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  1. Okay all you have to understand is most blacks have grown up in the big cities. The closest some have come to mother nature is Central park in NY. I lived in Alaska for a while and when military people come there that are from huge cites almost die. They have never seen that much open land. Especially if one sees a Moose they are terrified that it migth eat them beause they look like a tree in uniform. Come one the biggest animal they have seen is the sewer rats beating up the cats for food. Most of my black friends would rather sit inside play video games, watch movies, or play on the computer. So really look at how people have been raised and yo can tell what they like doing. Oh BTW I know whites you wouldn't catch them dead in the woods.
  2. mtn-man I still love ya. and I do agree with you. But you know someone always wants to shake the hornets net and see how many hornets can come out and sting them.
  3. I think his feelings got hurt and doesn't want to play anymore. So I agree with sbell to lock this thread
  4. Okay let me explain something here. The caches that are on US military bases in Iraq and a few other places that are war zones right now are for military people all over the world that is serving to fight the war on terror. The people got special permission to put them there by Groundspeak. Yes not everyone can get to these caches, so yes they are only for a select few. If there were caches outside of the walls would more than likely kill more troops. The troops need something to do who is restriced to base. Not everyone can go outside the walls. So I think I have answered you question well enough. I also hope the name calling will stop over something this silly. I don't think some of you are going to say "hey I want to go to Bagdad to go caching today does anybody want to go?"
  5. Hiya Ad0or! We enjoyed your Utah caches while on our road trip! Now.. Why is it any difference? Well, to me the fast that they are generally paper, tattered and often stuffed into the smallest micro's it just doesn't make sense to leave it to get worse. As for the content, being religious does hit a sour and sometimes offensive note to those of us who do not practice the same beliefs, religions or mythology. I try and keep the swag I leave kid and family friendly. I'm sorry but my kids and I certainly do not find these items enjoyable, amusing, cute, useful or worthy of trades. Also being that they do tend to solicit one belief system, at least the ones I've CITO'd have, they push an agenda. 73' and happy cahcing! J.. In the history of the world, more people have been killed in the name of religion than any other cause. Why can't you just ignore the materials and move on? The mere fact that you're offended and CITO materials such as this proves nothing more than the idea that you're just as closed minded as the idiot that put it there in the first place. And how come threads on this topic never die? I will aree with you on this. Yes I did reply to a few things on this thread. But I do aree with you about letting this just die.
  6. <social commentary> you would think people would understand the freedom's they hold dear, but its not usually the case over here. Freedom not only applies to your own beliefs, but also to those that you disagree with. I currently work in the public sector and at Christmas time, they don't allow employees to put up Christmas trees. But when it comes time for the Gay-Straight alliance to have their annual dress up like the oposite sex day, nobody seems to have a problem. My freedom of religion is constantly stepped on. I can't put up decorations at Christmas because it might "offend" someone who is not Christian. Since when did we have a right to not be offended? Missed that one in the Constitution. But if I am offended by the cross-dressers, i'm a biggot. </social commentary> Christmas trees are not a Christain thing. It is a Pagan thing. So is the yule log. It was adopted by the Christains to win over the Pagans. Decorating was also Pagan. They would be bring in ever greens and holly so life can conitue.
  7. and there shouldn't be. freedom of religion means freedom FROM religion. government agencies have no business promoting any god. unfortunately, there are few practical alternatives to using the coin of the realm. happily a geocache is not a government agency and cachers while perhaps government agents are (i hope) caching as private citizens and are therefore free to promote religious items as they wish. geocaching .com is opposed to social agendas at caches, which is (i think) a sensible policy. so. religious item as signature, representing you and your visit? sure. religious item meant to pressure or prosyletize? not on your life. there's still a big grey area. Well with the bills In God We Trust was added during the Cold war in 1957. Right around the same time Under God was added to the pledge.
  8. Fair enough But my other ones have had pretty good co-ordinates because I go out on a few separate occasions to test my waypoint accuracy Oh, and just in case anyone missed it, this is my little dig at LPCs To set the waypoint as exact as you can, you need at least 4 satellites. Even though you can track your location w/ three, the more you have the better you are. Surveyors don't even do anything unless they have 4 or more because it ensures that they are on target as close as possible. I think if you are connected to 4 or more satellites, you should be fine. My GPSr won't even display the location unless it has signals at least four satellites. I just conducted a little experiment. I took my eTrex Vista CX out in the backyard and with WAAS enabled I hit mark. After it averaged just over 500 times, it had an estimated error of 10.8 feet.
  9. I can use Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign.
  10. So what are some of the ideas for the coin. I can draw up one if you let me know what you might want on there.
  11. I tried to get it back on topic but I guess it just didn't work. Sorry to see it go down.
  12. Hey just to let you know you are not suppose to leave batteries. They can corrode and leak in the cache. Also I am hoping you are leaving re-reusable water bottles with no water in them.
