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  1. I have not been to the www.geocaching.com site in awhile, but I AM logged in, and I don't see coords, just ????? and no clickable for google map!
  2. why would ANYONE complain about having the hint on there GPS? You think they want to print the hint and carry paper or there palm? If they don't want hint, don't look at it! Help me understand this....
  3. Maybe this is really picky, but it would be so sweet if it also dowloaded the clue into the notes like I do with GSAK!!! Is this possible or do you think it will be in the near future?
  4. I hope like crazy that nobody new to the GeoCaching forums/geoCaching world is reading this....
  5. ok, I WILL NOT place it, maybe I will find a card or one of these other noise makers.
  6. I was in the military. I vote yes to a medal, but use a different name. I don't take offense to it, but some will. Imagine if you had a purple heart and NO leg. Wouldn't be so funny would it. Even if you only offend 5 real purple heart bearer's, that is 5 people that were hurt badly for us.... just seems we can have more respect for them.
  7. OK, I won't place the screaming little toy.
  8. sometimes they are almost all "D", your saying those are all WAAS satillites?
  9. I would not do it to be mean, but make it very obvious in name and desc. so anyone looking for a little "strange" could try it out. It would have to be in the woods away from muggles. I think Buddaman would be the FTF and he would like it! Wished I was at work the other day when ya stopped in at Dear Watson!
  10. is there a way to tell if I am using WAAS on my Garmin 60CSx? in a forum someone said that they could tell WHICH satillite was WAAS.
  11. I gotta vote on my RAM windshield for my 60csx as well!
  12. I want your opinion on this. Someone gave me a little thing a while back that your supposed to clip to your belt and if you get mugged, you pull it off and it makes a really loud piercing noise until you put the little key chain back in.... its pretty loud. Assuming I name the cache "alarming and loud" or something like that (feel free to throw out ideas) and say something in the description about being "prepared to be suprised, not for faint of heart, put key back in its place to stop the madness..." something along those lines. I want to make it so when you open the cache (probably a ammo can) it goes off. what are your opinioins, and how do I rate it? (other than normal ratings) thanks!
  13. OK, new one for ya. In our area, it seems popular for people to put in a sticker of a little ribbon with there team name on it. My 5 year old son is very fond of these little ribbons. Today I let him take 2 of them, but now I am wondering if I should of left em..... what do you guys think? P.S. we normally don't take anything, and if we do, we leave something equal or better. sometimes we just leave stuff.
  14. I dare ya to tap it on the side on the counter.... more the bottom corner where the rubber is. If they will fix it now, just get a new one and enjoy it!
  15. Caches or other waypoints do not take up room on the microSD card unless they are loaded as custom POI. If they show up in the Geocaches list when you do a Find > Geocaches then they are not loaded as POI. The 60CSx can hold 1000 caches. You canload much more than that if you load them on the card as POI. Routes and tracks also have dedicated memory that does not reside on the card. So the anser to your question is that you have room for 910 caches. so what goes on the card other than my maps?
  16. When mine was "out" I could lightly tap the unit on the counter and get it on, but the same light tap would take it out.... I could take it back and forth like it was a switch. the guys at work said that is how it should work... kinda like clap-on-clap-off lights....... tap-on-tap-off. SOOO, don't tap it, cause it will go off!!!
  17. I have a RAM, love it, but, I have a jeep, so it vibrates to. I just attach it so its flexing the cradle against dash, helps a ton.
  18. I have a Garmin 60CSX with a 1GB mSD card. I have loaded approx 256 of City Navigator vr8 NT. I have currently loaded approx 90 Cache's. How do I know how much more room I have? How much does the average cache take up in space? I am using GSAK and .gpx files. Thanks a bunch! I am up to a whopping 16 caches now!!!
  19. Call Garmin? I did, only to find out they anticipated at least 20 minutes waiting time! I am not that patient, I guess, and it's not Toll Free outside the US... So I eMailed them, but still haven´t heard anything. I hope I end up just as enthousiastic about them as you are, but some things has to happen before we´re even close... I think I will call them next week, and hope things will work out, because without the backlight, it's pretty close to useless, I'd say. Google Earth: I had a window seat flying from Houston to Chicago, and the GPS had no problem whatsoever acquiring 5 or more satellites. The sky was clear, so I had good vision on roads, lakes and cities, and the GPS (with USA base map loaded) was telling me which ones I saw and which ones were coming. So cool! Back home, I used the Mapsource program to send the GPS track from GPS to PC, and there's a Menu item that launches Google Earth (if installed) and shows the tracks! I viewed my tracks in Google Earth... COOL!!
  20. The satellite page will show "accuracy". I stood out in a big parking lot for a long time, and seemed like the best I could get with WAAS was around 11, and with it off, I could get 9. Went back and forth a few times, was it just a quinkie dink?? One of the reasons (many reasons) I got the 60CSx is it had WAAS.
  21. I live in Northern, IN. I have a Garmin 60CSx. Should I have the WAAS enabled or disabled? I use the GPSr for driving and caching. I have played around just a bit, and it actually appears slightly better with WAAS disabled... am I crazy? Thanks for helping a newbie!
  22. I use my 60CSx and love it. Does amazing at both. I agree, must have a good mount. I have a RAM windshield mount and love it... very easy to read, it beeps 2 times before you turn, very easy to read the big turn arrows.
  23. The manual says very little. I want to make sure any Cache's I hide have really good coordinates. What is the best way to get most accurate coord's? Should I click on ave. wp then stand there, if so, how long do I let it count to? OR Should I walk in a radius around the cache.... 10 or 20' out? Seems I should just stand in one spot. thanks, I am learing slowly!
  24. Tally me up.. I have only ever owned 1 GPS. It is an awesome GARMIN 60CSx. I love it.
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