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  1. This series of discussions about the ET Highway series has prompted me to comment to the forum for my first time. I keep reading about how "some cachers" are just ruining it for the rest of us. Well, I don't buy it. It is a phrase that people are just too ready to trot out in a situation like this. "Someone" is always trying to ruin something. I see some people who complain that some people are going into the desert, and that is what is causing the problem. Others complain it that some people are parking in the roadway and are ruining it. What the heck do you want? You either park on the highway or in the desert out there. There isn't much "in between". Maybe we should all hover out there like a UFO??!? And now I read the non-number people weighing in that it is the number cachers that are "ruining" everything. Come on people. It is not parking in the road, parking on the shoulder, or just wanting to go and do the trail that is ruining everything. The fact is that nothing has been ruined. The cows "ruin" the desert more that all the cachers that have ever visited this series. And I have yet to see anyone do more than speculate that any cacher has caused an accident (I did see a cow sized dent in the front of a semi-truck the day I was leaving, though, and a pile of rotting hamburger about 30 yards away in the desert. I doubt any cacher was driving it). My guess is that some semi-official government employee has made it his mission to "do something" out there before someone or something gets hurt. I am always amazed at how many people get a bug to "do something" when "doing something" is neither wanted or needed. Change happens, they don't like it, so some people try to use "safety" or some other feel-good word to apply to the situation when what they really want is for everything to go back like they remember it. Please, quit trying to blame somebody! If you guys haven't been out there, quit making stuff up in your head. No one is out there ruining anything. The people who think someone is, are causing more problems (in these forums) than the caching that has been happening out there. It is beautiful country, but it is not pristine territory that was safe and untouched until the cachers arrived. It is open range with lots cattle, plus signs of many cattle trucks having cut across the desert for many, many years. Nothing any cacher has done, or even 500 cachers have done will leave any permanent scar on this land. If you don't believe me, go on out there and look. The locals will love to have you stop by.
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