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  1. Does anyone know of any good loop hikes within the Wildcat Ridge WMA or Split Rock Reservoir area? I'm looking to do a hike in the area and here's what I came up with: (from the Upper Hibernia Road parking area): Orange Trail-Four Birds Trail (White)-hunting trail-Split Rock Loop Trail (Blue)-Beaver Pond Trail (Red)-Yellow In doing so I could hit these caches: GCP6WZ Oreland GCGQ2T Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch GCK0N6 Middle of Somewhere GCK0KE Blueberry Hill GCK1ZQ The Maze GCT698 Half Centenarian Thoughts on this? I've heard Wildcat Ridge is great for hiking and birding also. The last cache (Half Centenarian) is in an odd location and would require a fair amount of bushwhacking.
  2. There was a cache that I found with the name "On The Rocks". The hint? "in the rocks".
  3. There are apparently 5585 caches within 10 miles of me, but that's without my own finds and hides.
  4. The largest I know of is a huge storage container that you would put clothes in. This is at a cache somewhere out in the Mojave Desert in Arizona. The largest I've found was probably a 50 cal ammo can, and that isn't too big compared to that SUV up there.
  5. Or, for the more educated types, your "cache radius". I was wondering about this last night due to a prolific local cacher with over 9000 finds to his name. I'm thinking that every time he wants to go find some caches, he has to either wait for new ones to pop up or hit the road for a while. Now, my cache radius is 1.8 miles, due to a pesky local micro that I've attempted twice and can't quite find. After that, my next nearest cache is 3 miles away from my home coordinates. So, where is your nearest unfound cache? I suspect it will be farther away in rural areas, and for cachers with higher found counts, so let's see.
  6. Well, I actually double-broke a cache once. It was a beach safe with a broken latch. I managed to bust a hole in the top trying to force the latch shut. Oops.
  7. I think the worst is when you think you've met a geocacher. I was looking for a magnetic micro on a local landmark when a large man, about 40 or so, walking his dog, came by and asked "Looking for something?" Here I was, GPSr in hand and scouring for the cache, and I was so excited to have to meet my first geocacher. Then he makes some candid remark about the fish in the stream below. Darn.
  8. Not OP, but here's an article about last year's deer hunt: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2008/01/d...tuesday_in.html
  9. I think he means "Western Australia".
  10. Am I the only one who finds it funny that the guy was "practically strip searched" and his username is "Naked Baby"?
  11. I just looked up their website and for New York store locations they list 4: 58th and Lexington, NYC 6th ave, NYC White Plains, NY and Paramus, NJ Why, everyone knows suburban NJ is the 6th borough.
  12. Lock n Locks are what I currently use for hiding caches. I did find a cheap large sized Lock n Lock, maybe 2/3rds the volume of an ammo can for $4. But thanks for the tip. But hey... film canisters are free if you have them lying around the house.
  13. I figured that most cachers would, and that's why I'm making an effort to place more smalls and regulars. In fact, I hope to have a series of "On the Passaic" caches at scenic and/or historic locations along the river. As the holidays pass us by I'm going to be placing a few more. To be honest micros don't appeal to me as much as larger sized caches, but they are a lot easier and cheaper (important in this economy). However, I won't be placing too many.
  14. I would like to know if there is a way to remedy this problem that I'm having. Using the advanced search feature, I can search for caches by keyword. I searched for "TB Hotel". However, I get caches in China, Kentucky, and the UK with the keyword "TB Hotel". Is there a way to use the search by Keyword function and list the results by nearest to your home coordinates, or to a given location?
  15. There are a few locations near me with virtuals that could also benefit from an Earthcache. Does the 0.1 mile rule exist between caches without a physical container, such as virtuals, webcams, and Earthcaches?
  16. Ditto. We've been pretty lucky in northern NJ so far and haven't seen the micro spew that is so common in many other areas, but I'm starting to see more and more of it creep in here. I'm certainly not planning on it. I thought about having a series of "Cache n' Shop" caches at supermarkets in the area. I already have one out there but it's rather lame. I was thinking about putting a 5 stage micro multi inside a huge parking lot that I know of up in Midland Park... but I'm sure most cachers would run away screaming. I found a nice spot in Mills Reservation to put a cache that's nowhere near any of the other 7... but I don't want to saturate the park.
  17. Touché. I have a few spots on the agenda as well. Time and money is tight right now because of holiday shopping (yawn... ). I was able to get a new cache published on Monday, although it is in Garfield.
  18. Add to that that slukster's original Climbin' and Findin' Cache in Mills Resevation wasn't archived at all.
  19. A new Garmin Venture HCx (or a GPSMAP 60CSx would be nice too). A 100-pack of travel bugs. A twenty-ton boulder with a nook for a cache carved into the bottom.
  20. Well... *I* wasn't able to make it to the meetup, but it looks like my travel bug did! Thanks mmacgown.
  21. Just wondering. I'd like to place some caches in never-before-cached locations. The only way I know how to find archived caches are to look at individual members' hides, or bookmark lists, neither of which are comprehensive. Does anybody know how to do so?
  22. My sentiments as well. I noticed they'd been archived earlier today when I looked at the cache map of Garrett Mountain and they were. I'm proud to say that I nabbed three of them before TPTB (of the non-Geocaching world) took them down. I'm sad to see them go as not only did I want to complete the series but they are a real rush and great caches overall. polskikrol, i'm sending you some good vibes to getting the info. I'd hate to see these gone permanently!
  23. Found one yesterday that was a bolt stuck in a stop sign. I liked that one.
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