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  1. I agree with you Red, but I think price was the reason for their choices. Both the Dakota 20 and 20x are about $180. The Touch 25 you are adding to the equation is $250. If $180 is their price limit then the etrex 20x is the best bet, the Dakota is a pretty out-dated model now.
  2. I was able to get hands-on time with the Touch 25, GPSMAP 64, and Oregon 650. I ended up purchasing the Oregon 600. It had a noticeably better screen with better resolution was the tipping point. Even through I had previously planned on getting the GPSMAP 64s, after playing with them I ended up much preferring the touchscreen over the buttons, just personal preference. I also thought the map panning and zooming was quicker on the Oregon. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them though.
  3. 1. The pre-loaded geocaches are in a GGZ file. It's kind of like a ZIP file of GPX files. The GGZ file is better to use because it includes an XML file for quicker indexing and searching. You can use GSAK to output all your GPX files into one GGZ file. So there should be a GGZ folder on your GPS, just delete the files in it to clear out the pre-loaded caches. Or create a "Garmin Backup" folder on your computer and copy the files there first if you want to keep a backup. 2. There is a setting for increasing the viewing of caches when not zoomed in but I don't have my gps with me at the moment. Dig around in the settings, it is there somewhere. Edit: I managed to find the setting you need, but on the Oregon 600. If you look at this link: http://garminoregon6xx.wikispaces.com/Setup+-+Map And then scroll down to "Zoom Levels" this will be the setting you are looking for on your 64s, it should be under the Map options.
  4. Depends what your budget is. After doing a bunch of research and figuring out what features I wanted and looking at the trade-offs, for me it came down to the GPSMAP 64s and the Oregon 600. I went with the Oregon 600 after getting hands-on time with both.
  5. Which dashboard do you use instead of the geocaching dashboard?
  6. 2 Things... I've read that it is not recommended for some rechargeable batteries to be placed in air/water-tight devices. Whether that is due to heat or something else I'm not sure. Maybe try using standard alkalines for awhile and see if the issue persists. Second, it could be a bad map or gpx file causing the issue. Try removing all the files you have on it and see if it still freezes. If it doesn't, add back only what you need one at a time to troubleshoot, there could be a corrupt file triggering the freezing.
  7. I played with both the 30 and GPSMAP 64. It seemed to me the 64 panned and redrew the map when zooming in and out much quicker. I'm guessing the 64 has a better processor in it. Judging from the specs of the new Touch 35, the screen size and battery life is identical to that of the 64, so I'm hoping it also has the quicker processor in it. I haven't found a place that has the Touch 35 to play with it in person yet though.
  8. I was initially torn between the Oregon 600 and eTrex Touch 35. And then I eliminated the Oregon and was also between the Touch 35 and 30x like you. But after doing a good amount of research and some hands-on time with a couple different models I'm leaning toward getting a GPSMAP 64s now. It must have a better processor than the 30 because it seemed to respond better and zooming in and out on the map was a lot quicker. And I think, but don't know for sure, that the 30x uses the same processor as the 30 so it would operate at about the same speed. So I plan to get the GPSMAP 64s unless I hear that the Touch 35 is getting a better processor than the 30x. Also I thought the screen size on the 30/30x was really small.
  9. I'm in the market for a new gps and looking at deciding between the Oregon 600 and Etrex Touch 35. They are very similar and can be had for the same price although I know I could get the Oregon cheaper if I waited for a sale... The Oregon looks to have a much better screen, almost double the pixels but the Etrex sounds like it might have a much better interface. Decisions decisions. I'll wait awhile longer for some Etrex 35 reviews or comparisons to the 600 I suppose but I'm leaning toward the 35 as it's the new kid on the block.
  10. I'd have wrote down the license plate and called the cops. Let them deal with it.
  11. I believe that is the definition of stealing trackables...although it may be unintentional. I guess i'll leave it up to the owners of the trackables to contact them if they feel it necessary.
  12. I didn't say they were smart lol. But your probably right that it is just a noob that doesn't know how to log trackables. I don't see that they signed the physical cache log either.
  13. There is a user I suspect may be stealing trackables. I first noticed when a trackable was left at my cache and then this person visited it before I went out to check it and the trackable was gone. Then I checked their history and noticed it seems they mostly go to larger caches and caches that have trackables. Then there are reports of missing trackables right after this user has logged a found it on some of the caches. This user has never posted in the forum and only leaves "Tftc" in logs. Probably a noob smartphone user... Am I just being paranoid? Is there anything that can be done? I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post their name but look at my cache and this cache and I'm sure you'll have an idea.
  14. Thats great, good luck to it on it's journey.
  15. It would be really low to steal one of those from a cache. lol
  16. Those are really cool, I especially like the Nightvision and Afterburn.
  17. 13 days of caching with an 8 day streak.
  18. I'd like to find an unactivated Jeeper MTJ. I just missed the one that sold on ebay over the weekend dang it!
  19. Bartians, thank you for the explanation. I think I will place my first geocoin order
  20. As someone who just started geocaching within the last couple weeks, I am trying to understand the whole geocoin thing. I have very few finds and have not seen any geocoins yet, but I would be ecstatic to find any trackable at all, geocoin, proxy, TB, anything! So far I've mostly just seen junk (band-aids and cracked seashells), I don't bother to move that stuff. I thought about buying a geocoin and setting it free until I saw all the collectors/traders/sellers in the forums here and on ebay with collections of 400-600+ coins. This makes me think if I were to set one free it would just get scooped up very quickly by a collector or seller because they are so popular. And spending $10-$15 a piece just for them to end up in someone else's collection or on ebay... forget that. As a newbie I would probably opt for just creating a proxy and holding on to the real coin and save myself the disappointment of seeing it disappear. Or maybe buy just the tracking code and stamp it to something else. The current environment is very discouraging and makes it very unlikely for someone new to the hobby to release more than a couple coins or any at all. I would never keep a coin and would always help a trackable along to its objective but unfortunately it seems there are too many others out there that would just keep them. I will probably get flamed but this is just my perspective as someone just starting out.
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