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  1. I used to be able to punch into google search, “Geocaching events in....” then I’d add a state. And I’d get a list of all the events in that particular state. I can no longer find them. I can only see upcoming events which lists every single event in the world. I just want to be able to see all Pennsylvania and Maryland event lists. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  2. What's the farthest distance that you can place a Puzzle Icon from the actual GZ Coords? Thank you!
  3. I wanted to place my first letterbox. I have the following: Birdhouse as container. A rubber stamp, a logbook, a inkpad, and a pen. Do I need anything else to make it an official Letterbox? Thanks
  4. What if instead of directly contacting him, I would place something outside of his office. Maybe a flag or a box where you'd stop for stage one. Putting the flag up or down would signify that somebody is out in the yard. That would notify him and at same time, keep from having to interact.
  5. I can definitely take care of the Volkswagen advertising via description issue. I'm just thinking of a way we can work it out so that there's some type of checking in process. This is just needed so he can tell who's a geocacher and who's a possible parts thief. That and it'd be good to know someone is in the yard in case they got hurt. He'd know they are out there.
  6. Thanks for the info and replies. I see the line between business and say a Visitor's Center. Lemme give a quick rundown and see if there is any way we can make this work within the guidelines... This isn't just any old junkyard...it's a Volkswagen Bus Heaven! It's a museum! It's more a collection than a business. When we arrive, there are not ANY business signs. No business name. No phone number. Just 150ish VWs from 50s - 80s(mainly Buses) scattered throughout the property. There aren't any No Trespassing signs. No Posted signs. No fences or real borders. No real order to the VWs. Just scattered over a bunch of acreage. I don't even think he's in the phone book as a business. I go there for the nostalgia. Of course I talk him into selling me parts for my VWs. But never will you find him trying to sell you anything. He's in his early 70s and is the old school "want to die with it all" kinda guys. This is truly a lil Volkswagen Fantasy world. I'd love it to be seen and he was okay with it once I explained everything. He knows how I feel about it as museum aspect. That being said....since it's not really a advertised "business"....is there anything we can do to make it work? I think this would make for an instant favorite in Pennsylvania. Thanks!
  7. Thank you for the input. I understand your point. I know of at least two active earth caches that you have to pay admission fees to obtain. How does the rules apply to that?
  8. I am looking for information about placing a cache in a junkyard. It would be a multi cache. Rather then place a traditional that people could attempt to go after at any time, We were hoping to control that by having people start at a stage one where you would get coordinates for stage two from the owner. The owner gives complete permission but just doesn't want people randomly running through the junkyard. Is this possible? Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. My apologies. Found the same topic. Couldn't delete thread.
  10. I have no issues at all with publishing archived logs or posts. I stand by everything I have said. The archived logs by me have been quoted above. The other archived logs are the ones that include a couple finders arguing on my cache. Did I delete them? Yes. I didn't want the arguing on the cache logs. I was not involved in their argument. The cache that Keith refers to that I archived on 12/13/14 was because I had planned that for our 12/13/14 group to be able to enjoy a 12/13/14 placed cache that we would have been able to find on our travels that day. It didn't work out. My exact archive post is quoted above. "This cache was not posted as requested" Why does it have to be a bigger issue than that cache didn't work out as requested. Did I leave a big rant? No. I simply posted the above and archived the cache because it indeed did not work out to be published as requested. I did send an email asking the guidelines so I would know in the future. End of story. That was a 12/13/14....almost 60 days prior to this incident. What you saw was Keith grasping for straws to make me look bad. Mission accomplished....sorta. With Keith's accusations and needling...it seems as if I archive on a normal basis. Completely untrue. I have 986 finds and 85...errrr...84 caches placed. This was one incident and has been blown way out of proportion. My OP has been answered as to why my cache was not and most likely will not be unarchived. Thanks to the one poster who did see the big picture. (last post)
  11. For small numbers of caches (1 or 2) please note that seven days is the expected service goal for the initial review. An email is sent to all cache hiders to remind them of this when submitting their cache. Thank You for confirming that you cannot fulfill your job as an unbiased reviewer...but instead, will turn this into a personal vendetta.
  12. Man...leaving out details to mold the events to your liking....that's almost lawyer like. I didn't drop the caches out of the blue. I had been in discussion with you for weeks leading up to that day. I listed them Wednesday...you published them Saturday. Where's the issue?
  13. You posted a note on 02/01/2015 saying: By definition, that is an ALR. While I understand why a cache owner may want to prevent people from finding the final of a series without finding the others, if they logged the physical logbook then it stands as a find. Any restriction on doing so is an ALR. I assume you deleted this note after Keystone replied to you. A scare tactic and nothing more. All this took place after the discussions of the Geocheck being compromised. That was a Note...not added to the cache description. Which would have been removed when the GeoCheck site was back in order.
  14. For the record...I did not add any ALR after the cache was published. Nor did I try to. I asked Keith via email if I could delete a log if some one was able to work around the GeoCheck link. He said no. Not that it matters since you three somehow know my thoughts...and pack mentality is at full steam....but I did archive the cache in the hopes to lock it from being "found" til I came up with a way to make sure that the GeoCheck was not giving codes. Keep assuming....that's your right. But you are wrong.
  15. That's all I did in my first email. I believe it may have been two or three sentences. The second email is when I added info including why...the GeoCheck issue.
