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  1. OK, let me show you my new displays, which arrived from laserlogoshop.com today: I have decided to go for a bit different picture in the background. Mario from laserlogoshop has printed a mardi gras mask instead of a scenery from Venice. He also proposed to print the masks mirror inverted, which was a very good idea, I think. I have implemented the pins myself by carefully drilling two holes with 1,0mm diameter (0,90 or 0,95mm might have been even better).
  2. Just in case, someone has a spare coin of the Ulm version, please, let me know. I really would like to keep my mask collection complete
  3. I was just going to ask how many different masks are out in the market right now, but you already answered that question Thanks to Mark, Ronaldo2 is on the way, as well as the latest two editions from Oakcoins, so my collection is complete I really do hope, that Oakcoins will not continue to issue a new version every few days. The costs for shipping a single coin to Germany is around 2/3 of the costs for the coin. Thats no fun to do repeatedly.
  4. All coins are sold, thanks for your bids.
  5. As I have more or less stopped collecting coins, the following rarities are for sale: Lotus Compass AE Anubis Edition #12 von 36 Compass Rose 2009 Yemon Yime Edition #31 von 42 Compass Rose 2010 Yemon Yime Edition #17 von 42 Tranquility Blue Is My World - Nickel Tranquility Giant Green - Nickel Tranquility Purple Haze - Nickel If you are interested in one or more of the coins, please send me your offer by PN. Shipping costs incl. tracking number and insurance from Germany to USA is 13$ for 1-6 coins. Please, blame German Post for these crazy prices, I can't unfortunately change them Paypal accepted for buyers from outside the European Union. Edit: Paypal only outside the EU
  6. Good News: I received my Mystery V2 coin today! Bad News: It is not the one I bought in the presales but one from the electronic market. As I do have the very complete set of all versions in my collection, I wanted to make sure that the Mystery V2 is in there too. It took exactly 3 weeks to get the coin from USA to Germany, which is a very reasonable period of time. Roger has never been fast, when it comes to sending out coins he collected money in the presale before, but in the end all coins always arrived after a couple of months without the need of any reminder. Personally, I do not believe, that I will ever receive the coin from this presale. I am just lucky that I have ordered and paid for just for a single coin, so I have limited losses...
  7. Did anybody in Europe receive the coin in the meantime?
  8. Well, I can tell you, you are not alone
  9. Hi Guido, in post #307 is a list of the first 17 versions, #355 is showing them in picture. After that, the following versions were issued: Cinco de Mayo Summer Solstice Germany GCF EU Halloween Christmas Pics of these last five are spread over this thread. Michael
  10. As far as I know, there we are up at 22 versions right now. These are the "official" versions incl. the AE. But I think there were indications about sample coins, that were sent out randomly by oakcoins in grab bags. I forgot how many of those are circling around.
  11. Mine hasn't arrived respectively. But I assume, they are on their long trip to Europe and will arrive soon. BTW one of the new mysteries is already in the emarket. The design is looking interestingly. Can't wait to have it in hand!
  12. I fully agree with you. The Ventian Masks are beautiful coins, but #23 or so would just be one more (amongst many others) which makes it more and more difficult to value each individual coin of the series.
  13. Great, thanks for the info.
  14. Any news on the last mystery version from last summer's presale? Would be interesting to know, when we can expect the coins to have in hand and by this solve the mystery about their design
  15. I'm still looking for a TO-version of the Celtic Tree of Life: Blue on .925 Shiny Silver. I could offer Compass Rose Yemon Yime Editions of 2009 and 2010,an AE of the Lotus Compass Rose, Tranquilities (green, blue or purple, all nickel; The Trickster) or cash. Is anybody out there who wants to trade/sell that coin??? In addition, I am looking for a Titanic Coin in Satin Silver (the one from geocoindesign something like three years ago, not the actual 100 years anniversary edition). Contacts only through my GC-profile please, I do not check my forum inbox at all. Thanks.
  16. Yeah, I'm interested too.
  17. Not all coins were sold at the event. Some are now available at mygeocoin.de.
  18. As far as I know, there were two different pins. The one together with the Geoswag Coins and Pins Club (?) version and one together with the Utah coin.
  19. I told you to get one for you. Do you still need one, or did Altix get you one? No, I didn't offer anything (knowing that you promised to put one coin beside). I was just thinking about how wonderful these coins are.
  20. I think, they look so nice because of the translucent colors, which in this case fit perfectly with the satin silver metal. We all know, that Claudia's favourite color is pink and I was a bit afraid to get another pink desaster as this was the case with the Tranqulities. In the end, it was just the opposite
  21. There is a pic in the Gecoin Trading thread. Although I'm not a fan of pink I have to say this version looks beautiful and is one of may favourites within the whole set.
  22. I am still looking for a "Celtic Tree of Life Blue on .925 Shiny Silver TO" (not the dark blue error coin). For this coin I am offering either a Compass Rose Yemon Yime 2009 or 2010 edition as a trader. Please no other trade or purchase offers for these coins. Please contact me through my Geocaching profil, I don't check my forum mailbox every day. Thanks.
  23. The one in blue and white was the Geoswag edition that was sold in the shop. That one in orange and blue is the edition of Geoswag's Coins and Pin Club. I think you need to be a member of that club, if you want to buy that edition. Trading might be an alternative to e***.
  24. May, the killing factor is that three coins are put into one single auction. But I am pretty sure, the final price won't be very reasonable Having the prices for the dark blue version in mind, I expect at least 300-400$. So, Tranquilites and Compass Roses are not the only expensive coins
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