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  1. here is a bracket with the days (in color) all games will be played this week:
  2. So what is the official name of the YELLOW version? I've seen both the YELLOW and ORANGE versions advertised on ebay and described here as the "Celtic Mind" version. Can anyone clear up the confusion?
  3. and so, after 4 days of excellent competition, these are your Sweet 16. congrats to all those still standing, and sincere condolences to the unvictorious. thank you all for playing. games will resume on Thursday, March 25. so, by this time next Sunday, we will know the lucky Final Four! it should be exciting! stay tuned...same bat time...same bat channel...
  4. allow me to introduce: Gnoble Gnelson Gnoble Gnelson believes all creatures, large or small, including humans and gnomes, are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, and that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. So in this pursuit, Gnoble would like to see an original copy of The Declaration of Independence on display at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Then visit the Abraham Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King once stood and spoke the words: "I have a dream...let freedom ring...Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!" Before Gnoble is "set free" and given his independence, he would like to visit South Africa, the home of Nelson Mandela, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who served 27 years in prison in his struggle to bring equal rights to all the people of his country and throughout the world. Gnoble Gnelson also has a dream...one day to be awarded the "Gnome Gnobel Peace Prize" for promoting peace and harmony through his many adventures and travels.
  5. tough loss for maryland...good game though. cornell...really?! cornell?! all hail the new cinderella!
  6. i believe i can fail even MORE SPECTACULARY when given a 2nd chance. i'm all in for gettin' kicked out again!
  7. now this gnome has some charisma and attitude! i like that!
  8. well thats the end of day 3. two major upsets today, St. Mary's and Northern Iowa shocked the tournament! these cinderella's are alive and well! kudo's to the David's and condolences to the Goliath's! tomorrow may bring some new surprises!
  9. this is exactly why it is called MARCH MADNESS! in one game of basketball, if the players are motivated and play hard, they can beat a better team...for just one day...for just one game...for just one shining moment...they can be better! its an amazing thing to see! as for UCLA...yes they are a Division 1 University, but they did not have a very good season this year, so they were not invited to play in this tournament. there are close to 200 Division 1 teams in the USA, and only the top 64 get a chance to play in this tournament every year, so it is a very elite field of invited teams. UCLA has won this tournament the most times with 11 championship titles! NCAA tournament information
  10. That's OK with me . . . I've got Northern Iowa. congrats, Northern Iowa looks pretty good! their next game will be a good one!
  11. I'm totally screwed now...Kansas goes down to Northern Iowa!
  12. I'm totally screwed now...Kansas goes down to Northern Iowa!
  13. OMG...#1 seed Kansas goes down! Kansas goes down! thats it, my bracket is officially in the crapper!
  14. Gatoulis is alive for one more week! this cat has 9 lives and so does the St. Mary's team!
  15. in the tournament this year...anything can happen!
  16. thanks for participating and playing. as you know, everybody, except for one, will eventually lose all their teams. so your 2 teams just left the party a little early.
  17. the end of day two. not quite as many upsets today, and the games were not all quite as interesting, but the heat will be turned up tomorrow as round 2 begins and the 32 teams left, go for the round of SWEET 16! stay tuned for all the fun fireworks!
  18. items received. excellent deal and speedy shipping, as always. oh...and a free "BUMP" in appreciation! cheers!
  19. i appreciate the help. i forgot there are those with smaller screens, and they may not be able to clearly see the bracket results. sorry about that, and thanks for the help "rickctroop13". by the way, i received the Blazing Sun Micro Geocoins today from "crowesfeat30", and they are really cute! pretty little round geocoins, the perfect prize and shape for a little round ball tournament!
  20. wow! thats the end of day 1, and there has not been this many upsets since 1991! needless to say, my bracket is now totally busted! well, at least the games were interesting and exciting to watch!
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