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  1. I used Packanack cause that is where I live , and Jello was already taken , my best geocaching story is telling my next door neighbor that I was going out geocaching with my son, he starts laughing and calls his wife out, she gives me a weird look I say to her strange huh ? she says all you guys are !! as it turns out he is a charter member.
  2. Signed up in 12/02, didn't even look for a cache until 6 months later, when I knew I was going camping on Sandy Hook. There was a virtual. Used the site to find good hiking spots only. Another 6 month period worked in there. Did not pay too much attention until last summer and have been kind of getting into it at this point. Have been going at lunch time for walks in the local places and getting a little exercise. Some of the best have been DNF's with my son. Give's us some time together, before each of us gets too old for this sort of thing. Question for more experienced, How long did your longest cache approval take ? Not that I have any real burning desire to know.--Yeah right.
  3. I use a Canon Powershot A80, 4.0 MP I believe a now discontinued model. The replacement is A-85. Great all purpose digital. Canon also makes a digital single lens reflex that uses the EF series lenses. I have a Canon SLR, and if I were going to upgrade to digital slr that would be the way I would go, just to preserve the lens value. I bought Canon A 70's for Christmas for son and wife, and they are very similar to the A-80 except without the movable viewfinder. As an alternative you might look into the Pentax Optio series, they make a very compact 4.0 MP Waterproof Camera, of very compact size (shirt pocket) that would be a very sound choice for outdoor general purpose. This camera has similar zoom capability to the Canons. Pentax has always had lenses that are the top. The waterprood feature is a draw. I can recommend B&H Photo website for a very comprehensive listing of all types.
  4. One of the great areas to visit while in the Washington DC area is the Potomac Great Falls area, about 5 or 6 miles outside Georgtown. The C&O Canal ran out from Georgetown to Cumberland Maryland. I would try and look to see if there are any caches there. The transit system in Washington is non pareil, so you can get many places quickly. I looked on the website quickly and saw a lot of virtuals. Have fun.
  5. 1/17 Coastguard in dramatic rescue. Film at 11. Ah to be young again. Have fun.
  6. [ the trails weren't GPSed. ] Sounds like the makings of a cache event. I would sign up for that one. I would certainly do the Scarlet Oak Circular. Everybody gets a trail. If memory serves, which now a days that is hit or miss, there was info on NYNJTC viewpoint about a project dealing with mapping and gps where people could sign up to assist.
  7. For anyone who is interested in the Allamuchy area a good hiking map is at http://www.ppbsa.org/ click on camping and click on Mt. Allamuchy Reservation and then USGS Map. This is a great hiking area. There are some caches there too. Great rail trail biking on the Sussex Rail Trail in the immediate vicinity. For a free trail map of High Mountain, which NYNJTC.org is no longer mapping go to Wayne Township Parks and REcreation on Wayne Township Website. Pyramid Moutain has a map put out by the County, that is good. NYNJTC used to have it as one of their maps, no longer. Now about Passaic County--There are no maps, except from TC and those you make yourself. In Passaic County no one even knows that some of these places exist. Briansnat has educated more people to the existence of places in 6 months than the county has in 20 years I've lived here. Burnt Meadow Brook Cache, you know that Passaic County did not even know that the STate had added that parcel-- That is because we in Passaic County have almost no Parks and REcreation forethought. We are very content to allow the State to carry the weight. For that reason we have no bike paths. 12 years in the making the West Milford Bikeway and not a thing done. Bike Path from Mountainview Wayne to Riverdale --8 years in the making and not athing.
  8. How about overlaying the caches (don't know how difficult this is) ]How about overlaying the caches (don't know how difficult this is) Download the cache waypoints from Geocaching.com, to something like EASYGPS (free) just check the boxes and then when they are on EasyGPS move them over to GPS and when they are on your machine then download them into the TOPO program and then just print the map on your own printer or save them to disk or CD and have Staples print them. You can hide labels. When you download to EASY GPS is gives cache name which will go into the Waypoint list.
  9. You might want to check out the link below. I do the same type of mapping and the freehand is tough. I find that maxing out the magnification makes it easier. http://www.co.bergen.nj.us/Parks/Parks/MAPS/Ramapo.jpg may meet your needs. Rod Johnson Cartography is available at Ramsey Outdoor Store in Paramus, should you find yourself in the area. His Ramapough Mountains 2 map set is 8.95, but it has a split (imo) right where I don't want it. I generally use the National Geographic Topo series for all my mapping. For those interested in another local map, there is an Allamuchy State Park Map on the Patriots Path Boy Scout Council website. I find that I can down load some of these things save them as JPEG, whatever that may be and take the disk to Staples and they print them on 11 X 17 waterproof stock on a lazer printer for about $6 total.
  10. Went to National Boat Show in NYC and there were display models of Cobra GPS line, hadn't heard of them and the saleman said they would be available March or April 03, and expect pricing to be lower than comparable Garmin/ Magellan units. Cobra makes line of FRS and GMRS radios, in case anyone is interested.
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