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  1. It has been a few days since the last post saying there were issues with the App. I'm just wondering if it has all been resolved and properly updated/fixed etc as I have just got an iPhone today (hooray!!! ) and am considering buying the app. Have trialled the free "intro" version and that seems to be ok. Hoping the "real" version is working now too. I have been using a Magellan Explorist, but I'm excited that the iPhone has all the cache info in my hand and on-call!! Looking forward to some good news....!!!
  2. Forgot to ask, is there anyway of transferring the hints and descriptions of the individual caches onto the GPS without manually doing each one?
  3. This is just the info I was looking for! Thanks for the way to load caches etc onto this darn thing!! I've had it for about 5 years, but only managed to find a few caches as I got so fed up with trying to load the co-ordinates onto it! And couldn't remember how I fluked those few!! My hubby gave it to me for a present and at the time I'm sure you could download directly to the unit... seems geocaching.com has become more Garmin friendly these days!! Am now living in Australia, found a basemap to load and am re-inspired to get hunting!! Thanks again, off to try my luck this time!
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