  13. Okay I am sorry on the Non Christian thing. I wasn't thinking with others who believe in God to an extent. Yes I am a Pagan. I used to be a Christian, married to a preacher (he is not one any more), and can disscuse the bible really well with people. But I finally opened my eyes when I saw how some people not all treat others in a church if they do something wrong. Or even how they treat people that don't believe the way they do. I could not handle it. Mine is very peaceful and I can relax and be one with myself and what is around me. So yes I still would love for there to be a caching group for believes that don't believe in God, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, and what ever the Hindu and Budda Gods are called. So let's hope we can get this back where it was suppose to go in the first place.
  14. No it hasn't got derailed. Just some get upset with this subject. Yes I will be more than glad to join the group here. I agree with my hubby I hope people understand what people believe if it is Judo Christian, Atheism or what ever you believe. We all need to play nice and enjoy the sport we all love. Now back on the subject. Yes I think it would be nice to start a group for Atheist and other Non-Christian believers.
  15. Don't make me break you all up and stand you all in the corners of the forums!! Wait what am I saying? Continue with the show. I'm having fun reading this good stuff here. It is master pieces. Well pieces of something.
  16. I think everyone is just beating a dead horse now (so to speak). Everthing has been covered every which way here. I think this thread really needs to just die a slow and painful death.
  17. <Laying on floor kicking and screaming> Me Me Me why isn't anyone thanking me!!!! I'm going to hold my breath until someone thanks me!! <Humph>
  18. Okay I will play nice right now. Under this name for forum stuff I have 1 cache hidden and only 5 finds under this name. But as a family name I have well over 340. Also as a family we have hidden 20 caches. The only reason the one cache is under my name is because it is a theme cache I have and I will put a few more under my name. Your proposal to make people hide caches will hurt our sport. There are people who hide caches but never had a single find. They would rather spend the time to do great caches for cachers to find and enjoy the posts. A lot of them give back by doing CITO around the cache, hiking into the cache, and if they go a different way they pick up on the way out. Then there are people who repair the cache and put swag in it for others cachers without taking anything. So yes people do give back but not the way you want them to give.
  19. Oh yes I do!! I have to find every cache and if I can't find it I will crawl up in the fetal postion saying "I can't find the cache, I can't find the cache". Then the men in the white suit and with the big I Love me jacket will then hall me away. Sorry couldn't pass that one up.
  20. Contact a reviewer in your area. Ask him or her if they could try to get in contact with the owner. If they can't get a hold of the person they will take care of it.
  21. Considered cheating or not (that is not the question), how many would look and compute numbers to acheive this? Would you? I know I would not. It would be a very few group of people and in some regions maybe. It would not ruin what Geocaching is. On the other side, the tool would help hundreds, thousands of geocachers in finding free spot to hide. [Rant] Okay Bigfoot get all of the wax out of your ears and cut the hair away from your eyes. Your question has been answered how many times? Now rewording it is not going to get the answer you want. You put too much faith in man kind. Yes there would be a lot of cachers that would cheat the system to find a cache. Now for Xopher you need to grow up to and understand this will never work and Groundspeak won't approve it. If you want to put out a cache do your research. Now you know that a cache or a mutli is in an area you want to put something. just make sure you are far enough away. My nine year old can figure that out. She wants to put a cache out so she asks for us to help in places she wants to place it. If she can't put it there she understands. Then finds another place. You two need to quit throwing fits and get over yourselves. If a 1st grader, 3rd grader, and a 5th grader can figure this out I think you can too. Or are you telling me your not as smart as a 1st grader? Also don't get me angry. You don't want to see me angry! [End Rant]
  22. No I haven't. But that is good to know. There are small rectangle bags for snacks used for little kids that could work. If not I can use plastic wrap.
  23. I'll probably be caching in N.Y. on the way to or from GW7 if it happens on the east coast as rumored.... If you (or anyone) don't wanna wait.... Just send a self addressed stamped envelope to: Snoogans c/o PRESS Your Luck! P.O. Box 516 Missouri City, Texas 77459-0516 And I'll send you one of my highly prized (in my mind) siggys.... I only check my P.O. box about once a month so give it at least 4 weeks. Improper postage on your SASE is not my problem..... Or you can get one in person at GW6. I collect smashed pennies and would send you a SASE. how much postage is required-the standard rate? thanks. If you ever want to leave your doggie as swag I'll just might have to take it. I have a cute Westie and he needs a playmate to rough up. But trading up for it would be hard though. I could always shove the two cats in the box as swag. I love to see who opened the cache after me though. It would be a real whoot.
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