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  1. yes...(polite golf applause)...thank you for playing!
  2. you know, i had the same question. i was looking for information on "Signal", but i couldn't find anything. does anyone have any other details about "Signal" the Groundspeak mascot? this guy------->
  3. no worries...my post wasn't really meant to be an entry, it was just for fun and laughs! good luck to all the REAL entries!
  4. mmmm...strawberries and sweet cream would be a nice treat! especially if i could watch pretty gals walking by too! that DOES sound like a piece of PARADISE!
  5. an interesting story, Gatoulis. Paradeisi or Paradise must have been a very beautiful place! if it makes you feel any better...Florida lost in 2 overtime periods! they fought very hard, but BYU had too many weapons in the end. it was a good game! Villanova almost lost to the little school, number 15 Robert Morris! the final score...Villanova 73, Robert Morris 70. number 4 Vanderbilt loses to number 13 Murray State! wow...many upsets!...its madness!
  6. okay, the games are about to begin, and it looks like there were no trades, so here is the final bracket: good luck to all the participants and the teams!
  7. bump...just 3 hours left to submit a bracket! come join the fun and the madness!
  8. bump...just 3 hours left to submit a bracket! come join the fun and the madness!
  9. you never know what may happen, but it is true that chances are slim for a 12 or 13. good luck anyway!
  10. only 4 hours before the 1st game begins! no trades allowed after the tournament starts, so get a trade done quickly, if you can, and let me know! thanks again for participating, and stay tuned for bracket updates.
  11. The newest member of the family is named: Gnoel Gnicholas Mission: Gnoel wants to visit Mahattan in New York City during the holidays, and have his picture taken with the giant rockerfeller center christmas tree, or perhaps visit the town of North Pole, Alaska and say hello to old Saint Nick and the elves. He would also just like to have his picture taken with all the family christmas trees or christmas ornaments throughout his journey. As you can tell, Gnoel just loves the holiday season!
  12. as already mentioned in the original post, the overall winner of the tournament will receive the Honu Turtle Geocoin in polished silver. the runner-up in the final game will receive a Blazing Sun Micro Geocoin in their choice of Gold, Silver, or Copper finish. i will then select from the remaining Blazing Sun Micro finishes at random to send to the other two FINAL FOUR teams. these are very nice micro's, and if you haven't seen one, here is an ALMOST LIFE SIZE picture: so who will make it to the FINAL FOUR?! nobody knows, and its just madness!!!!
  13. this is a very touching tribute. please keep us posted on the availability of the geocoin fund raiser. i would like to help your awareness efforts. kudos!
  14. a little over 24 hours to complete any trade deals! the 1st tournament game is set to tip-off at 12 noon Eastern Time US. so keep me posted if a trade is made. i will post updated brackets as the tournament is played out.
  15. number 1 seeds are the best teams. however, the 1 seeds do not always make it through the tournament to the FINAL FOUR! often the are beaten by another team, we call these tough underdogs...a "cinderella team"...because they went to the big dance and stole the limelight from all the other princesses!
  16. I'll swap ya Gonzaga for Baylor.. or will swap Gozo for any Big Easter Gonzaga for Notre Dame would be a fair trade too. you might want to send a Private Message or email to make a trade offer since many players don't read this thread regularly after they enter.
  17. oh...i'm sure there are a few Gonzaga fans willing to trade with you!
  18. any trade you can work with another player is acceptable. even trading your 2 teams for 1 other team! good luck! no more trades allowed after the tournament begins Thursday at 12 noon US Eastern Time.
  19. sorry about that, but you might be able to trade both of your picks to "vegas gamblers" for syracuse. maybe.