  16. That is a complete lie. Those five caches were listed on Wednesday, January 29th in the afternoon. I changed the Hidden Date(s) AFTER they were published....as I do with all my caches so that they come up at the top of the Placed list. Yes, I was upset that a cache that I worked so hard to place turned into a battle for FTF. And yes, I have not found a cache since then....wanting to take a break from this "hobby". But I received numerous texts, phone calls, and emails from local cachers asking for it to be unarchived. So, I figured why penalize all for the actions of a few. (as it seems to be your current punishment) Wow, what a slap in the face. After all the steps I've taken to smooth over your ill feelings towards me by sending you emails inquiring about what I can and cannot do with a cache. You thanked me for those emails. I was simply inquiring if I could publish a cache with code words that would be emailed. I never placed it in a cache description nor tried to impose that rule on anyone. I simply asked you if it was a option. You gave me a answer. Did I argue the answer?? Or did I take the necessary steps to make that cache by the guidelines? Please do explain my "unrealistic expectations of site volunteers". I.E. I followed all steps and waited 8 days for a response. But yet you are able to give me an answer here within 70 minutes. Yes, I did inquire about logs being deleted....because I was worried that people would be able to find it via the GeoCheck hacking issue. I archived the cache because I thought the idea of the cache was compromised. Trust me....had I known it was handing the keys back to you, I would have never done that. I had and have nothing to due with Profbrad's thread. Did I post on that thread? No. Are they related? Technically, yes. But are they hand in hand...no. It's an insult and ridiculous for you to automatically assume you know all the facts. You made your own assumption and then used your power the way you decided. YES, this is related to the GeoCheck issue. You are wrong in your assumptions. How is it that a reviewer has the ability to be a guidance counselor? How do you gauge when "things have cooled off a bit"? Do you have access to our emails where we all worked things out? Are you on our facebook pages to know we've all been communicating and "things have cooled off"? Just interested on how it is that you have the ability to gauge that without having any personal contact with any of us? (I would truly like to know how this is determined by a reviewer) I do Thank You for your volunteer time and efforts. However, your personal feelings have allowed you to make a personal agenda rather than be a unbiased reviewer.
  17. Hello, let me first start off by saying I am very grateful for volunteers. I am a volunteer myself for a few things including events and sports. I know how hard it is to give free time. I get it and respect it. What I am puzzled about is why I sent three emails in the past week to my local reviewer to "unarchive" a cache of mine. Last week, after the geocheck debacle, I was unsure what step to take to keep folks from logging a puzzle cache of mine. I was worried that folks were able to get the final coords with the help of the hacked GeoCheck site. Inexperience and worried my cache was compromised, I archived rather than disable. My bad. My fault. That was about 12am...ish last Sunday night. After realizing that GeoCheck was okay, I went to unarchive my cache. I couldn't. So I sent a email at about 2am Monday morning. I didn't expect an immediate response. Even knew as the site guidelines state....it may take up to three days for a response from a reviewer. I patiently waited.(As patiently as I could) Three days passed and no response. Taking into account it's slow season and he does have his own life...I didn't send a second email til Thursday. 4 days after first email. Nothing again. After that email, I saw that he had posted to threads online. He also published a few new caches. My concern then was...how does he have time to respond to threads and publish caches...but not give me a reply of any type to my request. Can anyone please tell me what I can do to have my cache unarchived? I debated just publishing a new cache. But if he won't reply to my emails...he may ignore the cache publishing, too. I just wish I could be told why the cache cannot be made active again. Again....I am very thankful for reviewers and volunteers. Please do not mistake my thread for a lack of appreciation.
  18. Some great ideas! I will be sure to remember them at my next event. We ended up playing the "Ice Breaker" game where you sign blocks of things that you may have or not done while geocaching. I was surprised how many people could sign the "Cried While Geocaching" block!
  19. I had my setting at 50 miles for a notification for a newly listed event. But I wanted to expand my event notifications to 75 miles away. I deleted my old one since it kept going back to 49.(and a bunch of numbers) I then made a new notification and made the mileage 75. I look at it and it says 49.(and a bunch of numbers) again! Any reason why I can't expand my notification to 75 miles? Thanks
  20. I have tried to search with no luck. Can anybody tell me what is today's current oldest geocache in Pennsylvania? Thank You!
  21. Hello, I am hosting an event and wanted to have some games to play onsite while the event is going on. It's a potluck dinner and we have the lodge for four hrs. Plenty of time for geo related games. One I do know of and like is the GeoBingo where there are squares filled with things that you have to find that have been done or accomplished by the cacher. Once all squares are signed first, a winner is declared. Also have done the Toss the Ammo Can where men, women, and kids have three separate ammo cans they have to toss for long distance. What fun games have you played at geo events? Thanks!
  22. Hi Folks! I have been looking for a spot locally for a EarthCache for this weekend's upcoming EarthCache day. I was told of and then went to see a US Dept of Interior Geological Survey marker located on a property(that has given permission for a cache) I could easily toss a container nearby the Geological Survey marker. But I would like to make it a EarthCache. I tried my best to search what the exact reason it was put there....with no luck. Anyone know of any sites to research a given survey marker? Any input or info on how you could make this a earthcache would be greatly appreciated. My other option is make is a puzzle cache that you need to take a picture of your GPS next to the marker. But would love to find a way to make it a Earthcache. Thanks!
  23. removed picture to keep cache idea original......
  24. Never cared to sell anything or promote sales. I just love old Volkswagens. Thanks for all the info.
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