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  1. I just tested with the airplane mode. The photo in the description did not load. There’s just a white box where the photo should be.
  2. If I save caches from the app to offline data, do they load the pictures in the description and the logs? I can’t really test it til I’d get to somewhere without cell reception. So wanted to see if anyone could give me a solid answer before having to test it. Thanks!!
  3. Never said he wasn’t. Keystone has been reviewing 60 recent placed caches of mine. I’ve bugged him enough lately. I don’t see anything wrong having a open discussion on the matter.
  4. THANKS! That clears it up! I’m gonna use one of these as the general idea. Obviously gonna have to dumb down the detail.
  5. I didn’t want to pester Keystone with a bunch of questions. I figured I’d have an open discussion and get info. I figured the logo would be a no go. It was just the easiest option. Trying to word it correctly for the distance question. In a normal mystery cache, the physical cache has to be within 2 miles of the ? icon. With Geo-art, the 2 mile parameters...is that 2 miles each way from the art? Or is it 2 miles from the center? Or is it 2 miles from one designated mystery cache? Using this photo for sample.
  6. Hello from central Pennsylvania! We have plenty of state game lands here and I’ve been on a placing frenzy. I’d like to place caches and make a Geo-art. My first question is...can I make my art a Volkswagen emblem? Or does that cross some type of copyright infringement? My second question...can I place caches 2 miles each way from the center of the art? Thanks!
  7. I owe Keystone an apology. I got frustrated and totally reacted in the wrong. I do appreciate all the volunteer efforts to keep this game alive and well. My apologies to Keystone for the attack and especially for the awful timing. I will admit that in hindsight, his set time and date was actually the best release time for the group of caches. My apologies to Keystone, other Mods, and the community in general. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.
  8. If one was a lawyer, it would be their job to paint a bad picture of me. Which are you doing pretty good. Make me look like some guy that has no idea what he’s doing and he’s hiding geocaches for the first time. That he’s abused your publication process. I have hidden 266 geocaches to this date. Of which, 178 are active. I have 1423 favorite points. With a percentage of 11.6% At least 1 in 10 of my finds, gets a favorite point. That would tell you that I’m most likely a quality hider. And if you’re a quality hider, most likely you understand the publication process. Yes, you are correct. Seven years ago when I first started I may have asked for a bunch to be published at certain times. I have not asked you to publish a cache at a certain time in over four years. I wouldn’t really call that abuse. You’re more than welcome to paint me as someone that has no clue as to what they’re doing. But it’s not the case. I came on here again with a legitimate question. I just wanted to know the process and reasoning. Your response was then throw a fit and publish half of the geocaches. Say what you want, but we all know at the end of the day that’s the truth. The last time I came in here and asked a question about the reviewer process, you came on to that thread and attacked me with another reviewer. (it can be found by searching my posts) A few members that were early members then stepped in and told you guys both to come off of your high horses. This is basically the same exact story different day.
  9. Yep, and by consensus of local cachers, you're not consistent. Not gonna sit here and point them all out. But you've clearly played favorites through the years and bend rules to your favor given the circumstance. If I had a nickel for every Keystone complaint of inconsistency... My favorite points speak for themselves.
  10. If there's anything that you are consistent about...is being inconsistent. As a 2000 member has previously stated......"We don't have many issues with reviewers. But when there's an issue, it seems to always involve Keystone." We've answered each other's questions at this point. Lessons noted. Merry Christmas!
  11. You’re Priceless. Thanks for yet again showing your true colors. It’s known. Thanks for keeping it professional.
  12. I knew coming here would put me back on Keystone’s 💩 list. Back to the hole I go. lol Delayed publishing and sharp reviews to follow. Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁
  13. So now comes the punishment that they’ll all not go live the 26th.
  14. I never requested any caches to be held. Sometimes we hiders release in batches so that the first to find can be shared rather than all 50 some to be gobbled up by one person.
  15. The caches were placed in groups. Then submitted as such. It’s not a series. It wasn’t meant to be thought of as one placement. I chose to saturate an area with traditional caches. Not puzzles or Multis. Simple traditional caches. They’re all not the same “power trail” because they are not connected. The 22 that were indeed a power trail were all submitted at once. In the long run, I placed a nice, glitter painted ammo can that I had hoped would be live for Christmas. I went out and did all the work I hopes it could publish in time. I figured being submitted by 12/21, it would have a good chance to be live by 12/25 We had been told by you in the past that we cannot request a release time. That you cannot sit and hit a button by request. (I figured they could be scheduled) So for years now, I stopped any request for a time released cache. I reshuffled work at my “paying job” in hopes to have this all done in time. But alas. At least I now know your answer. I’ll just be more clear that caches miles apart are not part of the same power trail.
  16. So if I have a question about a series that I’m placing in it has 20 geocaches in it, I am to place the 20 geocaches then ask a question?
  17. Our reviewer has told us directly not to message him. Ask in the cache submission.
  18. Unfortunately there is no communication with our local reviewer. Can’t just message him and ask questions. That’s why I came here.
  19. I have 265 geocaches hidden. These aren’t my first hides. I’m just trying to understand the process. It’s just confusing that one that was submitted on the 20th is not released. But one on the 22nd is released.
  20. Nope. Not that either. If the spot was taken he would not have it on hold for me to be released on the 26th. If it was already taken by another geocache my geocache would have been denied not put on a time release.
  21. These are all on state game lands. Nothing closed or limited for holidays.
  22. Some of the caches were submitted 12/21 I get it is holiday season. I get they’re volunteers. I do appreciate that. Even wished him a Merry Christmas. just puzzled as to why a cache is reviewed, but then scheduled to be released rather than just hit go live like he has others hidden after.
  23. Our reviewer does not talk to people. You ask any questions and you get some type of computer generated response.
  24. I placed and submitted traditional geocaches on the 21st. I then placed another geocache yesterday. The one I placed yesterday went live immediately. But I have started to receive notifications that the ones that I submitted on the 21st will be published on the 26th. Four days later? I then wake up this morning to see that caches that were placed yesterday are going live today?? My geocaches are traditional caches and they have a been reviewed and set for a release that was not requested. I’m just trying to understand why caches yesterday are being released today, but yet caches submitted on the 21st are being scheduled for days later?? It’s not a series or mystery. They’ve clearly been reviewed. Why are they being held? Thanks for any insight.
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