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  1. okay 007BigD,...you got me! i had totally forgotten about the funny cointest i entered last year, and then, much to my surprise,...i was "had" on April Fools Day a whole freakin' year later...lol...well done! ~odyssey voyager~ (cointest sucker!)
  2. hello everybody. does anyone have about 25 or 30 plastic coin flips (sleeves), new or used, in good condition, to sell or give away? contact me here through private message or through my profile email. i have paypal. thanks! UPDATE: my thanks to "drneal" for donating some much needed coin flips to me. i appreciate it!
  3. congrats to the winner...thanks for the cointest...
  4. Argentina and Germany clearly had the better teams today. Their next match should be a good one! however, FIFA really needs another official to use television instant replay and modern technology to assist the field officials in making the correct calls. there is just too much at stake in these world cup games to allow only one person or even two people, that are away from the play, to get it wrong. its rather sad that in this modern world, FIFA still refuses to improve the game and insists on using primitive, out-dated methods. i hope the clear mistakes called in todays games will make FIFA wake up and accept the changes that need to be made.
  5. the italian goal keeper was just terrible in todays game! horrible footwork, he was in bad position for every single goal! i believe this goalie cost Italy the game for sure. wow!
  6. Do you have "public viewing" too? not many places for public viewing here in the USA. most people watch at home or at a local pub (Kneipe?). i am watching from home on ESPN the sports channel. one of the commentators on ESPN is Jürgen Klinsmann! 15 minutes to go!
  7. Would be great if australia wins But why don't you want USA play against germany ? I think they both would have chances to win...but first of all, germany must win against ghana and ghana is very good. Just 1 hour and 34 minutes left Germany is also rooting for an Australia win or tie i'm sure, for if Serbia wins, then Germany MUST win in order to advance. excellent drama unfolding in these games. you know, Germany has such a great soccer tradition, that i would rather the USA meets Ghana or Serbia rather than the German Machine! is the whole country of Germany watching the game today?! just one more hour to go!
  8. Australia has a bit of a hill to climb, but they can certainly make things very, very interesting with a win today! i don't think the USA team really cares who they face in the knock out round, but i certainly hope it is not Germany. any team except Germany, in my opinion.
  9. Are you familiar with the term Wooden Spoon ? heheh I think my team gets the runner up wooden spoon! maybe the giant wooden chopsticks for North Korea!
  10. hehe nice.. but only one??? (joking) only needed one!
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