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  1. KC9ENQ Christine Billings, MT
  2. That DNF and picture was quite funny.
  3. Being unable to find work for over a year and trying to live on one income will do that to you. Our toys were purchased when I was still working. Luckily I've just started a new job, but as of last week, an extra $3 a month for a website subscription was too much to justify.
  4. I wish more people left logs like this. I hate doing caches that are in conspicuous or dangerous areas. Last weekend we found a cache hidden on the back of a sign on a busy rural road. There was no place to safely park and there was nothing to look at in the area. We drove all the way out to the area to see a stupid "do not enter" sign. Everyone who had posted before us were saying things like "cute idea" or "great idea". I ended up posting: Traffic moves fast back here and there's not much room to safely park (just so people are aware - it might not be that safe for very little kids). Signed log. I just couldn't be as diplomatic as the rest of the guys I guess....
  5. Oooh! I'm thinking a Harry Potter stocked cache. . .too bad it's so darn cold out here.
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