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  1. Turned on the Platinum and let it sit for almost an hour and it works great now, so thanks for the help.
  2. Downloaded 2 cache locations to the Nuvi and when I went to download the 3rd I got a message that there was not enough memory. So is the Nuvi not good for geocaching?
  3. My firmware is 3.12 and the current is 5. something and I had problems a couple of years ago elk hunting where I was out in the open and never got satellites. I will fire it up and go longer to see if that works. I also have a Nuvi 1450 LMT that I am learning how to load cache locations on. I have been out of the sport for quite a few years so need to learn again.
  4. I searched all day yesterday and can't find out how to update the firmware on my Magellan Platinum. I have not used it for a few years and it takes over 15 minutes to get satellites and then it will get the hour glass for another 15 minutes or more and the compass is off. So I assume my firmware needs updated? Thanks.
  5. I have a Platinum that I have had for years and my son just got an Explorist 210. We went out to a cache and he was over 200' feet off and I was 20' from the cache. So standing side by side his lat/long readings were different than the readings on my gps. Driving down the road was the same. Is there a setting on his that might explain this?
  6. Email sent. Let me know if you don't get it. iweb
  7. Would like to buy Topo 3-D if anyone has one for sale. S. Nevada or shipped.
  8. Will topo 3-d upload to a Meridian Platinum?
  9. Will Mapsend Topo V 4.2 upload to a eXplorist 210? Also I downloaded Mapsend lite and VantagePoint and they both work different than Mapsend and I can't see any topo on either. Am I doing something wrong or don't they have topo? Thanks.
  10. I have Mapsend 3.0 so I am a little outdated! Thanks for the info, its starting to come back now and once I do a few I will be good to go!
  11. Ok I bought a card reader about a year ago, used it once, and now being an old fart I can't remember how I did it. What program do I use? I see how to download to the gps but how do I upload to the computer? Just a little refresher would be a great help, thanks. Plantinum.
  12. I just bought an SD chip reader, loaded the software and tried to download from GPS and it does not read the waypoints that I have on the chip, it tries to read the serial cable that is not connected. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to somehow save the info on my hard drive and then open? Thanks.
  13. It used to be quick but all of a sudden it started this stuff. We will clear memory and try that. Thanks.
  14. A friend has a SportTrak Pro and I have a Platinum. I get sats in a couple of minutes or less and his takes like 10-15 minutes or more to get sats and this was like 10 times today. We checked all of our settings and they were the same. Any idea on how to get the Pro to get sats quicker?? Thanks.
  15. My Platinum was working perfect until I "upgraded" to 4.06 and then it went nuts and I could not get it to do anything right. I just put 3.12 back on and its back to normal, I can get within 2 ft. of a cache! Seems like some upgrade fine and some don't, mine didn't!
  16. I "upgraded" my Platinum to 4.02 and after a few weeks it went weird on me, my heading and bearing would go up and down while standing still and my topo screen would scroll while standing or walking. I finally went back to 3.12 and it works perfect again. Seems like some upgrades work and some don't but if you start having problems like I did you might want to un-upgrade.
  17. I used to live in Homer does that count? I am now in S. Nevada and I use my quad all the time to find and set out caches. A friend also has a quad and we have a pvt. cache thing going on where we put out 4 leg ones for just each other that only a quad can get to. Its a blast, you should get on this Alaska atv forum sit and ask if these guys have a GPSr and get them involved! http://pub57.ezboard.com/batvfrontier
  18. Thanks ATVcache, just what I needed to know! My SP700 has been at the dealer on Sahara all week and they have not started to work on it yet. Might have to go to Utah after all! Thanks.
  19. I just got a Ram mount for my quad and Platinum. Does the arm mount to the top or bottom of the cradle? Then when I put it on the quad does the gps just hang in the air or should it rest on something? Thanks.
  20. Well I thought I had it figured out! Now while standing still my bearing and heading changes continuously up and down 20 degrees for about a minute and then it may stop. If I either move the unit to flat or from flat to upright the heading and bearing both change. I tried changing all the settings and it still did it. I was also 30' off from the cache and I can usually get to within 2'. Any ideas? Go back to 3.12 or try the 4.06 or maybe the unit went bad???
  21. Does it have a clear plastic front and is the antenna out in the open or is it completely inside of the case?
  22. I just used an old cell phone case that I had laying around. I had to cut the flap off the top and it works great and the price was right!
  23. I think (GEO) may be on to something, while sitting in my easy chair I did a goto to a point that is north of me. The compass screen showed the waypoint as being SW of me and the heading was the same. I changed the top of screen from being north to being direction of travel and now the compass points north! I will try it in the truck today to make sure. I sure could of saved a lot of reloading firmware time if this is the fix!
  24. So if I go back to the old firmware will it be ok? All my problems started with the "upgrade"! I used to be able to sit in my easy chair and lock on to sats immediately or in the truck but now it won't do that. But when I was with a friend and his Pro yesterday in the truck, I had sats and he didn't, AND he never upgraded his firmware.
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