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  1. Are you saying it's possible if they do not have to interact with employees?
  2. I didn't think it would be okay. But I figured I'd ask. Thanks!
  3. Hello from central PA! I would like to have a cache final stage end at a local car dealership. My idea is to have the cacher go into the business and give a password. Then they are given the log to sign. Is that against the rules of "advertising"? Or can I do this? And if so, what steps do I need to take to assure it's legit? Thanks for any and all info.
  4. Yes! VERY frustrated customer, also! Something changed because it was fine for weeks for me. Then all the sudden it's this https crap! I can't remove it either. I try and it won't let me. Definitely not what I want to be paying for.
  5. No luck. When I first joined, I tried my laptop without Chrome and it didn't work. I then used Chrome and it worked for a few weeks. Now just for first time today it has started saying Plug In is Not Unlocked Successfully. Tried it with Mozilla Firefox....no go.
  6. I keep getting the message that the Plug In did not unlock successfully. I am using Google Chrome. I domwnloaded the latest plug in version. That plug in sees me eTrex 20. But I keep getting error message when I send to GPS. It won't open the option to Write. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I am looking for any VW Bus or VW Bug related Geocoins. Thanks for any and all info.
  8. I am sure I am no where near the craziest.....but I just missed out on a Geocoin that I reeealllly wanted! A VW Bus Geocoin! So tell me I'm not crazy that I bid $60 and still lost! Can anyone tell me what maker has the name toys.com ?? I can just about make out the .com on the one side but can only read toys.com Would love to find one!
  9. Rookie mistake. Thanks! I deleted photos. Does that delete them from the gallery, also? Thanks for the help.
  10. Hello. I made a TB and some one Grabbed it. But I never dropped it. Now it says that they have it and I cannot log visits with it. Please help me "get it back". Thanks
  11. Bettis, our 1974 VW Westfalia. What's better than geocaching AND camping!? :-)
  12. Hello from Altoona PA. I was wondering how I can find local members? Looking to meet up with other folks to do some caching. Also looking to find local events or events close enough to attend. CITO and such. We love camping! Any camping events would be great! Thanks for any and all info!
  13. Hello. Just bought my Garmin eTrex 20 and can't seem to load from laptop to GPS. I downloaded the Garmin Communicator plug in. I then went back and tried to load from laptop to GPS. But got a message that "Garmin Communicator Plug in Not Detected" So I hit download again. A message comes up saying it's downloaded and names my GPS device. But still won't allow me to load from laptop to GPS. Any input? Thanks!
  14. Thank you very much for the great replies! You folks are completely right. I will focus on the good rather than the bad. Maybe and hopefully the first two folks did take a FTF memorabilia. That would be totally fine by me. I actually thought of FTF but had no idea what FTF items would be. Same as trade items? I don't have any special coins or collectibles. Other than my VW trinkets and collectibles of course. And yes, I planned to simply put another vintage VW key in the cache and a VW Bug trinket....as I do have more of both. Thank you for all the great input. We look forward to much more caching to come! P.S. Is SWAG the same as trade items or is SWAG specifically geocaching related items? Getting my lingo down! :-)
  15. My son(11 yrs old) and I have gotten into the Geocache madness within the past few weeks. We have been really enjoying ourselves. Found 59 caches so far and decided to hide our first. So, we thought of a good place and placed our first cache. A small container with Log and 4 trade items. A vintage VW key, a VW Bug necklace trinket, and Matchbox VW Bus, and a small flashlight. We placed the cache on the 16th. Went camping over the weekend and were totally stoked to see folks were already finding the cache. My son was excited to see what items people may be trading so far. So, we went to the cache and VERY disappointed to see that two of four of our items were taken. With NOTHING left in return. My son's face was about enough to make me wanna give up the hobby already. I can't express how disappointed I am that people would just take and not return. Am I missing something here? (Sorry. Had to vent)
  16. Any input on the Magellan 310 vs the eTrex 10? Thanks!
  17. Hello from central Pennsylvania! I am a newbie. My family and I are instantly hooked. We'd like to be well equipped. But at the same time we are looking to keep spending to a minimum. I was looking at a Garmin eTrex 10 tonight for $99. I thought that's what I would go with. When I just came home to get reviews from the Geo crowd, I saw a topic where a cacher was not happy with the "innacurate maps" that he downloaded. I use a Iphone 4s at the moment. Would the Garmin eTrex 10 be any upgrade from my Iphone? Or am I just a good off using the Iphone. Thanks for any and all info! Justin & family
  18. Great lists! Thanks! Is there anywhere I can find a printable replacement log? I've already ran into two full logs. Thanks!
  19. Hello Folks! Newbie here excited about the hobby. Just in our first day we realized we need to expand our backpack. I'd love to see lists of what's in your backpack so that we can make our own Geocaching bag that we can grab every day and head out. Thanks!
  20. Hello. I am trying to figure out how to remove a cache that somehow I posted Found twice. Can anyone help how to remove one of the two? Thanks!
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