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  1. Bump. Look at this!Uni-cashers
  2. I made one!... Then the tree it was in got chopped down, but somehow my neighbors daughter got a hold of it and painted pretty pink and hung it in their yard. My link Here it is^^^
  3. Denver#9

    USPS Bug?

    Ok, so you have a TB, you live in Tucson, AZ it wants to go to Kansas City, MO. You were going to MO for vacation but your plans changed. Yet you really want to put the TB in this one cache. Is it "allowed" to send it in the mail to your geocaching friends to put it in the cache for you?
  4. Ha Ha... Rode to a cache on my uni, found it, rode home. I am officially a unicacher.
  5. Thanks for your replies. guess I'll wait 'till they give back our non-member privleges. Denver#9
  6. So I went caching on Monday and as I was walking through this park I saw a guy teaching a girl how to unicycle and I thought of this post. I actually really wanna learn how to do it now. I ride me mountain bike everywhere and I can ride with no hands standing up, would it be kind of the same thing, or totally different? I'm sorry to say that riding a bike with no hands and standing is nothing like riding a unicycle. I tried to prepare my-self by doing that before I got my unicycle, but there is no comparison. Although with perseverence and dedication you can do it. If you do end up getting a unicycle I would reccomend the brand Torker or Koxx-one. -Denver#9-
  7. How do you make it so your forum signature shows up at the bottom of each post? I don't know how. Please help -Denver#9-
  8. Ambient. To answer your question... 1) It doesn't really matter if you unicycle while you hunt, just as long as you know how to unicycle and you are a geocacher. 2) There are many kind of unicycles. Some are made for tricks some for circus and some for distance. The ones used for tricks usually have a 20 inch diameter tire, while the circus ones are the really tall ones called giraffs. The ones made for distance have giant wheels, usually 36 inch diameter. In fact some people have ridden in the Tour de France with them. Look up "coker unicycle" on google to see pics and information. Unfortunately I haven't been geocaching in some time, but next time I go I will be sure to ride my unicycle. -Denver#9-
  9. How much is it in the U.S.? And what do you premium members like most about it?
  10. Anyone out there who is a unicyclist and a geocacher? Or, has anyone seen a unicyclist geocaching? I think the two go hand in hand -I unicycle and geocache-
  11. I did not know you could have a "geopet". Thats pretty cool except my cat wouldn't allow me to put her "highness" on a leash
  12. Yeah, even though I'm not a serious cacher I'm sick of the boring old micro, log only, pil capsle caches. People should put some originality into their caches. I mean, those micros are just so annoying and not very fun. There are still good ones few and far between, like I found this one in Tucson, where I live, it was a birdhouse! Now isn't that cool? There were even birds near it. It took me and my friend like 10 minutes to find it, but why can't people use that kind of ingenuity? Oh, and about the close together caches, I don't mind those as long as they're in the wilderness or in a park. But the roadside stop, grab and go ones don't cut it for me. Denver#9
  13. By the way I'm thinking about putting up a new cache. Not to give anything away, but I think the hint might be "The falconache has nested" ? In Tucson, LATE May, east side, by Denver#9. Denver#9
  14. Does anybody have a begainer GPS for sale? One thats not that expensive, like a an explorist 100 or 200 or a Garmin GPS map 76 Please post something if you do. Thanks Denver#9
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