmmmm...i wonder if "Geocaching" could be incorporated and combined with some sort of a board game?! that could be fun and interesting, although it might take some time to finish!
  3. please re-post another entry with ONLY FIVE NUMBERS. thanks.
  4. someone else mentioned "slapjack" as a favorite, too. seems like lots of fun! it reminds me of a card game called "cowboy". has anyone else ever played "cowboy"? i'd be interested in reading variations on this game.
  5. cinquante-huit must be a french or french canadian game?! i've never seen it. how is it played?! Depending where you lived or who you played with, I had heard it called "crotte de poulet" (that's what a chicken leaves on the ground after eating), english version was OH _ _ _ _ or more commonly known as Hearts thats too funny! i'm sure we all have some very colorful names for some of the games have played before! we used to play a board game with marbles at the firehouse that we called "red a**" because some people would get so mad! when anyone got upset by throwing their dice out of the room, or flipping the marble board off the table, we would say: "looks like a case of the red a**!"
  6. nikos, sure! you can comment on this thread all you want! in fact, i encourage it from everyone to make things fun! all i want to know about is if a player changes or edits the post with their selected numbers or wants to change their numbers for whatever reason. to keep the game fair, i have all numbers recorded. so any changes should be brought to my attention to avoid a mistake or controversy. its also great to see some new forum faces here! welcome and good luck to all the oldies and the newbies!
  7. cinquante-huit must be a french or french canadian game?! i've never seen it. how is it played?!
  8. post edit noted. no worries. thanks for playing.
  9. i never played the slapjack game, but it seems like lots of fun! i will have to remember this one for a future dealers pick game!
  10. be advised, the end of this cointest has been changed to Saturday March the 6th in order to better accomodate the second chance cointest. more people can participate on a weekend rather than a weekday. the second chance cointest will be really fun, so tune in on Saturday for all the details (although i am still tweaking all the ideas in my head right now...lol...a cointest is a lot like designing a geocoin, you always have great ideas after the fact!).
  11. as i read about all these fun family games, i just wonder how many games have been played and lost throughout history. its great to pass along these family games to a new generation even though digital games are so poplular, there really is nothing like human interaction. (he wrote...as he typed away on his keyboard)
  12. hmmmm...never played "survive" but many of the vintage games are making a comeback, so you never know if a new edition will turn up at the nearest Toys r Us or on ebay.
  13. Hey! Pass the Pigs! thats great! i believe it was made by Porker Brothers, right?! by the way, your edit was approved and noted. thanks for playing.
  14. i've been watching all the views of Vancouver and the Great Northwest during these Olympics and a ferry ride must be just awesome! i would be whale watching and admiring the scenery although a fun card game would be interesting too!
  15. its kind of a fun game of solitaire...lol...i'm keeping a record of all the hands as replies are posted.
  16. i just thought of a way to offer everyone a second chance to win...so... ***All losing hands will have a second chance to win in a separate cointest starting IMMEDIATELY AFTER the winning hand is announced! It will be fun and a bit more challenging! stay tuned next sunday (saturday) for all the details as timely replies will be a factor!
  17. i guess we all play hold 'em these days too...lol...so easy to learn and lots of fun too!
  18. the game of life...classic! i used to piss my sisters off by using the board to launch my hot wheels!
  19. edit approved. thanks for playing! i've never heard of "slapjack", tell us a little more about it.
  20. edit noted and approved. "Penny and Kona" have decided to stick with their 1st choice, so official numbers selected are: 26, 50, 10, 4, and 32.
  21. thanks for playing! i love the game of "spades'! i haven't played it in years and years, but i loved the gamesmanship of it! lots of fun indeed! thanks for that memory and good luck!
  22. Hello again everybody! Now that the Olympics have concluded and left us all with such great memories and a love for the games, is anyone up for a friendly game of poker?! If so...then welcome to the Poker After Dark Cointest! All participating players have a chance to win one Odyssey Voyager Trojan Horse Poseidon Edition. This geocoin is a black nickel finish with "glow in the dark" sea green hard enamel, and 1 of only 30 minted! Here is a picture in case you haven't already seen it: COINTEST RULES: You will be playing 5 card stud poker. This basically means you will get a total of 5 standard deck playing cards, and the player with the best poker hand wins the cointest! I have taken a regular deck of 52 cards, and shuffled them all up, and then numbered the back of each card with a number from 1 to 52 (see picture below). All you have to do is pick any FIVE random and different numbers between 1 and 52. At the end of the cointest, I will reveal the playing card that corresponds to each number and we can then determine the best winning poker hand. It is so simple and easy, you don't even have to know how to play poker, since I will figure out each poker hand for all players! Are you ready to play?! Alright then, lets shuffle up and deal! Oh, and just for added fun, along with your five numbers, please share with everyone your all time favorite board game, card game, or party game in your post! Please feel free to add any funny or interesting anecdotes about playing this game, too! ONLY 1 ENTRY POST PER FORUM MEMBER OR FAMILY. In the interest of fairness, if you and your family have 3 different accounts, please only enter 1 guess per family (yes, I will check, and no sockpuppet accounts allowed either!) Think carefully about your 5 numbers before posting, as no editing will be allowed without permission first. So if you make an error in your post or you want to change your numbers for any reason, please just send me a PM so I can note the changes and times in my records BEFORE correcting or editing your original post entry. Thats about it as far as rules go, but if you have a question feel free to ask away and I'll do my best to answer. This cointest will end this Saturday, March 6th at 5 PM U.S. Eastern Time. Have fun and I wish you all good luck! ***All losing hands will have a second chance to win in a separate cointest starting IMMEDIATELY AFTER the winning hand is announced on Saturday! The second chance cointest will be fun and a bit more challenging and will run for only 24 HOURS with time being a factor! So stay tuned on Saturday for all the fun details.
  23. not a bad deal, but i still don't see a "snuggie" on the list of freebies...bummer!
  24. do any of the clubs offer a free "snuggie"?!
  25. okay, i knew turtles were slow, but these guys took 2 weeks to arrive from canada! i actually think they took a detour to vancouver british columbia to watch the olympics, do some geocaching, and some shell snowboard shredding! cowabunga! silly turtles! they are really cool! thanks jacqueline, and congrats on a great design! by the way, the 2 week delivery was due to U.S. Customs and NOT a delay in posting by jacqueline. i just wanted to make that clear. thanks again!
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