  20. here are all the number selections and corresponding teams. ALL PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED TO TRADE TEAMS BEFORE THE 1st TOURNAMENT GAME ON THURSDAY, but if you do a trade with another player, please notify me so i can note it on the final bracket list. all teams to reach the final four will recieve a prize to be announced soon. good luck to all the players and teams! March Madness Cointest Selections: 01. rickctroop13 (post #12) GONZAGA (8 seed in the west) 02. Where'sMyMarbles (post #26) PITTSBURGH (3 seed in the west) 03. GATOULIS (post #8) FLORIDA (10 seed in the west) 04. ELTADA (post #33) OHIO (14 seed in the midwest) 05. Eric K (post #28) OHIO STATE (2 seed in the midwest) 06. seekerfamily (post #35) MICHIGAN STATE (5 seed in the midwest) 07. Mauison (post #7) RICHMOND (7 seed in the south) 08. Webxxi (post #11) LEHIGH (16 seed in the midwest) 09. burgessfour (post #13) MARYLAND (4 seed in the midwest) 10. Vegas Gamblers (post #2) GEORGIA TECH (10 seed in the midwest) 11. Where'sMyMarbles (post #26) SIENA (13 seed in the south) 12. Tha Saint (post #4) UC SANTA BARBARA (15 seed in the midwest) 13. goosefraba1 (post #15) UNLV (8 seed in the midwest) 14. st_moose (post #40) CORNELL (12 seed in the east) 15. burgessfour (post #13) TEXAS (8 seed in the east) 16. Fianccetto (post #5) UTEP (12 seed in the west) 17. 2Jeeps2Jacks (post #10) FLORIDA STATE (9 seed in the west) 18. isjustus4 (post #14) MURRAY STATE (13 seed in the west) 19. isjustus4 (post #14) HOUSTON (13 seed in the midwest) 20. kdnydnr (post #30) ARKANSAS PINE BLUFF (16 seed in the south) 21. 2Jeeps2Jacks (post #10) NORTHERN IOWA (9 seed in the midwest) 22. Vegas Gamblers (post #2) SYRACUSE (1 seed in the west) 23. Tha Saint (post #4) OKLAHOMA STATE (7 seed in the midwest) 24. gorillagal (post #32) VILLANOVA (2 seed in the south) 25. acadiahiker (post #51) NOTRE DAME (6 seed in the south) 26. kini_ont (post #24) SAM HOUSTON STATE (14 seed in the south) 27. Fianccetto (post #5) UTAH (12 seed in the south) 28. GATOULIS (post #8) SAINT MARY'S (10 seed in the south) 29. opalsns (post #42 & #45) TEXAS A&M (5 seed in the south) 30. jasondulac (post #39) NEW MEXICO (3 seed in the east) 31. kdnydnr (post #30) BYU (7 seed in the west) 32. Ashallond (post # 22) MINNESOTA (11 seed in the west) 33. scificollector (post # 27) MONTANA (14 seed in the east) 34. ELTADA (post #33) LOUISVILLE (9 seed in the south) 35. Webxxi (post #11) E. TENNESSEE STATE (16 seed in the east) 36. acadiahiker (post #51) BUTLER (5 seed in the west) 37. kdlutz41 (post #23) OAKLAND (14 seed in the west) 38. johan333 (post #56) OLD DOMINION (11 seed in the south) 39. digger9 (post #54) XAVIER (6 seed in the west) 40. Eric K (post #28) CALIFORNIA (8 seed in the south) 41. st_moose (post #40) WEST VIRGINIA (2 seed in the east) 42. anne.and.eli (post #20) MARQUETTE (6 seed in the east) 43. seekerfamily (post #35) CLEMSON (7 seed in the east) 44. scificollector (post # 27) MORGAN STATE (15 seed in the east) 45. goosefraba1 (post #15) MISSOURI (10 seed in the east) 46. gorillagal (post #32) DUKE (1 seed in the south) 47. opalsns (post #42 & #45) SAN DIEGO STATE U (11 seed in the midwest) 48. Dark Elf (post #57) NEW MEXICO STATE U (12 seed in the midwest) 49. digger9 (post #54) KANSAS (1 seed in the midwest) 50. djs167 (post #36) TEMPLE (5 seed in the east) 51. Dark Elf (post #57) WOFFORD (13 seed in the east) 52. Mauison (post #7) WASHINGTON (11 seed in the east) 53. E&Cplus3 (post #43) KANSAS STATE (2 seed in the west) 54. E&Cplus3 (post #43 TENNESSEE (6 seed in the midwest) 55. johan333 (post #56) KENTUCKY (1 seed in the east) 56. Ashallond (post # 22) WAKE FOREST (9 seed in the east) 57. anne.and.eli (post #20) GEORGETOWN (3 seed in the midwest) 58. kini_ont (post #24) BAYLOR (3 seed in the south) 59. kdlutz41 (post #23) ROBERT MORRIS (15 seed in the south) 60. jasondulac (post #39) VERMONT (16 seed in the west) 61. buymyemu (post #29) VANDERBILT (4 seed in the west) 62. buymyemu (post # 29) NORTH TEXAS (15 seed in the west) 63. djs167 (post #36) WISCONSIN (4 seed in the east) 64. rickctroop13 (post #12) PURDUE (4 seed in the south) .
  21. sorry, all the teams and numbers have already been selected before you posted. please check out several other basketball cointests on the forum. good luck!
  22. all numbers are now taken! no more players for this cointest. let the games begin! good luck to all 32 players! stay tuned for the final list and teams!
  23. you got it! only 2 places remaining! the numbers: 38, 48, 51, and 55 are still up for grabs!
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